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  1. Getting Started
    I mix up my shoulders and triceps but include the main ones. IE shoulder : side/front later raise, arnold press, shoulder press. Tricep : dips, tricep extensions. I was wondering what the main ones are that I should do on EVERY shoulder/tricep workout? thanks
  2. General Conversation
    In your opinion, what is the most effective exercise to do on your chest which will build muscle. Cheers
  3. Gaining Weight
    Accroding to "mens health" : MONDAY 25 reps of a weight you can lift 6 times on the following 3 exercises: 1. Bench press 2. Chin-Up 3. Deadlift TUESDAY 40 reps of a weight you can lift 12 times 1. Dumb bell press 2. Dumb bell single arm row 3. Dumb bell lunge FRIDAY 15 reps of a...
1-3 of 3 Results