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  1. Getting Started
    The best bicep exercises 1.Focus Curl A separated bicep work out, the Concentration Curl permits you to zero in exclusively on building huge bulk to the center part of your upper arm. You will require a free weight for this one and keeping in mind that going substantial is consistently...
  2. Advanced Bodybuilding
    1) We're designed to squat: We've been squat since we were babies, but as we get older and sit in unnatural place all day, our squat form goes from perfect to terrible #2) Squats are a compound movement that recruits most of our sinew s - this mean value it's a movement that uses multiple...
  3. Natural Bodybuilding
    Hello guys I have been thinking of how to train and do some exercises with no gym equipments at all. Here I have a tutorial which am sure will help most of us as it did to me
  4. Getting Started
    Try these basic exercises : - Squat Standing with the feet about hip width apart, sit back in the heels and then stand back up. Ten-12 reps. Progressions include the one-legged squat. - Lunge Forward lunge bending both legs. Alternate sides, doing 10-12 per side. Progressions include jumping...
  5. Getting Started
    You don't need a gym to experience a great workout. These 10 exercises, recommended by fitness expert and celebrity trainer Amy Dixon, will hit every single muscle in your body and slash fat - without any equipment. So what are you waiting for? Bicycle Crunch Bicycles create fire in the core...
  6. Getting Started
    Hi All i have decided to start a two day split routine on Mon,Wed,Fri The exercises i would like to incorporate are: Deadlift Squats Military press Bench press Incline Bench press chin ups press ups Tricep extensions up right rows could someone please help as to what days and in...
  7. Losing Weight
    I use the treadmill what else can i do to help myself lose weight quicker.
  8. General Conversation
    0 Hi guys As above... I have been doin for biceps as an example Barbel curls 4 sets Concentration curls 4 sets Zottman curls 4 sets Overhead cable curls 4 sets Am i over doin it or not doin enough for mass I aim for around 6-8 reps I do similar with shoulders tris etc I change...
  9. Getting Started
    Hi all, can you give me a list of exercises i can be doing in the gym for my triceps? i'd like to have decent tri's, as i think big biceps and small triceps looks....wrong cheers in advance
  10. Getting Started
    I mix up my shoulders and triceps but include the main ones. IE shoulder : side/front later raise, arnold press, shoulder press. Tricep : dips, tricep extensions. I was wondering what the main ones are that I should do on EVERY shoulder/tricep workout? thanks
  11. Getting Started
    These are the exercises i wish to do; # Plank Exercise: # Side Plank Exercise # The Basic Push Up # V-sits # Push Ups # Squats # Back Bridge # Hip Lift # Oblique Twist # Lunge with Twist # Supermans
  12. Getting Started
    If continually you don't have time to walk outside, you are capable of do it at your own residence. You can walk and run by means of a treadmill. This is a excellent apparatus that can assist you decrease cellulite as walking outside has as well the similar result in walking on a treadmill. If...
  13. Getting Started
    Hi, i normally do 2 body parts each visit to the gym, how many different exercises per part should i be doing?
  14. Getting Started
    I'm looking to improve the amount of press ups that I can perform within a set time limit. Obviously just doing press ups over and over again will help me achieve this but honestly it gets extremely boring lol. I've been doing chest presses with dumbells, at an incline and flat on my back. And...
  15. Getting Started
    Hi there, I have been training for about 8 months now, making good gains in some places such as biceps/triceps/traps, but my overall build hasnt changed greatly. I have noticed that the guys who look actually hench,in my local gym, seem to do so because they have large delts that stick out...
  16. Getting Started
    as the title suggest im going away for a week and want to continue you my workouts if i can. my hotel has no gym so what exercises could i do to give my arms and chest a good pump? press ups and dips will be ok but is there anything else i could do?
  17. Welcome Lounge
    Hi, I'm a Personal Trainer from Pontefract, West Yorkshire. I have written a kettlebell training manual that I would appreciate feedback or comments on. Its a manual that i use with my clients who are just beginning with kettlebells, the idea being that they use it as a reference when they are...
  18. Getting Started
    hi guys, would appreciate some advice from the more experienced people here. i been thinking about a new workout. so i've been following this 20 rep squat programme, but to be honest i didn't follow it completely by the book lately, as i am getting bored doing it over and over again. had some...
  19. General Conversation
    I am not looking for a bodybuilder physique, just a decent 6 pack and a decent ammount of strength ideally. I have a slim build and want to keep it that way. I have only quite recently started working out and currently I do crunches and what I term "leg ups" which are effectively reverse...
  20. Getting Started
    Found this on another website, though it would be good for beginners as a ruff example what each chest exercise builds
1-20 of 22 Results