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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, Just want to get some feedback. I’m on a test/deca cycle at the moment and am really enjoying, except for the water! was wondering what you guys think of a test/EQ cycle at say 400/800mg p/w as an alternative. Maybe add 50mg Anavar for first 4-6 weeks? Would I get the mass without the water? Cheers
  2. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  3. I am planning for my upcoming cutting cycle. Should start it this week. my current state : 110kg, 180cm 35yrs Male 24% BF , Pre-diabetic, TRT and T3 12.5 for life. NO Need to PCT !. my cycle plan is the following, please feel free to correct/recommend any changes: Week 1 - 12 : Testosterone E 250mg E3D Week 1 - 12: EQ 250mg E3D Week 5 - 12: Winstrol IM 50mg ED Aromasin 12.5 EoD my supplements, feel free to correct/recommend any changes : 6:00 AM ( empty stomach, no food or coffee for the next 2-3 hours ) : Cytomel 12.5 ALA 600. around 11:30 AM (after a meal ) calcium citrate 500 magnesium oxide 400 COQ 10 400 NAC 600 Centrum Silver 5-HTP 100 milk thistle 1000 Vitamin K1 (Life Extension Super K Vitamin K2 K1 K4 K7) Liv52 2 tabs Glucophage XR 1g Taurine 1000mg around 9:00 PM ( last meal and 1-hour pre-bedtime) Liv52 2 tabs Glucophage XR 1g 5-HTP 100 milk thistle 1000 NAC 600 Aspir 81 Crestor (rosuvastatin) Taurine 1000mg also, I bought some supplements but I am not sure how to use them properly would be great if somebody can tell me how to use them effectively "From personal experience not copy paste from the internet." Gold standard whey BCAA CLA Creatine Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy " as pre-workout" also is it okay to keep my HCG 150ui eod while doing the cycle or I have to stop it until I finished with it and back to TRT protocol? My diet would be 1k defecate moderate carbs " based on TTDEE Calculator. please feel free to recommend / correct / whatever you see fit. Cheers
  4. Which cycle do you see more effective and which one would choose?250mg enanthate alongside with 400 EQ for 12 weeks.500mg enanthate for 12 weeks alongside with dbol/tbol for first 4 weeks.
  5. Hey guys, ive searched for a few days some info about eq, would like to do DHB actually, but cant find it, buy it, as im from balkans, Croatia.. So im interested in trying EQ, what can you get from it, i dont do high doses, precontest most i do of other compunds is tren around 210-230mg..i dont need to use much, as im vascular as it is, and im always hard and tight, i just throw something while in deficit..thats why im always progressing strenght wise, i did tried npp 4 5weeks at 280mg but i had a feeling of full stomach all the time, im currently 1week out from a show and my intake is around 3000 cals day and im steadily loosing 1.5-2kg (4-5lbs per week) and my strenght is fine etc..but after comp id like to go on a first bulk, since im on low end of my category, and i have room to gain up to 15lbs, and will be 19weeks from most important show of year when i go of stage next weekend..ill do 4-5shows on fall, but most important is in october, ofcourse if i dont choose to do pro qualifier in december..i dont have much exp. With compunds, didnt use dbol, sdrol, deca, eq or anything of that.. so im just interested if theres even a point of using cca 350-400eq..like ive stated id like it to be DHB, but..i cant get it here..i can get MENT maybe, i say maybe as i dont know is magnus pharma MENT any good at all..also one more thing, did anyone used swiss remedies? I got it at my disposal, i currently use only alpha pharma products, as they are legit, and i know its not underdosed.. If eq is not worht the money, would some peps be usefull,.like igf or cjc DAC, or combo of both.. i need to keep myself under 11percent bf so i cant go eating heavy because i have only like 8-10weeks tops before i start next prep, as im good deficit with 3000kcal and.loosing 4-5,lbs week, i suppose my maintenence is around 4000kcal so ill try 4300 for bulk, and adjust from there.. Also good thing to mention is i have some tendon pain due to heavy weights i use, well, heavy for me, but at 1week out rows with 300lbs is heavy, as is benching 320,330lbs, dips with 100lbs around weight, pull ups with 60lbs added to my frame etc.. id honestly appreciate some info about things i dont know