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Found 45 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have a small issue. I was having this for many year and also I have talked to some personal trainers, but their feedback did not help me much. When working out (especially in the evening) I feel very tired during the next day until mid-day. Yesterday evening I did some home workout as the gyms are closed (different push up variations, dumbbell shoulders only) total time approx 35 minutes. Dinner was 125 grams of boiled rice with beef stew, a small bowl of salad. After workout I am always preparing a juice with vegetables and fruits (to refill glycogen depots) whereat I mix whey protein to it. I am writing down what I had for dinner as I was told it would be a diet issue. Does anybody have similar issues and know solution for that? Best regards
  2. New guy

    Hello everybody I'm Chris and I live in Wales. Been training good now for 1 year now and feel I have hit a wall. Would like to get some supplement and juice advice from the pros . Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I’ve been training for a few months now. I’m not trying to get huge, just want to gain some size whilst toning. I weight train 3-4 times a week mixing it up with heavy weights and low reps and light weights with high reps with cardio 1-2 times a week, probably don’t cain it as hard as many of you on here but I try spend at least an hour in the gym at a time. I’m definitely seeing some small gradual changes in my physique but just wondered if I’m eating enough to gain a bit more lean muscle. I’m 34, 6 foot with a fairly physics job. I’ll give an example of a daily diet, obviously it differs with work and access to being able to use a kitchen etc. 7:30 AM : 3 wheetabix with semi skimmed milk 9:30 AM : 3 scrambled eggs on 2 wholemeal toast with spinach 11:30 AM : weight gainer shake ( 40g protein and carbs) 1:30 PM : 1 chicken breast with rice and some form of veg pre workout : banana and green tea post workout : another weight gainer shake 7:00 PM 1 baked potato With cheese tuna and sweetcorn snwck before bed : a few tables spoon fulls of Greek yoghurt and a handful of almonds any feedback would be much appreciated guys, thanks in advance
  4. Getting back into it

    Hi folks, Hope you are all keeping well. Long time lurker first time poster I've (male, 35, 84kg, 16% bf) been lifting on and off for years. Just recreationally mostly for the feel good factor to be honest but haven't done much in the last few years due to life getting in the way I'm just getting back into it and looking to bulk up and put some decent muscle on over the next few months, I've started a push/pull/legs split. The issue I have is that any of the PPL splits I've seen generally only have 2 chest exercises and after workouts this just does feel like it's enough (I've always struggled with building my chest and had to give it extra work) so I've added a couple of movements. For all exercises I do 4 sets focusing on progressive overload. Once I can do 10 reps I up the weight. So my split currently looks like this Push Flat bench press superset with Flat bench flye Incline bench press superset with Incline bench flye Dips Overhead press Lat raise Standing tricep extensions Abs Pull Deadlift Bent over row T bar row Shrugs Rear delt flye Lat pull down or chin ups Dumbell curls Hammer curls Abs Legs Squats Good mornings Leg press Reverse hyper Leg curl Calf raise My maintance calories are 2500 (desk job) so I eat maintence on rest days and 2900 on training days Everyday I have between 160-200g of protein. I eat really clean Monday to Friday, it goes a little off at weekends as it generally involves some beers and a take away at some point over the weekend but I keep it all tracked and try not to let it get too excessive. Can anyone give me some input/opinion on my split & calories/protein if it looks OK and covers all bases. Any responses are much appreciated Cheers
  5. Hello! So I’ve been going to the gym and I’m into my 3rd week and I feel like I’m making progress already the question is I’m not sure if what I’m eating is right for me (I have very little knowledge on macros etc) so I’ve been following a meal plan and training plan that I’ve found online. Im 6ft 2 and weigh 82.8kg I’m wanting to get lean but also build muscle. I did a BMI calc online and it says I’m 22% what should I be aiming for? https://www.coachmag.co.uk/nutrition/4042/try-this-7-day-muscle-building-diet-plan-it-s-super-cheap This is the meal plan I’m following any advice would be great! Thanks
  6. Diet tips

    Hello, I've been training for over a year and for approx 10 months I was sticking with a diet that a PT had written out for me. I want to take things into my own hands and write my own diet as me and him are not working together. I would like some advice on the diet I had written out myself and see where I can improve it for max weight loss. Calories to maintain weight(95KG) = 3308 Calorie deficit = 2157 I had never made a diet before but these a just foods that I would enjoy eating. Like I said if someone could advise if this would work or not. Calories (Cal) Carbohydrates(g) Protein(g) Fats(g) Day #1 2157cal 266g 152g 48g Breakfast Smoothie - 100ml Almond Milk, 1 Large Raw Eggs, 50g Oatmeal, 50g Mixed Frozen Berries, 1 Scoop Protein Powder, 100g Low Fat Yogurt 465 48.2 40.8 12.4 Meal 1 1 Baguette, 50g Turkey Ham, 100g Iceberg Lettus, 50g Tomato, 28g Cheddar 342 37.55 19.6 13.2 Meal 2 Stir fry - 100g Chicken, 50g Peppers, 50g Rice, 100g Baby Potatos, Butter (Low Fat) 446 40.2 35.6 9.95 Meal 3 Stir fry - 100g Chicken, 50g Peppers, 50g Rice, 100g Baby Potatos, Butter (Low Fat) 381 40.2 35.6 4.25 Meal 4 3 Boiled eggs, 1 Banana, 1 slice of toast 347 29 20 15.6 Totals 1981 195.15 151.6 55.4
  7. Diet tips

    Hello, I've been training for over a year and for approx 10 months I was sticking with a diet that a PT had written out for me. I want to take things into my own hands and write my own diet as me and him are not working together. I would like some advice on the diet I had written out myself and see where I can improve it for max weight loss. Calories to maintain weight(95KG) = 3308 Calorie deficit = 2157 Calories (Cal) Carbohydrates(g) Protein(g) Fats(g) Day #1 2157cal 266g 152g 48g Breakfast Smoothie - 100ml Almond Milk, 1 Large Raw Eggs, 50g Oatmeal, 50g Mixed Frozen Berries, 1 Scoop Protein Powder, 100g Low Fat Yogurt 465 48.2 40.8 12.4 Meal 1 1 Baguette, 50g Turkey Ham, 100g Iceberg Lettus, 50g Tomato, 28g Cheddar 342 37.55 19.6 13.2 Meal 2 Stir fry - 100g Chicken, 50g Peppers, 50g Rice, 100g Baby Potatos, Butter (Low Fat) 446 40.2 35.6 9.95 Meal 3 Stir fry - 100g Chicken, 50g Peppers, 50g Rice, 100g Baby Potatos, Butter (Low Fat) 381 40.2 35.6 4.25 Meal 4 3 Boiled eggs, 1 Banana, 1 slice of toast 347 29 20 15.6 Totals 1981 195.15 151.6 55.4
  8. Cutting too fast

    Hello i need some advice, i am 19 y old 184 cm height 80.1 kg after 8 weeks of cutting started at 87.5 . Lifiting for about 2 and 1/2 years good nutrition made a lot of muscle good genetics.I am cutting for the first time so i need some help i lost aroynd 7-8 kgs in 8 weeks i think maybe thats to much in a short time i i am around 13%-14% bodyfat want to get 9 % . Losing about 1kg per week 2000 calories per day with a lot of cardio(fast walking 8-10 kms per day almost every day 6 out of 7 maybe on a week) .I dont know should i push 4-5 kg down in like 4-5 weeks till i hit that 9 % bodyfat or should i refeed for a few days , i am feeling a little tired for last 20 days but its not that hard, also i am not starving that much have energy for the hard workouts doing push/pull/legs split 6 times a week. Give me some advice.Thanks!
  9. Hi All, I am beginning going to the gym next week with the goal of bulking and have a plan set out and would like any advice or comments letting me know im on the right track. My gym plan is, Day 1 will be shoulders, triceps and chest, Day 2 will be legs and Day 3 will be back and biceps with 1 rest day and then repeat. My diet is as follows; Breakfast (9-10am): Bowl oatmeal with half a banana and 2 boiled eggs. I will drink a protein shake about half an hour after. Snack (11:30-12:00am): Peanut butter bagel with half a banana Lunch (13:00-14:00): Chicken Breast, Brocoli, Rice Snack (16:00-16:30): Chicken wrap with spinach and lettuce I hit the gym at 18:00 After Gym (19:00-19:30) protein shake Dinner (20:00): Chicken breast, brocoli and pasta. Then sleep. Any comments to let me know im on the right track or to give me some advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Alright guys so I've started recently a series on diet and nutrition that is going to cover the basics and the science of diet and well as certain strategies and recipes for weight loss and muscle gain. Would love to hear any contributions and k knowledge you guys have to share also as well as any questions cheers
  11. what is this?

    Hi, im pretty new to this whole forum thing so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. Id like to know if anyone can enlighten me as to what exactly this gap in the middle of chest that resembles the Eiffel Tower is? And also how to stop/fix this problem. ive monitored it for a whole and noticed that my left pec attaches pretty nicely along my sternum whereas my right doesn’t. (I don’t recall if it’s always been like this). im also noticing that the muscle is slowly receding in the lower corner of the right pec and is causing me worry what it’ll look like in the future. Some info about me that may help: Male 6’4 90kg Also im starting to develop those annoying love handles and was wondering if anyone has a half decent lockdown diet / tips they’re sticking to. Any ideas are welcome. thanks in advance
  12. Hello guys how we doing I'm john. Looking for diet plans as in what food to eat I'm a bus cleaner. Soi gave a packed lunch. Of basically a sandwich cpl breakfasts bars. N 2 bottles. Water im46 I've a gym goes 5times a week but wth my diet being s**t. My weight going nowhere now please help guys wth ideas is chicken n rice. Good was going to bring that in to work but any recommendations would be grateful guys thanks John
  13. So for some context I lost a s**t load of weight a while back and have been trying lately to put it back on in muscle. But with all that shredded weight I got some loose skin and a few stretch marks but that’s not my issue. When I sit down, I get rolls and I’ll try to include the pics of them here. And the ones that run across my stomach I’m okay with simply because they look healthy imo. But there’s this great big one that hangs over my trousers that I despise. I’m at an impasse as to how to deal with it simply because I get told on one hand that I don’t have any muscle and thus my skin and fat just slumps there but on the other I think it is fat and that it needs cutting. its the same deal with my abs. I can see a rough outline on a good day but most of the time it’s flat or bloated (I was initially bulking but as of writing this, I’m having second thoughts). some advice would be much appreciated standing up, you can see the stretch marks but I’d say for little or no muscle, looks normal.sat down, it just turns to s**t. It doesn’t look as bad when I am wearing no trousers but just the idea of it makes me think I need to cut.
  14. Looking for advice.

    Hi guys completely new to the scene, I've been on and off at the gym for years now but feeling more motivated and passionate about it this time around, I'm posting for a bit of advice, last time out I left the gym to gain some weight as I was sitting at a very low weight (i don't have the exact measurements of them) the issue I'm facing now as a complete newbie is I've put on weight to the point it's a full on beer belly now, I'm weighing in at 73.6kg at around 5'4. I started 3 weeks ago and my body fat percentage was around 38.8% if the scales I used were accurate! B.M.I was 27.1 and body fat mass was 28.3% last week I weighed on one of the fitquest machines and I'd dropped to 25% body fat B.M.I was 28 and muscle percentage was 43% and on Thursday I weighed again on the fitquest machines 20% body fat 35% muscle 28 B.M.I (please highlight if something isn't right as I've also lost muscle percentage) I'm watching my calorie intake with around 1920 calories a day on a 30 40 30 ratio 144g carbs 192g protein 64g fat (again please highlight if this isn't right) I'm not hitting exact targets of those carbs protein and fat. I'm currently doing a strength and hypertrophy weekly workout as follows Upper Strength Lower Strength rest Upper Hypertrophy Lower Hypertrophy rest rest. I'm just looking for some advice as to if I'm going along the right lines, and what I should be aiming for in terms of my weight for my height, my dieting (which is extremely difficult as I don't eat any vegetables at all) and my workouts. Any advice/help would be appreciated to put me in the right direction. Please be kind not to insult my weight in the picture. It's difficult enough trying to lose the belly now.
  15. Hi everybody, New here so hi! Bit of back ground, I have been dieting since early January. I started at 14st 6lbs, and estimated around 28% body fat I set out to lose as much weight as possible over 12 - 16 weeks, lowering my body fat percentage to create a good platform before starting a clean bulk. As of last Monday I was down to 13st 0lbs, great progress so far - though the weight loss had definitely slowed down, which I expected at some point. That said, over the last week despite eating well and exercising 5 days a week (as I have done since starting) I have somehow gained 4lbs. Could this be water retention? Slowed metabolism due to changed lifestyle? it's rather frustrating! My most recent BMI check showed I had lost over 20lbs of fat and gained 7.5lbs of muscle, but thats over the whole period since starting, not just the last week obviously. Any advice you can provide me is greatly appreciated. If it helps at all i am 29, 1.8m tall. Many thanks Stashby
  16. Size Issues HELP!!

    Hi All, I've been hitting the gym for 3 years now and I lost 2 stone initially, my training is good and I think my diet is good but I am constantly chasing a sub 10-12% body fat before I go on a bulk! I'm currently around 16-18% and I have been for about a year, I feel that in the last year my body hasn't changed at all. I don't expect to ever look stage ready but it would be nice if I could look like I do work out. my current slit is upper/lower rest upper/lower, and I seem to be constantly on 2000 kcal per day (maybe that's my issue) Thanks For reading
  17. Hi, I am in my early twenties and a relative beginner who has only been going to the gym for a few months. I am an average weight for my height/age - 73kg and 181cm. I know many of you here are very experienced and knowledgeable with a lot of wisdom regarding gym-going, so I would really very much appreciate it if you could have a look at my goals & plan and make any comments or suggestions. GOALS: I'm not aiming to be a bodybuilder, I just want to have some decent visible muscle on my upper body and flatten out my belly/abs. Think more Brad Pitt in Fight Club as opposed to The Rock. I can only commit 2-days-per-week to the gym (usually Monday and Friday). I know this isn't ideal, but it's the reality of my schedule. I know this may take a lot longer to get to my ideal physique, but I'm willing to play the long game and hopefully keep it at that level throughout my life. I will also go a run 1-day-per-week for cardio, and I go regular walks, and hiking in the mountains on average once a month. CURRENT WORKOUT ROUTINE: I do this same workout every time I go to the gym. This is the correct order in which I do it. I know I would be better changing it up completely every so often, but I find it very difficult to learn full new workouts/routines/form etc. Ideally I'd like to keep as much the same as possible. 1.) Abs: All of this TWICE [25 crunches, 15 sit ups, 30 raised leg crunches, 30 crunches with leg extension, 44 alternating heel touches, 50 scissor kicks (criss cross), 50 scissor kicks (up & down), 30 russian twists with 9kg kettlebell, 44 mountian climbers, 44 mountain climbers (2nd time)] 2.) 3 x 15 [30kg] Barbell Squats 3.) 2 x 10 Assisted Pull Ups (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifed]) 4.) 2 x 10 Assisted Dips (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifted]) (I try to focus more on tricep dips) 5.) 2 x 10 Assisted Chin Ups (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifted]) 6.) 2 x 10 [12kg per dumbbell] Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Military Press 7.) 2 x 10 [12kg per dumbbell] Standing Dumbbell Curls 8.) 2 x 10 [16kg per dumbbell] Dumbbell Bench Press 9.) 2 x 10 [Approx 28kg] Cable/Rope Tricep Extension/Tricep Pushdown 10.) Abs: 60seconds front plank, 30 seconds side plank (right), 30 seconds side plank (left) DIET: Immediately after each gym workout I eat approximately 35g protein (in 130g chicken with 4 slices of wholegrain bread sandwiches), a 15g protein protein bar, and an apple. Every morning for breakfast I have 2 Weetabix with some musili, branflakes, a banana and about 30g mixed nuts. The rest of the week I don't consume protein products specifically but have a fairly healthy and balanced diet with a mixture of meat, carbs, fruit and vegetables. My diet isn't perfect but is reasonably healthy. What I am pretty much looking for is literally any suggestions to improve this workout routine (or diet) and achieve my goals as specified above, within the confines of my schedule. Any comments or suggestions or answers are welcome, no matter how critical, I don't mind. If you think my full plan/strategy is completely wrong then I am happy with this and glad you have told me. Thank you very much in advance for all your help. Cheers, Stephen.
  18. Hi All, So here is a question, Lets say you got to work and forgot your breakfast and lunch because you woke up late or something happened, what would be your back up plan to this? How will you get your calories and macros in? (lets say for whatever reason you are unable to go and pick up the food you prepped) Id like to hear your back ups for when your cutting, maintaining and bulking? This happens to me frequently as I am a deep sleeper, I end up waking up and sprinting out of the door forgetting my breakfast and lunch (my gym is 2 min ride from work so its easier to go from work to the gym). Personally I feel a Tesco meal deal is my back up (I get 2) but no matter the combo I choose over both meal deals I can barely get them to add up to more than 100-120g protein (which is less than 40% of what I need) How do you keep the cals as clean as possible? Would love to hear your thoughts
  19. Hello All I joined a gym a couple of weeks back, and got myself a P.T to get me started on weight training etc. So far, so good. He has calculated my macros for me, but having just had the time to look at them today, I noticed they look so wrong. He has me at 1700 calories per day (which is correct based on my height and weight etc) But then my macros are : Protein - 297g (30% of total calories ) Fat - 130g (30% of total calories) Carbs - 255g (40% of total calories) How can my Carbs be lower if it is at 40% ? Also, 255g seems like an awful lot! I am trying to lose fat. I'm female, 34 and right now just doing a mix of free weights, dead lifts, squats etc, Not much cardio. I weigh 120lbs currently, and I'm 5ft 3. Also, my P.T mentioned that a packet of rice was 250g and that would be my daily carbs intake? A packet of rice does contain 250g, but not 250g of carbs! Can anyone give me any advice? Seems my P.T is slightly clueless when it comes to the nutrition side of things, but good for the workouts etc. Thank you!
  20. Hello, It's obvious when someone isn't very defined. Though, how do I discern whether someone is carrying excess fat or water? How does sub dermal fat tissue look different than sub dermal water? Also, what does it look like when someone is carrying both excess fat and water? Thanks.
  21. Hi all, As the title says, I could really use some help as regards my diet. I'm relatively new to this and I understand as a late starter I've got a lot to learn. My whole life I've been overweight! 18 months ago I hit a low as my weight peaked at 18 and a half stone!! I'm 5'10" and realised I needed to do something quickly so started on the keto diet. Managed to get down to 13 and a half but over the last few months its crept back up to just over 15 stone. For the last month I've been going to Santino's Gym in Derby and love it! currently go 4 times a week and will be adding cardio to my routine this week. So I finally I get to the point, I still want to shed fat but build muscle at the same time, which I'm told is something that can't be done! how many calories should I be aiming at taking on board a day and what should they be made up of (protein, fat, carbs)? Sorry about the whole back story bit but thought it would help to know a bit about me. Thanks in advance for any help
  22. Cutting / Deficit

    Hey Firstly thank you for taking the time to read my post. New member and looking for some advice. Starting weight (like 4 years ago) was 225lbs, lowest weight around 2 years ago was 175lbs. I'm currently sitting at 190lbs but with a lot more muscle and much stronger. I'm 5'6 (male) and have been eating 1900 - 2100 calories a day. I train 3 - 5x a week (bagwork/boxing, weight lifting, functional fitness like 100kg tyre flips and sled pulls and usually do 7 - 10 mile on a mountain bike 1x a week for added cardio....If I can't get into the gym I do home workouts bodyweight exercises, barbell stuff, kettlebells etc. (I have an office job but sales so I do walk a fair bit so my NEAT is average) My issue is I seem to fluctuate between 18% to 20% bodyfat and just can't seem to get it any lower. If I drop my calories below 1900 I end up feeling exhausted and training/work/energy suffers....Currently doing around 110g - 130g protein - 200g carb and 50g fats give or take according to myfitnesspal. What can I do to drop more of this fat?!? I feel like I look fairly decent and it's going REAL slowly off my belly and other areas but barely noticeable. Do I need to bite the bullet and drop my calories to like 1500 and just get through it? Thank you in advance for any replies, I really appreciate it....This is a difficult journey sometimes!
  23. Dissertation Research

    Hi all. I am currently a Sustainability and Environmental Management Masters student completing my dissertation titled 'How do dietary choices influence an individuals greenhouse gas footprint in the UK'. I am looking for bodybuilders/keen gym-go'ers who eat over 100g of meat per day complete a food diary that will be compared to different dietary groups to see how greenhouse gas values vary based on diet. If anyone would like to take part in this study or would like more information, please comment or message me. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated All the best, Hannah https://coventry.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/dietary-choices-individual-motivations
  24. Hello guys, my name is Semi and I have my "first real diet" (at least i try to). First time i track caloeris for longer than 1 week^^ I am training now since 6 years, but i never tracked how much i ate, so i think it is too less cause i still look small (in my opinion) I started in winter with a bulking phase, a really unclean and uncounted time... i gained from christmas till march about 15 kg (started with 85kg and at the end i had 100kg) In this phase the main nutrient was carbs/sugar... I didnt check how much proteins or something. maybe stupid, but well i was really strong in this time Since 2 month I am on diet. i started with 2500kcal (which is too less, I know, I should started higher, but it was too late when i heard that!) Since i started i lost about 9 kg. I am now at 91kg. I didnt lose any strength ... actually i got a lot stronger than I was in this bulking time. I think this is cause of the correct nutrients i am eating. My diet started with that values and is still the same 200g protein - 800kcal (about 120g of it is protein poweder form myprotein , whey, casein and milk protein) 200g carbs - 800kcal (rice, and beans peas and vegetable) 100g fat - 900kcal (mainly peanuts, olive oil, parmesan and coconut oil from cooking) So i lost a huge amount of fat and water. but now there is still the fat around the lower abs and the love handles. My workout is following I do push pull legs - try to hit everything 2 times and i take about 2:30 for 1 workout (not pure work... cause i talk a lot :P) And no till now I do no cardio 3-5 sets of heavy 8-12 reps I dont know how but i will give you some picutres that you see what my progress till now. (dont know where i can add them) If you need more information for helping me with my question please ask: So the question is should i still keep the same nutrients ratio or should i change something to achieve better results ? Thank you in advance and sorry for my english if you find some mistakes Best wishes Semi
  25. I am a 21 year old Female. My body type is a Mesomorph and I weight 52 kilograms, my height is 5.3. I've been training 5-6 days a week and on some days i train different muscle groups twice a day. I'm on a calorie deflict which is 1.490 and my macro ratio is 40/40/20 and i've been trying to cut and lose some excess body fat and tone up a little more, although lately I feel like my nutrition and diet could be improved or better. I've also heard that some people see better results on a high protein high fat and low carb diet. Any suggestions and tips?