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  1. General Conversation
    So I've been out of training for about 3 years and now I want to lose some weight whilst using weight training as my only excersise, basically after I hit each muscle group for the second time I'm not getting any doms, should I be?
  2. Getting Started
    I think this maybe an indication to wether I am not training correctly or not. Was curious if anyone else gets this. When train chest on a Monday it will still be sore come thursday even friday. But when I train back I dont feel nothing at all in the area of DOMS. Could this be im not training...
  3. Getting Started
    hi just a couple of quick questions.i trained legs on thurs and am still sore,would it be okay to train chest and tri's today or should i wait until my legs have recovered. Also has anyone tried Dorian Yates Nox pump,i used it the other day and really liked the results and was wondering if...
  4. Getting Started
    Ok so I have just started working out and yesterday morning I did my first head to toe workout as provided by Quadzilla on another thread. At first I was thinking "This is easy." Now later on I realise how much of an effect it really had. My legs worst of all scream when I get up or sit down...
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    as i plan my first test cycle, i am wondering whether i should be shooting test 250mg/ml or 500mg/ml, as ive heard the PIP on 500 is really bad? what do you think>?
1-5 of 8 Results