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Found 37 results

  1. Hi guys, Is it possible to start deca and NPP at the same time and then drop the NPP after a couple of weeks so you get the impact of the NPP quickly and then the deca kicks in a couple of weeks later?
  2. Nexus labs deca

    Hopefully this is legit stuff.
  3. Hi All, Been a while since I posted, hope everyones coping. Just a quick bit of advice, I'm doing my first ever Deca cycle and doing 4 test and oral cycles succesfully and recovering well. My most recent was a small blast and cruise from August to March. Would just like to find a happy medium on dosage, Am I right in thinking most match the Test and Deca dose or as close as?
  4. What's everyone's opinion of adding deca as a second compound to test E? What should the dose be in relation to the test? What are the sides like from this stack?
  5. Hybrid trt

    So I'm on test cyp 200mg deca 100mg split onto 2 shots x week, and proviron 25mg ed, not currently using arimidex as bloods not calling for it. Anyone else adding any extras on at all like t3 or hgh, primo , mast or low dose anavar?
  6. I am starting a new cycle in 4 weeks and would like some feedback on dosages and layout. Me: 35 years old Training 10 years 6’4” tall 208 lbs (9% BF) Men’s physique competitor Previous cycles: #1. Test Cyp 300 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Arimdex .5 mg E3D #2. Test Cyp 400 mg/wk (wk1-8) EQ 400 mg/wk (wk 1-8) Anavar 30 mg/day (wk 1-4) #3 Test Cyp 400 mg/wk (wk 1-12) EQ 500 mg/wk (wk 1-12) This cycle: Test E 600 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Deca 300 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Tbol 30 mg/day (wk 1-4) Anavar 30 mg/day (wk 9-12) Arimdex 1 mg EOD. Supps: Cycle support, liver care, fish oil, vitamin D, multivitamin, creatine, and citrus bergamot. PCT: cruise dose (150 mg/wk) I have a show in December and will have time to run an additional cycle before then, but consisting of short esther test, Winstrol, and Masteron. My question is this, would I be better off running Tbol in the beginning and finishing with Anavar? Or the other way around ? I have though about running Dbol instead of the Tbol for the first 4 weeks, but between the Deca and Dbol I worry about the crazy amount of water retention. Also, I plan on running quite a few more and could save Dbol for another off season cycle.
  7. Hi all, As per an earlier thread I will be starting a test/deca/dbol cycle soon and am currently debating whether to run NPP or deca. My questions are: If running NPP, is dianabol required? I'm aware dianabol is used as a kickstarter while waiting for long-esthered compounds while but is there any benefit using it when using a fast-acting compound? The shorter NPP cycle is more appealing than deca (despite the fact I'm not a huge fan of pinning) however I'm trying to determine the best dosage and pinning protocol. I've read on numerous threads that the optimum dose of nandrolone is 500-600mg per week. If pinning M+W+F, and assuming the concentration is 100mg/ml then that would require 3 x 2ml pins, plus whatever test is required (assuming, for example, 100mg/ml test p), so if 500-600mg of test is required per week that would be another 3 x 2ml pins per week, so essentially I'd be pinning 4ml three times per week (every M+W+F). I have read that NPP can be pinned twice per week, which is fine, but that would increase the volume of liquid being injected even further to meet the 600mg per week requirement. I'm just asking about this because it seems like a lot of liquid to inject quite frequently (having only ever injected 1ml at a time so far). I'm interested to know if this what others do or, if not, what is your protocol? Thanks, JR.
  8. Afternoon all, I have only ever ran test and I am looking to introduce deca and/or dianabol into my next cycle, which is planned to begin in April. My last cycle ended in August 2019, so I'll have had 7-8 months off by the time I start. I'm in the process of obtaining the gear I need and I'm about to take a fresh blood test via medichecks. The plan is to run deca for 12 weeks, test for 14 weeks, and dianabol for the first 4 weeks. Dosages are TBC as it depends on the concentration in the vials I receive. I read that some people prefer high test, low deca and others vice versa. To keep it simple I will likely just start with 1ml of each, whatever the concentration, and take it from there. And 30mg dianabol per day. I have a couple of questions relating to this cycle and support meds: 1) Having only ran test previously, I'm aware the risk of introducing two new compounds at once could result in not knowing which has caused any issues, and the sensible thing would be to introduce one at a time, however given that dianabol has a very short half-life and deca a long half-life, I would assume any issues in the early weeks would be attributed to the dianabol and issues later would be dianabol. Would this be accurate? 2) I am struggling to get solid information on the support and PCT meds required when it comes to deca. With testosterone-only, I did not take any AI or any other supporting meds during (despite the fact that my estrogen levels crashed, but that's another story) and simply ran tamoxifen for 4 to 6 weeks for PCT, however I'm aware of the need for these meds for 19nors, I'm just not sure exactly what because I've been given differing opinions and advice. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I should be taking tamoxifen alongside the dianabol to prevent gyno but is it required after the dianabol is finished, alongside the test and deca? Obviously tamoxifen will be included in my PCT which will begin ~2 weeks after my final test injection. 3) Is Arimidex required on this cycle and if so, at what point? 4) Should clomid be included in my PCT along with tamoxifen, or is tamoxifen alone sufficient? Thanks all. Regards, JR.
  9. I have some 10ml vials of deca I used a mil about a year or maybe more ago, the date on them is 2021 would I still be able to use them? Thanks
  10. Planning my next cycle for beginning of january. Gonna be running test e at 450mg a week for 12 weeks , deca at 300mg a week for 10 weeks and dbol at 30mg a day for 5 weeks. Ill be running arimidex throughout at 0.5mg twice a week. Will also be running nolvadex for pct might throw Clomid in there if i can source it. Ive ran three cycles before, those being sus 250 at 500mg a week for 8 weeks with 6 weeks of dbol, then test e 600mg and deca 300mg for 10 weeks of deca nd 12 weeks of test. Last cycle was test prop for 8 weeks at 400mg test prop nd 30mg dbol as a 5 week kickstart. As you can see im a fan of these compounds lol, so looking forward to seeing what bringing the 3 together can bring gains wise for me. All input welcome.
  11. Looking to start my first cycle & reading on here there’s a lot of genesis fakes, genesis have shut down years ago etc... My friend I got them off competes & reckons he uses them so any input/experience anyone’s had with Genesis will be appreciated. At the moment don’t know whether to get my money back before testing them out or try & see what my blood results come back like if I start. What do you guys reckon?
  12. Hi guys, just wanted to get some thoughts from you on a plateau I’ve hit. I’m running test E/deca at 500mg each with 20mg tamoxifen thrown in as well. Am really pleased with progress, have put on some decent size and motivation has been through the roof. Diet has been on point too. I’m at week 10 of a 14 week cycle and I’ve just run out of steam. Motivation dropping, not getting the same weights and generally feeling a bit tired. Any thoughts? Grateful for any suggestions.
  13. Hi Guys, Just a quick question that interests me. I know there are fast acting and longer acting esters for most steroids (Test E vs Test A, for example) but do they all have the same action in terms of outcomes and it’s just the speed of action that changes? I’m particularly thinking of Deca and NPP. I’ve always found Deca really good for growth and joints but a bit ‘watery’. I’ve never used NPP but does this have the same broad effects but starts to work quicker, or are it’s actions different? Thanks for any views.
  14. Hi guys, Just want to get some feedback. I’m on a test/deca cycle at the moment and am really enjoying, except for the water! was wondering what you guys think of a test/EQ cycle at say 400/800mg p/w as an alternative. Maybe add 50mg Anavar for first 4-6 weeks? Would I get the mass without the water? Cheers
  15. So I am on a Test 300mg and Deca 400mg cycle and so far so good, I went up 10 lbs in a month (but that was the dbol that I dropped when deca kicked in) and now that Deca kicked in I feel hot all the time! Not Tren style hot but still sweat very often and wake up sweating at night too. Also I found myself way hornier than usual but no complaints there Anyone else experienced this?
  16. I was thinking of doing a solid 20 week test + deca this winter but i have a few concerns.. 1. is 20 weeks to long? ive read somewhere that after 12-15 weeks gains start to slow down drastically? 2. first time running deca and im scared it will have a big impact on my appetite like tren does... cant eat for s**t.. can anyone confirm if tren and deca share this property considering theyre both 19 nors? 3. not related to the cycle but has anyone tried 500mg/ml test before? im kinda scared to jab it lol, will dilute it with the deca in the same shot though plan: week 1-5 dbol 30mg week 1-20 600mg test e week 1-20 300mg deca no pct due to TRT
  17. Deca Organon Real or Fake

    Hello all, I just buy this deca today, and i'm wondering if it's real or fake anyone can help me? Thanks!
  18. Hi guys i always used to outweigh my deca or teen dosage with test 2/1. But I read a lot now of people doing 600-750mg Deca and 250-300mg test where I would of done that the other way round before. What do people prefer, more test or cruise test more Deca/Tren? i have quite a bit of test and deca so would like to piece together a nice bulk as been running steroid free for a while after a bad setback in training and now feel ready for a helping hand. Thx guys
  19. Hello everyone, i’m looking for some advice on my first cycle... I intended to take 500mg of test E or C per week for 10 weeks but have only been able to get hold of Testobolin 400. Its made by BM pharmaceuticals and I’m fairly confident its good quality. It contains 60mg/ml of propionate, 70mg/ml of phenylpropionate, 120mg/ml of isocaproate, 150mg/ml of decanoate. Obviously it isn’t ideal as I wanted to just run plain test, but as its all I’ve been able to get i’m still strongly considering it. My question is- would a 1ml shot once a week be ok with regards to the half lives of the 4 different esters? I’m also still undecided whether to run hcg during the cycle and nolva for pct, or just the nolva after and leave out the hcg. Any advice/opinions appreciated. Thanks
  20. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  21. Cycle advice

    Hi guys Thinking of running the following 400mg test e 600mg or 800mg deca 200mg tren And winstrol daily instead of proviron for dht to lessen deca dick and tren sides. Has anyone ran deca and tren together at these doses? What was your experience? Has anyone ran winny to prevent deca dick and help with tren sides. I know people run proviron for this purpose I'm hoping winny can be used as its cheaper and you get the extra muscle building effects as appose to running just proviron. Thanks in advance
  22. Hey guys. What do y'all consider the best anabolic compound to run with test other than Tren and NPP/deca? NPP seems to give me acne every time I use it now and I can't be arsed to sweat all the time and/or be an aggro c*nt on Tren. If there's nothing comparative to the above, I'll just stick with test on its tod. Cheers.
  23. Anyone have any feed back on this lab, have there test e 300 and deca 300, started it today could do with some feed back on the gear though. Cheers lads it's much appreciated.
  24. Planning to do a test e and deca cycle, just looking for abit of advice on dosage, time to stay on and pct after, I've done one course sus 250 at 500mg every week for 9 weeks with a 4 week kick start of dbol at 30mg a day, made some good gains keeping around 9kg after pct of nolva and clomid, so my stats are Height: 6ft Weight: 14 stone Age: 23 I train 5 days a week, mon chest and tri's, tues back and biceps, wed legs and shoulders, thurs back and biceps, fri chest nd tri's, I eat around 3000 calories a day try to get in 200g of protein from food and one shake, carbs are around 300 and fats can vary from 100 to 150, looking to keep a good few lbs from this cycle lads would appreciate any advice, I've been training for years but more so with weights over the last year and a half.
  25. Hello Everybody, this is my first post here. I am coming to the end of my 16 week cycle. Yes, this was my first cycle and it was a bit intense for my first one but I have had nothing but positive results from it. The main question will be posed at the bottom of the post but I will be sharing an overview of my stats and cycle above it. - Stats - Age: 22 Height: 5'8 Starting Weight: 171lbs or 77.5kg Ending Weight: 188lbs or 85kg Body Fat: 8-10% Training for: 7.5 Years - Cycle - Test E: 375mg/wk (Weeks 1-16) Anavar: 70mg/ED (Weeks 1-8) Deca: 300mg/wk (Weeks 6-14) Tren A: 225mg/wk (Weeks 8-15) Adex: 1mg/wk (Weeks 1-16) Cabergoline: .5mg/wk (Weeks 8-16) Through the process of this cycle I gained lean body mass and decreased bodyfat while focusing on strength in compound movements (5x5) followed with accessory movements for size. I only went for max attempts once on Deadlifts and Squats which were both 455lbs or 206kg. I am already genetically gifted so I started this cycle with accusations of being on gear before hand so I decided I might as well make it true. I am much more dry, hard, and vascular coming to the end of this cycle. I had absolutely 0 side effects from all of the compounds I used aside from holding a little water on deca. My sex drive went up a bit but nothing crazy and definitely did not go down. My last injection is in 2 weeks. My PCT is on the way. -PCT- Clomid: 50/50/25/25 (Weeks 18-22) (Will probably start with 150mg first few days) Nolva: 40/40/20/20 (Weeks 18-22) I do not have HCG (Not available to me) I want to make sure my sex drive is safe coming off and i know deca can have long lasting effects even after stopping usage sooooo Should I continue cabergoline at .25mg/wk during PCT?