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Found 21 results

  1. Pro Flex Dianabol

    Any body had any experience of these? Company is pro flex pharmaceuticals Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) 100x10mg Haven't seen the pro flex stuff in red bottles before.
  2. Rohm labs legit?

    Just hoping someone could give me the g2g! bought two lots of rohm Dbol from different suppliers and while they’re bottled the same (except one had cotton wool inside) the size of the tablets are different ? Anyone have better knowledge on this? Thanks!
  3. Hey there! hoping someone could shed a little light on my situation. its my first cycle and unfortunately I don’t know anyone with first hand experience in these matters so I’ve tried my best to educate myself but .. I started pinning test E 250 every Monday and Thursday, this is my 5th week now and I’ve been taking dianabol 50mg for the last 3 weeks. Judging by what I’ve read I should have been noticing the effects by now? ive put on 2 kg so far which considering I’ve increased my food intake quite a lot this isn’t as much as I would have expected. I got a testosterone test on Monday, and the results came back at 27.2nmol ... so bunk gear right? I did my blood sample in the morning fasted before I was due my test e injection that day Also should the dianabol suppressed my natural testosterone yet? If so then the Dbol is bunk to am I right? I didn’t get a test before starting my cycle stupidly! also I’m 30 years old and around 105kg if that helps Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. taking 30mg of dbol for the past 4 days. When and what will I first notice anything different lol. I know a lot of you (Sasnak) are gonna say 'Fuc# DBOL' but I'll never know how it works on me until I try it so. What I'm trying to get out of this post is if my shi* is real or not. - Using Cenzo pharma lab
  5. Hi all, As per an earlier thread I will be starting a test/deca/dbol cycle soon and am currently debating whether to run NPP or deca. My questions are: If running NPP, is dianabol required? I'm aware dianabol is used as a kickstarter while waiting for long-esthered compounds while but is there any benefit using it when using a fast-acting compound? The shorter NPP cycle is more appealing than deca (despite the fact I'm not a huge fan of pinning) however I'm trying to determine the best dosage and pinning protocol. I've read on numerous threads that the optimum dose of nandrolone is 500-600mg per week. If pinning M+W+F, and assuming the concentration is 100mg/ml then that would require 3 x 2ml pins, plus whatever test is required (assuming, for example, 100mg/ml test p), so if 500-600mg of test is required per week that would be another 3 x 2ml pins per week, so essentially I'd be pinning 4ml three times per week (every M+W+F). I have read that NPP can be pinned twice per week, which is fine, but that would increase the volume of liquid being injected even further to meet the 600mg per week requirement. I'm just asking about this because it seems like a lot of liquid to inject quite frequently (having only ever injected 1ml at a time so far). I'm interested to know if this what others do or, if not, what is your protocol? Thanks, JR.
  6. Afternoon all, I have only ever ran test and I am looking to introduce deca and/or dianabol into my next cycle, which is planned to begin in April. My last cycle ended in August 2019, so I'll have had 7-8 months off by the time I start. I'm in the process of obtaining the gear I need and I'm about to take a fresh blood test via medichecks. The plan is to run deca for 12 weeks, test for 14 weeks, and dianabol for the first 4 weeks. Dosages are TBC as it depends on the concentration in the vials I receive. I read that some people prefer high test, low deca and others vice versa. To keep it simple I will likely just start with 1ml of each, whatever the concentration, and take it from there. And 30mg dianabol per day. I have a couple of questions relating to this cycle and support meds: 1) Having only ran test previously, I'm aware the risk of introducing two new compounds at once could result in not knowing which has caused any issues, and the sensible thing would be to introduce one at a time, however given that dianabol has a very short half-life and deca a long half-life, I would assume any issues in the early weeks would be attributed to the dianabol and issues later would be dianabol. Would this be accurate? 2) I am struggling to get solid information on the support and PCT meds required when it comes to deca. With testosterone-only, I did not take any AI or any other supporting meds during (despite the fact that my estrogen levels crashed, but that's another story) and simply ran tamoxifen for 4 to 6 weeks for PCT, however I'm aware of the need for these meds for 19nors, I'm just not sure exactly what because I've been given differing opinions and advice. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I should be taking tamoxifen alongside the dianabol to prevent gyno but is it required after the dianabol is finished, alongside the test and deca? Obviously tamoxifen will be included in my PCT which will begin ~2 weeks after my final test injection. 3) Is Arimidex required on this cycle and if so, at what point? 4) Should clomid be included in my PCT along with tamoxifen, or is tamoxifen alone sufficient? Thanks all. Regards, JR.
  7. ive just received 100x 10mg Dianabol tablets, want to use them to kick start me in the gym, trying to bulk up... i have read and watched so many videos of what I have to do with them to make sure its safer for my body.. can someone help out? not looking to do bodybuilding just increase in mass.. just would like to know what's best to do with dianabol (without using injectables)
  8. Been training now for a while, gains are there but not good enough. I want to start taking dianabol are alpha pharmacy brand any good. What course would you recommend and what pct should I take? Any information I would be thankful for please could you help me I don’t trust the guys in my area for this kind of help. Thank you for reading this
  9. I accidentally ordered some injectable dianabol. It's nexus 80mg/ml. Could someone tell me how often i should be injecting and how many ml's to inject please? Thanks
  10. I've been training seriously for around 3 years but I have high bf, around 24%. American forums aren't giving me answers, they just flame me for attempting a cycle with high bf. I was wondering how a 12 week cutting cycle of 30mg dbol ed and 600mg test enanth would affect me in terms of side effects like gyno? are gains possible while on this cutting cycle? My stats: 20y 5'4 or 162cm 175lbs or 79kg Cheers
  11. Sphinx Dbol

    Got these Sphinx D-Bol from my usual source I’ve been using for over a year and I’ve only used Sphinx. Just questioning the tub and labelling as it different and also no hologram compared to normal. Mainly use oils but I used there winny along with there sus, tren ace and maestron was a great cycle. Gained a shoulder injury not long after that which put me out of training for a few months so just started there test e and was running the D-Bol for a kick start but now I’m questioning if there gtg... I’m sure they are as I’ve never had a problem with them before but you know how how it plays on your mind ? it could just be they ran out holograms and printer ink low ? Lol ..obviously I’m taking them anyway only way to find out
  12. Hi, new to this forum. I've been working out on and off for past two years. Over last 6 months I've got more serious about going gym 3 time per week minimum. As well as playing football 5 a side 3 times per week. I'm about to finish a 8 week 20mg dbol cycle. I know that oral only cycle aren't recommended however after my research I concluded that it would give me the boost to strength and recovery I wanted. I realise I did not need steroids to achieve my goals however I took that decision. I was hoping to get some advice about what areas of my body I need to work on to gain better proportions. My intention is not to be huge but lean and well proportioned. Also for Pct I've got novelex 20mg and intend to take it for 5 week post cycle. I managed to put on a stone in weight with only 2% fat increase over the past 6 months of training and one cycle. I've attached the before and after photo of around 6 months training. Thanks in advance
  13. Dianabol, well being and lethargy experience. On my first cycle 500mg/week test e, 30mg/day dbol. On day one I felt energised, but also relaxed and all round happy which I attribute more to the dbol because I felt it from day 1. Maybe it was in my head but i felt awesome for at least 3 weeks before it started to level off to the new normal feeling. But have been feeling more and more tired. Dropped the dbol yesterday and today feeling good again. My feeling is my body was saying enough dbol for now. Going to keep the test going see it through and either bin the dbol or have another 2-3 weeks on it at the end see how i feel. Btw using prost which I see doesnt have fans on here but the stuff I have is meeting my expectations.
  14. Hi was hoping for general comments, criticism and advice... Here's the cycle: Week 1-5: 30mg Dbol ED Week 1-14: Test E 180mg/W Tren E 400mg/W Aromasin 6.25mg/ED Cardarine 10mg/ED PCT: Nolvadex (mg/ED): 70/70/35/35/35 Clomid (mg/ED): 150/100/100/50/50 Just finished week 6, so Dbol kick start was great, lots of pumps, nice full size, but I started experiencing some issues with my stomach, some nights feeling a bit nauseous and then sometimes feeling like I have really low blood sugar and also very bloated. Decided to up the Test to 500mg/W now, because I've been reading that higher Test helps with these sides, will see it that's true. Otherwise no other sides, no serious insomnia or night sweats even, just some weird appetite swings and literally no added aggression. And I apologize if this is out of place, was just hoping for some specific comments and possible advise, thanks.
  15. Hi guys, I've never done a cycle before but have been researching for quite a while now and am ready to take the plunge. All I wanted was just a few opinions from people who know more than me about this cycle! The initial plan was to use aromasin for my AI at 12.5mg eod but I'm struggling to find a supplier for that so will replace with 0.5mg eod of Arimidex? Anyway the plan goes as such: Weeks 1 through 10- 500mg Test E once a week Weeks 1 through 4- 30mg Dianabol ed (Arimidex .5mg eod throughout and Nolvadex on hand throughout the Dbol just incase) Week 12- PCT Clomid 50/50/25/25 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 How does this sound to people? Appreciate your time thankyou very much
  16. Hello, this is my first post so hope I’m in the right place. in a couple of days I am starting my first D-BOL only cycle (yes I know don’t do it without test - however it’s my first cycle I just want oral only). I am planning on taking anywhere from 20-30MG a day for 6-8 weeks. In terms of liver aid I have liv.52 to take everyday. Now on to the confusing bit in my opinion - I have got both nolvadex and arimidex. i know that keeping estrogen down loads is bad but what dosage would be best to take - 0.5MG or .25MG? And would this be ED or eOd. (I want the best gains on this but also don’t want to risk gyno - bloat is not a concern I live in Scotland I never take my top off lol) Also for the PCT would just Nolvadex be sufficient for 4 weeks? I am 6ft 185LBS 12-15% BF. I count my macros on 3400 calories a day. ANY FEEDBACK AND ADVICE IS APPREICARED EITHER GOOD OR BAD. THANK YOU FOR READING
  17. Hello, I hope you all are having a good day. I am going to run my first cycle which consists of TEST E 250 and I was thinking to run some dbol maybe after 2 weeks to see how I first tolerate the test e, as I heard some people have reactions to it and if I ran them at the same time I wouldn't know which is giving me issues if I get any. I have liver supplements just incase I run the dbol. So should TEST E be front loaded 500mg first week on Monday but every week after that it will be pinned twice weekly? Once on Monday 250mg and once on Thursday evening 250mg? Does this sound correct? Is it correct to also pin 250iu of pregnyl HCG every time I pin the TEST E? Or is it once a week 250iu? I also have arimidex, aromasin. How much and often would you say to take these? PCT should be 14 days after the last test e pin right? I have Nolva, Clomid. How much and how often should I take these and should I only take these during pct? Also should I still be taking hcg 250iu during pct? The cycle is planned to be 12 weeks max, is this too much? Diet and training will help in keeping as much gains as possible but any other advice? I won't be able to cycle again until I have at least taken the same length of as the cycle was or so I hear. I greatly appreciate any advice/experience you vets can provide. I was just wanting to know if the plan for running the cycle correctly is correct.
  18. Hey guys, Just got my first cycle of Dianabol orals in the mail this morning, haven't yet had the time to properly research where and how to get an aromatase inhibitor to prevent gyno. Is this the sort of thing I can get from a GP if asked? Steroids are more or less legal or possess here so surely it might be possible? A quick Google search brings up some questionable looking ads on eBay for this sort of thing, but as a first-timer I'm really in the dark on this one. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  19. Sorry if posted in the wrong section. I’ve just joined today, I’ve just recently started these my first course, this is my fourth day now and was wonder how legit they are they look a bit dodgy little blue pills but just want to double check. First day on them I had blurred vision sleeping a lot and sore heads but all that has passed since I cut it down from 60mg to 30mg. I wasn’t in to jagging roids so I went with the pills instead. Are they any good / legit?
  20. Hi guys, I need your advice. Bought 150g of Dianabol raw powder. any idea how to use it?
  21. ROHM D-bol

    Hey guys, any thoughts on these dbols from ROHM?? When i had them last year, they were lighter in colour, these seem a lot darker, still have the same sort of speckles though. Cheers