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Found 37 results

  1. Hey guys, New too site, Long story short . I started my sis labs dbol on Wednesday I've only been doing 20mg a day to start for first week. Every day I've taken it I've felt full and sick even tho I've only had one meal then taken the dose. Then another meal and I just feel full and sick pretty much,mostly a sick feeling like my body wants to throw up. I've taken it before and never had any of this Always done pct and always took milk thistle after cycle. Is there something I am missing or could o have a dodgy batch or could my body be telling me something. Cheers
  2. I would like to know what your recommended dosage is for Dbol. i have a few cycles under my belt, and next month i plan to do 500mg Test E PW and Dbol 50mg ED for 6 weeks. Is this over kill? Will i be better off doing 25mg ED? (They come in 25mg per tab).
  3. taking 30mg of dbol for the past 4 days. When and what will I first notice anything different lol. I know a lot of you (Sasnak) are gonna say 'Fuc# DBOL' but I'll never know how it works on me until I try it so. What I'm trying to get out of this post is if my shi* is real or not. - Using Cenzo pharma lab
  4. Due to personal reasons I can't pin for the time being. I am open to anything, sarms, peptides, oral anabolic steroids etc.... What stack/drugs/cycle would be best for an 7/8 week bulk? (Oral only) - I don't want anything that is really toxic or damaging to health but mild damage is acceptable. - I don't want to turn into a balloon. - I want relatively keep-able gains with as little shutdown as possible. - I wan't to add strength as well as size. - Ideally, maximum increase in muscle with as little water retention as possible. Cheers lads, please don't try to advise me unless you actually have experience taking orals or know people who have taken them personally.
  5. I have constantly been updating my first cycle plan. Can someone tell me if this is a good cycle for a beginner? I am young, been going gym for 5 years. I have my personal reasons for going on a cycle so please don't abuse me saying I'm too young bla bla. My main worries are my PCT, is it too much? Also My estrogen control plan, is it too much? I know that things can go bad if my estrogen is through the floor. I DO NOT WANT GYNO. Couldn't give a crap about hair loss (If that even happens to younger people) FWI I'm wanting to inject into my leg as it's like the largest injection site. Does anyone recommend another place? Thanks all in advance Cycle1.xlsx
  6. Hi guys please let me know your thoughts on this as I have not used tren before pinning twice a week week 1-4 3mg Dianabol /day 250mg rest e/ week 200mg tren e / week weeks 5-9 250mg test e /week 200mg tren e / week weeks 10-14 250mg test e/week 200mg tren e/week 50mg Anavar/day then PCT or cruise on 200mg test e/week
  7. Planning my next cycle for beginning of january. Gonna be running test e at 450mg a week for 12 weeks , deca at 300mg a week for 10 weeks and dbol at 30mg a day for 5 weeks. Ill be running arimidex throughout at 0.5mg twice a week. Will also be running nolvadex for pct might throw Clomid in there if i can source it. Ive ran three cycles before, those being sus 250 at 500mg a week for 8 weeks with 6 weeks of dbol, then test e 600mg and deca 300mg for 10 weeks of deca nd 12 weeks of test. Last cycle was test prop for 8 weeks at 400mg test prop nd 30mg dbol as a 5 week kickstart. As you can see im a fan of these compounds lol, so looking forward to seeing what bringing the 3 together can bring gains wise for me. All input welcome.
  8. As title says lads, could do with some advice on the sarm ligandrol also know as lg 4044 i think? Ive cycled steroids 3 times in the past using test, deca, dbol and oxy 50s so i know what im doing on the steroid side of it lol. I just dont know much about ligandrol or its effects, i know its used as a bulker, im planning to use it at the start of my next cycle for 5 weeks then switch to dbol for last 5 weeks with 12 week test base, just wanted to hear back feedback on this sarm and peoples past experiences with it. Cheers lads
  9. I need some advice here I am on my first cycle of dbol 50 mg per dbol test(750 mg per week), its been 3 weeks ive started taking dbol but not seeing the results i expected, I am 40 years old and I follow blast and cruise protocols, ( always on test) In the first few days of taking dbol, I used to feel some blood rush in muscles but it doenst happen anymore and im not seeing major improvement in strength. my understanding about dbol was that, its an extremely powerful steroid with lots of side effects. Am I doing something wrong here?
  10. Hi guys, I’m about 6 weeks into my cycle, ran dbol at 30mg daily for five weeks. Starting my first test pin a week ago now. Basically ran Dbol for four weeks and then starting pinning SG testosterone-ethanate(400mg a week). last week. So a week into the test. I’ve started to notice slight puffiness in nipples and a slight bit of sensitivity almost overnight. Is this anything at all to worry about? I have novladex to hand should I start taking some or just save it for PCT and ride out the sensitivity? Not sure what to do, should I get some bloods done and check estrogen levels. What do you guys recommend? I’m planning on running both nolvadex and clomid for pct and I want to completely negate and possible gynocheers guys.
  11. Hey guys, just curious, I'm on my first cycle of steroids, I'm on dbol 10mg(oral) Been on it for about a week or so now, I've noticed when laying down, I struggle with breathing, short of breath, bit wheezy, I'm not overly clued up, not sure if it's to do with the dbol or? Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  12. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  13. EuroGen

    Has anybody seen or used this brand before?
  14. Haven’t used dimensions for a while, especially not their d Bol and was wondering if anyone knows anything about their d Bol specifically. I’m also wondering if 40mg ED will be enough for a oral only cycle or should I bump it up to 60 ED or so. This is probably my 5th cycle all done with AIs and test bases but I simply don’t have the time to be injecting before I go away so need to try and pack some weight on with d Bol and run a pct whilst I’m in Thailand.
  15. I've been training seriously for around 3 years but I have high bf, around 24%. American forums aren't giving me answers, they just flame me for attempting a cycle with high bf. I was wondering how a 12 week cutting cycle of 30mg dbol ed and 600mg test enanth would affect me in terms of side effects like gyno? are gains possible while on this cutting cycle? My stats: 20y 5'4 or 162cm 175lbs or 79kg Cheers
  16. My second cycle

    Hello, so I'm thinking of doing second steroid cycle the first one I did was 6 months ago and was test e and dbol only, unfortunately I lost all my gains due to surgery at the mement I'm skinny fat with about 16-17 percent fat I'm thinking of bulking ,because i feel so small this is my cycle guys I want to do it the right way this time so I can get as much gains as possible so my question is: Is 250mg/week test e enough also is 10 week cycle with test e even worth it? Please help me with what I need to change in my cycle. Thank you in advance! Week Test E Decabol Dbol Pregnyl Clomid 1 250mg./week 200mg./week 20mg./day 2 250mg./week 200mg./week 20mg./day 3 250mg/week 200mg./week 20mg./day 4 250mg./week 200mg./week 30mg./day 5 250mg./week 200mg./week 30mg./day 6 250mg./week 200mg./week 30mg./day 7 250mg./week 200mg./week 8 250mg./week 200mg./week 9 250mg./week 10 250mg./week 11 12 1500iu/E3D 100mg/day 13 100mg/day 14 100mg/day
  17. I have quite a lot of Balkan dbol. All checked on their website and comes up as genuine. i am now on day 4 at 40mg per day and so far there has been nothing to notice. No pumps, back pumps, water or strength gain. Is it too early or is Balkan just bunk? What was your experience with their dbol?
  18. Sphinx Dbol

    Got these Sphinx D-Bol from my usual source I’ve been using for over a year and I’ve only used Sphinx. Just questioning the tub and labelling as it different and also no hologram compared to normal. Mainly use oils but I used there winny along with there sus, tren ace and maestron was a great cycle. Gained a shoulder injury not long after that which put me out of training for a few months so just started there test e and was running the D-Bol for a kick start but now I’m questioning if there gtg... I’m sure they are as I’ve never had a problem with them before but you know how how it plays on your mind ? it could just be they ran out holograms and printer ink low ? Lol ..obviously I’m taking them anyway only way to find out
  19. Hi, New to this just looking for information on first cycle. looking to run dbol only for 6 weeks at 30mg daily. Just need some advice on pct and best way to hold gains after cycle. Hearing a lot of negatives about dbol only cycles in regards loss of gains but id prefer to keep my first cycle oral and not too complex .
  20. Hi, new to this forum. I've been working out on and off for past two years. Over last 6 months I've got more serious about going gym 3 time per week minimum. As well as playing football 5 a side 3 times per week. I'm about to finish a 8 week 20mg dbol cycle. I know that oral only cycle aren't recommended however after my research I concluded that it would give me the boost to strength and recovery I wanted. I realise I did not need steroids to achieve my goals however I took that decision. I was hoping to get some advice about what areas of my body I need to work on to gain better proportions. My intention is not to be huge but lean and well proportioned. Also for Pct I've got novelex 20mg and intend to take it for 5 week post cycle. I managed to put on a stone in weight with only 2% fat increase over the past 6 months of training and one cycle. I've attached the before and after photo of around 6 months training. Thanks in advance
  21. Which cycle do you see more effective and which one would choose?250mg enanthate alongside with 400 EQ for 12 weeks.500mg enanthate for 12 weeks alongside with dbol/tbol for first 4 weeks.
  22. Hello, this is my first post so hope I’m in the right place. in a couple of days I am starting my first D-BOL only cycle (yes I know don’t do it without test - however it’s my first cycle I just want oral only). I am planning on taking anywhere from 20-30MG a day for 6-8 weeks. In terms of liver aid I have liv.52 to take everyday. Now on to the confusing bit in my opinion - I have got both nolvadex and arimidex. i know that keeping estrogen down loads is bad but what dosage would be best to take - 0.5MG or .25MG? And would this be ED or eOd. (I want the best gains on this but also don’t want to risk gyno - bloat is not a concern I live in Scotland I never take my top off lol) Also for the PCT would just Nolvadex be sufficient for 4 weeks? I am 6ft 185LBS 12-15% BF. I count my macros on 3400 calories a day. ANY FEEDBACK AND ADVICE IS APPREICARED EITHER GOOD OR BAD. THANK YOU FOR READING
  23. Hello fellow new users, or users to be Now before you even buy anything you have to make sure you posses the following: common sense a brain ability to think for yourself (to an extent) these must be implemented when asking fellow strangers what to put inside YOUR body, If you google “best first steroid cycle” will the cycle suggested by “mike the mountain” and “jack the juggernaut” be the same? , probably not, ask yourself why.... Anabolics for me are an experiment which I conduct on myself using basic information and expierience SUGGESTED by others which I then apply using sed attributes listed above, you’ll find as you dive deeper there are common practices and rules which most abide by and with good reason, there will be many conflicting arguments which both will provide facts and studies for but when the chips are down it’s your decision to decipher what will work best for you considering the risks it poses on your health and what it is you want to achieve, for example “ cycling vs blast and cruise” .... but let’s not get into that debate lol ?, we are all lab rats, some have been doing this 10 month some 10 years and both are just as important as each other... the saying “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” doesn’t apply to anabolics in my opinion, you will constantly learn about yourself, applying theories which will work and some that won’t, again both as important as each other, it’s a journey I myself have just started and am extremely excited to see where it takes me, I’m going to make mistakes, I’m going to f**k up, im going to doubt myself, I’m going to at some point question where I am , but one thing that will run consistently throughout Is I will always be learning about myself and my body, so strap in and drive safe
  24. Hi everyone, I have been using these for only 5 days now, still weigh 88kg but already look a bit leaner and am a bit stronger so I knew something wasn't right and decided to test my "anavar", lab max came back as dbol, so I paid a lot of money for the cheapest oral What am I supposed to do? I have been taking 50mg a day (5 tablets), god knows how much dbol I have actually been taking. My friend got great results as someone new to using, he started on 50mg anavar for the 1st week then increase by 10mg every week until 100mg, 8 weeks total with proviron 50mg starting from week 2 followed by pct for 3 weeks. I was planning on doing the same but now I'm reading that a dbol cycle should only be 4-6 weeks with 30-50mg each day. Should I continue with the dbol for another 5 weeks at 50mg? Apparently the sides are a lot worse than var Will it lower my libido like anavar so can I take proviron?