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Found 3 results

  1. High prolactin after PCT, please HELP!

    Hi everybody, I stopped using steroids in July, then did a full blown PCT to recover from it. I did a regulation PCT and used all the necessary drugs like HCG, exemestane, Tamoxifen and Clomid. My PCT was 6 weeks in total and I easily recovered from with no problems whatsoever. I stopped injecting testosterone in mid July and all of it is out of my system, I did bloods before PCT and after PCT. In both tests, my prolactin was high. In the previous test my prolactin was 584 mU/L and now it has decreased to 532 mU/L which is still bad. I don't know what prolactin does in men and according to the internet high prolactin levels in men is often caused by a brain tumour. What should I do now?
  2. Hello everybody, I am currently on 2ml of test E per week(500-600mg depending on the oil). I am around 4 weeks into my cycle and am definitely seeing the results. However, my oestrogen levels are a concern.In my previous blood test my oestradiol was 256 pmol/l and after around a week of taking 20mg of exemstane twice per week it has had no effect. My oestradiol levels have now increased to 323 pmol/l. Despite this, I do not feel any negative side effects such has puffy nipples, fat gain or lethargy etc I just feel pretty good, my muscles are recovering so fast that I could literally do the same workout back to back on consecutive days. And I am significantly bigger/fuller than before. I have attached my bloodwork below. I think cenzo pharma exemestane is bunk/underdosed or maybe I need to do another blood test in a few weeks time? Question: What dosage of tamoxifen should I use to counteract the estrogenic side effects(if I get any) ? I am thinking 10-20mg everyday.
  3. Hello everybody, I have got my blood works done and have attached it to this forum. I am currently taking 500mg of Test E. So far, I am 20 days into my cycle. I have started taking some exemestane, 20mg every other day because of high oestradiol levels. I have also added 20mg of Tamoxifen to block the estrogen receptors. My test levels seem to be pretty good. My SHBG is low, free test is high. My libido is pretty much the same and have not yet experienced any increases in strength/ stamina in the gym. One thing I have noticed is that my testicles are defo smaller than before. I will now add 20mg of Dbol pre-workout to increase performance. In Conclusion, Balkan pharmacuitals Test E is legit. Question: What dosage of exemstane do I need If I add 20mg Dbol? I already have high oestradiol levels from Test E 500mg. I am thinking 20mg every other day be enough?