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  1. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    Hi guys, just received a batch of T5's with 50mg of ephedrine In them, wondering how's best to take them ? Been advised 1 daily or 2 before a workout ? Just wanted to know anyone else's thoughts ? Currently 5'11 weighing 92kg wanting to trim back down to 75 ish cheers
  2. Supplementation
    Anyone tried Eph 500 extreme before and is it any good?
  3. Welcome Lounge
    Hi.. after developing pcos in my 20s have always had problems with weight. Have tried everything +more. Took ephedrine which was available from Holland and Barrett 12, 13 years ago and lost loads and trained hard and had bundles of energy and confidence. Present day at 5'2 after 3 kids and...
  4. Losing Weight
    Impossible to find in the uk ???
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hello everybody, I'm new here and I'm posting this thread to share with you the results I had with my 2nd oral cycle. My stats: - Age: 19 - Height: 6'3/192cm - Weight: 216lbs/98.3kg - Lifting experience: 3.5 years - Bodyfat: around 9% So let's get to the point... I'm finishing my 6 weeks...
  6. General Conversation
    does ephedrine is available in uk? I am from behind border and i don't know the law in uk. Please write to my some pm with the link to suitable website. Regards
  7. Supplementation
    Hi all, wondering if anyone knew what the current law is on bringing ephedrine back with you from overseas into the UK? Is it illegal/legal to bring a decent amount back with you for personal use? Thanks
  8. Supplementation
    I'm a beginner athlete (1.85m (6'1"), 84kg (190lbs)), and I've been taking half-strength Forza T5s for ten days now, in this post I'll try and detail my experiences. To give you a brief outline of what I'm doing, my diet and program is as follows: - I'm following the anabolic/cyclical...
  9. Losing Weight
    Hello all, I've just acquired some Ephedrine (pharmaceutical Ephedrine Hydrochloride, 8mg tablets, not counterfeit or imitation, I didn't contravene any UK laws to get it). I want to confirm correct dosage for an ECA stack. I researched information by searching forums / 'internet, but some of...
  10. Steroid and Testosterone information
    hi been offered some of these but wondered what the dosage would be like as i have used before but they were only 10mg tabs how would i go about dosing the 50's
  11. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Can anyone tell me if it is safe to take levothyroxine with ephedrine. I am taking 200 mgs of levothyroxine and approx 4 Eph 25 capsules per day. I do this for 6 weeks then stop the eph 25's for two weeks. I have been taking the eph since about Feb 2006 and the thyroxine since June following...
1-11 of 11 Results