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  1. Getting Started
    what would you guys say is the best inner wall chest excercise , i only do about 20 percent isolation on my chest usually cable crossovers ( 3-4 sets ) , does anyone think that flys are better, its just that its more like you balance them when you finish a rep and there is no resistance unlike...
  2. Getting Started
    Is there a website with videos/diagrams showing different excercises? i know how to do some but others i read on ere but aint got a clue what they are!!
  3. Getting Started
    Ok heres the deal. Im 17 years old, 6 foot 1, and i weigh 160 pounds. Ive never really seriously trained or worked out, but ive come to the decision that if i want to get anywehre before its too late i better start now. I am more on the skinny side, and what i really want is to develop my...
  4. Getting Started
    I got a Wii fit 2 weeks ago and been using it for the free step etc for about an hour a day. I'm very unfit, cant run etc. How can i build up to be able to run. Im reall self concious about jogging because i have big ish boobs and they just hurt when i run/jog even a fast paced walk can be...
1-4 of 4 Results