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  1. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Hi :) What energy powder do you guys use? I've been drinking coffee before the gym or taking caffeine tablets but I don't really feel they work anymore. My energy has been fine for weights but I need something for cardio days I actually hate them :( thanks for your help ;D
  2. Supplementation
    Advise please...just starting up trying to lose weight and get fit after 2 year break after giving birth to twins. I used to take 1 Zion T5 Tab at 4am and go back to bed and bing wide awake and energised by 5. Hit the Insanity dvd,sweat like a trooper and felt great, appetite suppressed for...
  3. Supplementation
    Hey, I wanted to know if I'm eating enough food during the day. I only last year have really cut down on my food and lost 5 stone. I would say I eat very healthy as I don't eat any sweets or fatty food that often and fizzy drinks either. I have been doing MMA the last 6 months now and I have...
  4. Losing Weight
    I am on a diet consisting of 100g carbs a day however this drink I have contains 100g carbs in one litre (I have only just looked at it :axe: . Is this bad for my cutting??? Should I block it out maybe buy the caffeine tablets as opposed to the drinks? Many Thanks For Taking A Look
  5. General Conversation
    The world is today a better place to live with the advent of renewable resources of energy. The renewable resources are growing in importance with the increase in environmental pollution and the need to go green. Energy is an important aspect of today's life with its usage in almost every bit of...
  6. NO2, Pump and Vasculators
    hi, ive ordered some stuff off bulkpowders - creatine, whey, malto, dextrose, arginine, glutamine, bcaa's, taurine, caffeine etc - what will be good to put in a pre-wo shake for good pumps/energy, obvioulsy the arginine and taurine and whey, but what else do i need? and what quantities should i use?
  7. Getting Started
    ive been training about 5 years or so but made very little progress, i really struggle in the gym as i feel very tired and have zero energy. i only train twice a week at moment using the mark rippetoe powerlifting routine as my goal is sheer size an strength. my diet is as follows, (i work...
1-7 of 10 Results