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Found 7 results

  1. Hi , this is my third steroid cycle I have just started this week and have been constantly trying to find videos and personal experiences to Run my next cycle. my first two cycles have been testosterone only cycles ... however with the oestrogen conversion and water retention all I have done when I have come off my cycle is drop size and pretty much gone back to my original (well not my original it’s all in your head) this cycle round I’m running Test E and Tren E , I would appreciate serious comments and support from people that have had really good experience running these cycles and what dosages where used. ive come to the conclusion that I am not YET gyno sensitive , I think I would have found out form the first two cycles I ran as my dosages where like 600mg per week , all I have is a little bit of bacne but that’s after coming off cycle. sorry for the long read but I’m serious about getting the dosages right for this cycle! thanks In advance! jordan!
  2. What will happen if I stack testosterone cypionate with enanthate or nebido with cypionate? Do they contradict?
  3. Hey guys, Im on trt and was wondering if I could purchase cypionate or enanthate from a abroad pharmacy? I have a doctors note etc. Any help would be greatly appriciated
  4. British Dragon, great results.

    Noticed alot of people slating and slagging off British Dragon. I've been running there test enanthate for 8 weeks now. Done a hormonal test with medichecks and proof is in the pudding. Test is high, feel great and deffenetly put size and strength has shot up. Obviously the original bd is over, under new owners keeping the same name and reputation. Check out the website http://www.britishdragon.info/Testabol-Enanthate-Inject.aspx.htm
  5. Stats: 30 years old, 92Kg, 6ft2. I recently opted to go on self prescribed TRT. I already have kids. The positives for me outweigh the negatives. The main issue with cycling is PCT affects my ability to improve my lifting and also affects my mentality negatively. I feel generally lacklustre. Previous cycles have been light. Dbol, Anavar, Sarms, Test E. All successful cycles. I hated PCTing. I have started a mild cycle of 250mg of Pharma grade Test E. The Pliva Testofort amps. I know this is over the absolute limit for a “TRT” dosage. I am considering dropping to 125mgs every 7-10 days (pinned frequently for stable levels). I currently pin with 25g 5/8 inch orange pin 125mg Mon & Thurs for stable levels. I choose to pin Sub-q because it is more convenient for me and I get less PIP. I do not take any other meds currently to manage Estrogen. I feel energetic and no sides. Question One If fertility is not an issue should I even consider HCG? Will not taking it impact my health or is the only benefit normal sized balls? I am thinking there are some additional benefits as it would mimic the bodies natural processes more closely... Question Two I would rather not take AI’s - what are my chances of estrogen based side effects at 250mg Test E only (dosed twice per week as above). I am generally not prone to gyno - although I have been relatively cautious in previous cycles to avoid this. Question Three I would like to try Tren @ 50mg EOD (I know this is considered a VERY low dose but Tren is purported to be 5 x stronger than test). This would be for my “blast period” sticking with 250mg Test. That would equate to around a 500mg equivalent of Test. Would the ratio for Test/Tren be wrong? Question Four Would I need an Ai for the 250mg & 50mg Tren? I have easy access to gear & ancillaries so if I truly need an AI - no probs, I will get it. I would rather take the most effective compounds and the least amount of drugs for desired affect. My goals are to make steady noticeable “enhanced” gains for life. Looking forward to hearing opinions. Cheers!
  6. Galenika test enanthate

    Anyone come across this lab before, from Serbia so I've read. Real pharma.
  7. Hi, So im currently on my 7th day of a tbol + test enanthate cycle. Had a bit of a layoff, didn't train for 6 months due to injury, so i decided to run a basic 12 week test cycle to facilitate the process of getting back in shape. Planning to pin 500 mg of test a week. Will be using tbol as a kickstarter, 40 mg a day for 4 weeks. And yes, i know folks here always say one should take at least 60 mg and run it for 6-8 weeks to feel any effects. This is my first experience with tbol so im just dipping my toes here, 40 mg ED for 4 weeks will do the trick for now im sure. I've chosen tbol for its allegedly mild side effects (as opposed to, say, dianabol which im still a bit wary to try to be honest). Also, while i can't say ive ever tried tbol i have done a cycle of halodrol before and loved it, and seeing as halodrol is a prodrug version of tbol (or at least a compound with a very similar structure) i assume its effects will be somewhat similar. Not really expecting any extraordinary results from either tbol or test, i do realise this is a mild cycle given the low dosages and the short duration. I do also realise that 6 months is a long time to take off from training and that i've got a long, challenging road ahead of me. This is just to speed things up a bit. Anyway, back to the point. Here's my question. How much arimidex should i be taking on a cycle like this and how often? Thing is, ive already got some mild gynaecomastia in my left nipple. It's tiny, pretty much invisible, yet its quite painful to touch and is causing me a lot of frustration. So given my pre-existing gyno, should i take 0.5 mg adex EOD or 0.25 mg EOD? Or should it be ED rather? I don't wanna crash my oestrogen obviously but at the same time i dont wanna make my gyno worse, let alone get a new lump. Also, when is it best to start taking adex? Most people seem to be saying you have to start your AI two weeks into your test cycle, or at least one week in. Then again some folks insist that you should begin from day one.