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Found 3 results

  1. Got this March Pharmaceutical dbol. Manufactured in 2020, expiry 2024. is that a real product? Can’t find this product on March Pharmaceutical website
  2. Hi everyone,I am currently trying to gain some mass and it is extremely hard for me. I have never taken something different than protein or creatine. I am currently 62kg and trying to get to 70-75. I want to ask for some recommendations and the reasons for them. I have already read that Turinabol has less side effects, but i think with Dianabol the effect will be bigger.Thanks to everyone in advance.
  3. Danabol cycle

    Hello, I am doing gym from around 1 year. Was a fatty guy with weight around 90 kgs. Reduced to 72 kgs now. Planning to start danabol cycle. But have little gyno. Can you suggest any cycle. Should i take tamoxifen ( nolvadex) on cycle or clomid on cycle.. And what to take for PCT. Plss suggest dosage.