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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I just started using ipamorelin. I also never tried any roids or other peptides before, so this is my first experience at all. I am doing the gym 3-4 times a week for a couple of years now. I read online that the dosage for ipa is 200mcg or 300mcg 3x per day. My cycle started with 100mcg before night at day 1, increasing to 200mcg 3x a day. What I recognised was that I feel extremely tired the whole day since I upped my dosage to 150mcg 3x a day. I thought this would be temporary but since I increased to 200mcg 3x a day, I feel like sleeping the whole day. By the way: 200mcg 3x a day is my day 4 since I am taking it. Yesterday at night I woke up twice and fell asleep again after a few minutes. Is this normal? Or am I dosing too high? Because when you read on the internet it says that one of the benefits would be to be more vital. Well this didn’t work for me so far. I hope some of you can recommend me something. Best regards and a nice day
  2. I would like to know what your recommended dosage is for Dbol. i have a few cycles under my belt, and next month i plan to do 500mg Test E PW and Dbol 50mg ED for 6 weeks. Is this over kill? Will i be better off doing 25mg ED? (They come in 25mg per tab).
  3. I've been trying ZMA because I struggle to stay asleep at night. It doesn't work for me because the dreams it gives me wake me up even more often than normal. What I have found that works for me is that if I don't eat for a couple of hours before bed then I sleep right through. I have done this for a couple of nights whilst taking just one ZMA tablet early in the morning (about an hour before breakfast). Then yesterday I tried taking two tablets in the morning and last night the dreams were back so I didn't have a good night's sleep. My question is... Will just taking half a dose of ZMA give me any benefits? Or shall I just not bother taking them at all? It's just I've heard that it has other benefits, but can these benefits be realised with half a dose? Thanks, Adam
  4. Hey guys, sorry for maybe stupid question. I just injected my 5days dose. A day late btw oops. And I usually do 1ml of testosterone enanthate every 5th day. Well I think I injected 1.2ml this time by mistake. Should I be aware of anything or any changes this might cause? I usually fill the syringe to 1.2 and then squirt a bit out to bring it to a perfect 1ml. But this time I forgot to squirt Any answers much appreciated
  5. Advised needed on PCT

    Hi, I am about to start a course of Anavar (tabs) and testosterone enathate (injectable) I am a 28 year old male and wondered if anyone has any advice on dosage and also recommend a PCT that is easily accessible? Will I also need anything during the course to protect myself? I'm well aware of the risks so want to minimise the risk as much as possible. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys i always used to outweigh my deca or teen dosage with test 2/1. But I read a lot now of people doing 600-750mg Deca and 250-300mg test where I would of done that the other way round before. What do people prefer, more test or cruise test more Deca/Tren? i have quite a bit of test and deca so would like to piece together a nice bulk as been running steroid free for a while after a bad setback in training and now feel ready for a helping hand. Thx guys
  7. Hi guys, First time posting here and need some advice with dosage. Unfortunately, my math skills are shocking. I'm about to order my first stack for my first cycle and I need to work out how many ml I'll need for a 500mg weekly dose of Test E. How many ml will I need to draw up in the syringe if I buy a 300mg per 1ml solution of Test E in a 10ml vial? I worked out 1.6ml per week but I want to split that up over 2 days a week so would that be 0.8ml? Would the calculation be: 500mg/3000mg = 0.16ml 0.16mlx10ml = 1.6ml Could you also show me how you worked it out so I can take note in the future as I'm a piece of trash with mathematics and did try finding a calculator online but came up dry. Cheers lads