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Found 8 results

  1. Yooo how is everyone? Started my 10week test e cycle a couple weeks back, and it may just be psychological but I'm seeing some gains VERY early in the cycle. I'm 2 weeks in, and all my muscles look fuller, my stretch marks have started to get far worse and I already feel like a beast! I imagine I can put this down to water retention and psychological impact but what are your thoughts? Maybe my body is responding really well, it's my first cycle and I'm pinning 500mgs/week every Wednesday, if this is how I'm feeling now I can't imagine what I'm gonna feel like at the end of my cycle haha! Stats wise I'm 87kg, eating 250g protein per day and training hard for 2 hours 5-6 times a week. Any of you guys ever experienced this/know anyone that has?
  2. How do you rate Alpha Pharma Test E (Testobolin) 250mg/ml which comes in amps? Is this good to go? Cheers
  3. I am planning to do 15 weeks of test E at 500 mg per week. My idea is to inject test E once a week and use test prop all the way at 50 mg 3 times the same week. So should be 650 mg test total per week. Is it ok?
  4. Hey guys. As the title suggests, can I run test e EOD? I currently pin every third day along with NPP. However, I think the NPP at that frequency is giving me acne. Therefore was debating switching NPP and test e to EOD. I know I could swap to test prop, but I have a load of test e and I was thinking I could get in more mg of test a week if using a 300mg/ml ester rather than 100mg/ml. Could that work? Cheers.
  5. Need some advice, Really want to get my first cycle going and just bought some aburaihan Test E online. I'm a 2 weeks and 4 pins in and feel no different, did some more research and found there's a load of fakes out there. Here's some pics of the stuff i was sent, are these fake? or does enanthate take a few weeks to kick in coz it's a longer ester? I know you're probably thinking 'what a prat' and believe me I feel like one but i'm new to this and just want some advise form people in the know coz nobody i know is on the gear...any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Any one used ? Any feedback ? I can get them same price as testoviron 250 just wondering if they decent ?
  7. Anyone tried this? - I read some mixed reviews on the SIGMA lab, looking to run my first test cycle and want to use something reliable. Any feedback much appreciated.
  8. Hi guys. I'm starting a new cycle in a week or so. Test and deca. I only want to pin twice a week, so looking at Sustanon or enanthate/cypionate. I've had a rummage around some of the site's old posts on the topic, but they've not really addressed what I'm after. From what I've gathered Sust is designed for a smoother, more stable release of test, therefore will have a little less peaking/subsiding than enanthate/cypionate. However, while I've read the feeling between the two of them is hardly noticeable, does enanthate/cypionate give more bang for its buck? Also, is there any kickstart benefit with sust due to its prop/phenyl prop? Cheers.