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  1. Losing Weight
    I would like some feedback on my meal plan if possible please. My goal is weight / fat loss. I like this meal plan because it's food I don't mind eating and I don't feel like I am starving, and I only have to cook once every 10 days as I make batches for the fridge and freezer, which is good...
  2. Losing Weight
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  3. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    This is my first proper diet plan Ive ever made. I will be using this to do a mild bulk while on DBOL + TEST. Let me know what you all think I might be doing something stupid without realising.
  4. Gaining Weight
    We have said in our previous Diet Plan to GAIN WEIGHT | Meal 01 If you want to gain weight, then it is very important that you do it right. Soda and donuts may help you gain weight, but it can destroy your health at the same time. If you are underweight, then you want to gain a balanced...
  5. Supplementation
    Hey, I wanted to know if I'm eating enough food during the day. I only last year have really cut down on my food and lost 5 stone. I would say I eat very healthy as I don't eat any sweets or fatty food that often and fizzy drinks either. I have been doing MMA the last 6 months now and I have...
  6. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Ok, This diet is based on the zone diet ratios which supposedly bring your body into a mild state of ketosis. The meal plan is based on 40:30:30 ratio of Carbs to Proteins to Fats and if I have done it right should promote fat loss while also increasing lean muscle mass. I think it should act...
  7. Losing Weight
    Hey guys. My name is Alex, i am 5'11" and weigh approximately 210lbs. On my body, the muscle is there but i do have a large layer of fat or "podge" that i have to get rid of, especially my man boobs and love handles if i want to look and feel good. I want to drop this weight to as low as...
  8. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Take this in to understand diet in an easy way... part 1 YouTube - Lesson 0209 part 1 Lipids part 2 YouTube - Lesson 0209 part 2 Lipids let me know what you guys think...
  9. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    So after scanning all the threads about all the variants of the Keto Diets and Low Carb Diets I plan to undertake one but need advice on the macros. I'm female, 5'0", and weigh a hefty 200lbs (yes I let myself go in a big 2 year binge.... poss 50%BF:whistling:). I trained consistenly 3 years...
  10. Gaining Weight
    Hello all, nice to be back on here after a 3 year layoff, good to see some of the old names still on here. I have started back training in the gym after a long time off due to many different reasons. I have gone back on the old diet plan I was using before I stopped some years ago but I know...
  11. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    hi i was just wondering if my diet is good enough or i need to make any changes to it i train hard so want enough to ripp me up and build up my strength with min recovery times: breakfast:banana,oats and strawberrys,5 weetabix with full fat milk meal 2:tuna and rice huge serving lol protien...
  12. Losing Weight
    (Friend from the gym e-mailed this awesome Plan)
1-12 of 12 Results