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  1. General Conversation
    I go to a bit of a small, rough gym in Liverpool which has its fair share of students. I notice them as anyone would. Perky tits and big biceps. Loads of them. Prob better pecs than me and decent guns, but they all look small. They're pumping away but non of them look like bodybuilders and...
  2. Getting Started
    "Big as a House!" Branch Warren Trains Delts After watching Branch train his delts, I am amazed just how bad his form is. I read a while back that pro's don't become pro's through their training but through the unbelievable amount of hormones and food. After watching this video, I tend to agree!
  3. Getting Started
    Anybody got any good excercises to wrok these?
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Jabbed in the delts for the first time on Sunday (front of delts) it went in ok felt no pain until I started pushing then there was a little discomfort. When I pulled the pin out I slightly massaged the area to try and spread the oils. I then got a sensation of like a dead arm(dull ache) It's...
  5. Getting Started
    I do a full body workout with compound exercises. Wouldn't a back exercise like bent over rows be sufficient in hitting the rear delts? I am not expecting huge delts or anything of the like, I just work out so I dont turn into a blob. I would really prefer avoiding an isolated exercises...
  6. Getting Started
    What's the best way to get large delts? It's hard to explain what I mean. From what I understand, there are three (?) parts to it, and I'd most like to expand my delts in the horizontal... if that makes any sense. Poor question I know, I can't really figure how to phrase it any better...
  7. Getting Started
    I mentioned in my journal that i will be bulking over the winter, baggy jumper time! My chest is fairly well developed, although i dont believe you can ever stop developing in some way or another. However my delts are lacking in size. As my upper chest is not as developed as my mid/lower chest...
1-7 of 8 Results