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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi all, long time lurker but I'm in a need of a little help. I have heard nothing but good things about Regal labs as of recent. My usual go to is SG (been using them for about 2 years now, cannot fault their oil's in the slightest and communication is nothing short of excellent) but there is...
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    what are the peak concertation levels for 400mg of DNP and what day is it?
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Been on DNP for 3 weeks, first week at 200mg and last 2 weeks at 400mg. But seems like my fat loss has stalled? Haven't lost any weight the past week. Also be coating the capules in peanut, that's stopped the burning feeling but has it stopped the DNP being absorbed as much? Diet has been...
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Which labs are currently supplying DNP? Since TM went down I've been unable to located and SG do not sell it. Can anyone advise on any labs still stocking DNP?
  5. Losing Weight
    Gents, I'm needing to lose some weight to speed up my goals, I've been reading a lot over the last 3 months into DNP.. looking for real advice - not bollox who could help ?
  6. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi all. Hope you are very well. I have not been active here for a number of years. I am not looking for a specific source, nor am I trying to promote a specific brand. What I am looking to do is be SAFE and use products which have a good reputation. Around 7 years ago I did a cycle of DNP and...
  7. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi gents, Anyone tried DNP at 200-300mg EOD? I've got 250mg capsules, tried at 250mg ED and felt like death... So stopped. Now thinking of trying TaylorMade 100mg Tablets but... Still got like 18x 250mg Capsules. My understanding is the Half-Life is 36hours. So debating trying 250mg every...
  8. Member Journals
    Hello! Starting a log on my DNP Cycle, thought it may be helpful to anyone thinking of using DNP who are looking for some real life accounts. For anyone one who is planning on commenting about how dangerous DNP is and how I shouldn't be doing it etc etc please don't. I'm not here for...
  9. Welcome Lounge
    Hi Guys, Trying to desperately lose weight. Have been fit until 3yrs back and have lost my way and totally screwed up. Planning to run DNP(have used it safely before - about 2yrs ago for a 2wk stint....will be revisiting my logs and supplement sheet) for a jump-start and then stick to clean...
  10. Member Journals
    Hi all, Thought i would start this log more for a record for myself but also to keep me accountable and hopefully stricter in all things diet and training related. The gist of the cycle is that i hit the big 40 in Sept, so am planning to try and get into my best shape yet for the big day...
  11. Member Journals
    Hey guys. Just a log to see my own progress. Anyone wish to follow me on my route are welcomed. Will try to update my cals and macros daily, workout routine. There will be some gear involved aswell. If anyone interested we can discuss that also. Basicly it will be a 10 week cut and then 8-10...
  12. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi Gents, I know you shouldn't consume alcohol while on DNP as will run the risk of dehydration. Question, My anniversary with the mrs is coming up so will be going away and will be drinking, How long before drinking should I stop DNP?
  13. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey guys, I'm running DNP currently, have done 4 days at 250mg every day, I've just upped it to 500mg daily and am wondering if anyone can help me work out the cumulative dosage and also when it's peak in my system. I take 250mg at 7am, and another 250mg at 7pm. The halflife is 36hrs. Would...
  14. Losing Weight
    Hey Guys Looking for a bit of advice for those who tried using DNP while bulking.. kind of a zig-zag dieting approach. Standing at 220 lbs atm and fat pct is decent. With vacation coming up in end of july I would like to add more size without gaining to much fat if any (who wouldn't?) I've...
  15. Losing Weight
    HI all, Summer is on its way and I'm wondering what the best lab was for DNP nowadays? Used to swear by Yellow Magic from D-Hacks but that's not around anymore sadly. Anyone have any recommendations for decent labs?
  16. Member Journals
    Hi all, Just started on my first DNP cycle and having had a look around it didn't seem like there were too many done recently. So hopefully this will be beneficial to some others looking to try this compound out. For background i have been on a test/tren cutting cycle for the past 3.5...
  17. Losing Weight
    After having bulked, I am wondering whether trying DNP + ketosis. The increased energy expenditure plus muscle-sparing properties of ketosis (to an extent) appear to be a no-brainer. Don't think it can be that easy, however. Has anyone tried a Dnp+keto or dnp+ water fast protocol?
  18. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    Just wondering if DNP is as popular as it was a good few years ago? After a few busts I noticed not so many people stocked DNP. People still as enthusiastic about using?
  19. Losing Weight
    My new DNP cycle, starting tomorrow (August 23rd). Kind of suicidal, in London right now, but can't be helped. I am luckily not working now so I'd rather do it now, as doing it while working is nightmarish. Starting weight: 94kg End weight: 88kg Getting calipers done on day 1, mid-way and...
  20. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    My 13 day DNP cycle everyday supps: multi vit vit c 4-5g vit e 800iu v8 vegetable drink My diet was moderate carbs moderate protein and low fat i drank around 3-6litres of water daily day 1-3: 200mg DNP daily, no heat, no sweats, no visual change, no scale change, only sides i...
1-20 of 34 Results