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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of running EPO alongside test and was wondering if any had seen this done before or themselves done it. I've ran varying courses of test for different lengths of time for different goals however have never mixed with anything other than dbol and var. I PCT when ending cycles and have researched all sides/interactions of all the PEDs I've taken, I'd just like some advice or anyone with a view on it I will like some input. Thanks in regards
  2. Hi guys Something you may not be used to. Hoping there are some experienced endurance guys knocking about somewhere. I am looking for a cycle that will allow me to increase my endurance and sprinting. I don’t have access to EPO but I believe I can get access to more or less everything else. My stats: male 29 172cm 84kg Approx 16% bf as I can see my top abs and my obliques So my training. I run numerous times a week. I also cycle, swim, hike etc. I am a very outdoorsy person. I will be doing some gym training too 3 times a week focusing on compound lifts and A LOT of GHRs. However strength progress is secondary to speed and endurance. My program for sprints, running, swimming, cycling, yomping and other conditioning/VO2 max orientated work will be ever changing in terms of volume, intensity etc. For the powerlifters out there it would be reminiscent to a sheiko program for conditioning athletes. However a disclaimer, I am not a professional athlete and have no intention of competing in such an environment. I am coming back from a lower back injury that had me layed off for over 6 months and I am getting back into the swing of training again. I have put on some extra weight as I tend to natural sit above 80kg with ease. I used to do a little bit of powerlifting and weightlifting for fun a few years ago and my body seems to like sitting at heavier weights. So would also like to get below 80kg so dosages for AAS cannot be too high. I am considering just a low dose of Test P at 50mg eod. However I have no idea what to add to this. Also if there is an experienced endurance athlete with PED experience they may convince me to do something different. Thanks in advance guys.
  3. Hi All, This is my first post on this forum so I'm gonna have to kick it off with a bit of a pre-amble just give some context. * I'm 34 * Male * Work as a Software Developer (sit's down all day) * Did a lot of athletics (track and field) training in my twenties * Suffered 4 shoulder dislocations. * I haven't trained my body with any kind of intensity or consistency since 2012 * My weight has ballooned from 12 stone to 16 stone in the last 6 years. My questions is how do I go about rebuilding my stamina and endurance ? I used to be able to do road-run with amateur boxers and act as a pace-maker....... now I can't run for a bus. I am planning on restarting a swimming regime for anaerobic fitness and to push that threshold without to much impact on my joints. But I do love running and want to get back to a decent level of intensity and pace. Any Help or advice would be much appreciated.