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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    So I'm new to gear and have started taking that elixir Duratest 475 did my first ml 4 days ago got my next jab today and I know some slight pain in the injection site is normal but.... ive now notice down the side of my leg between my quad and my hamstring is inflamed and puffy, sore to walk...
  2. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    Hi Guys I normally use pharma grade stane usually aromasin by pfizer, but I can only get hold of Elxir aromasin so I'm waiting on it coming, I can't find any reviews of lab tests so was wondering if anyone out there has use it?
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    Steroid and Testosterone information
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi All, Looking to get some help on this, just looking for people with recent experience with this product who can tell me how effective it is. Please shed some light on it. Looking to get this for me next cycle. Thanks
  5. Losing Weight
    Hello, New to this website. I am looking to get in shape - I am 27 and looking to get in my best shape. Currently 12 stone 7 which is my heaviest I've ever been and it's really getting me down. I know this is all down to my choices, but I am looking for something to kick start my weight...
  6. Member Journals
    Trial Run..... Started back training about 4 months ago after taking 2 years off completely, so far so good but time to step things up! I've been on keto diet for approx 8 weeks in preparation for a decent strength cycle as a primary goal, with any size gains as a secondary attribute. I've...
1-6 of 6 Results