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Found 49 results


    Hi guys I'm a complete newbie to anything steroid related I know there can be bad side effects especially after years worth of use, however I have a very rare chance to get my hands on 10mg of liquid turinabol steroid.. my friend said it would be a 6 week course and I would take a mil or two every 4 days I think he said it was, cant remember exactly need to speak to him again, he mentioned about taking sarms after the course to try keep hold of the gains made during the course but he said the sarms are around £100 for 90 caps and you take about 2 a day which is abit concerning.. I was just looking for advice on the dos and donts during this 6 week cycle and to learn a little more about the steroid im taking, is there any more to it other than just inject, workout and then take the sarms after wards if I want? Are there supplements or other precautionary things I should be taking during or after the cycle also what is pct and mill thistle? Bit of a muddled up topic however I'm sure people will understand that im basically asking for advice aswell as wanting some one to breakdown down exactly what I need to supplement with and what I need to do after the cycle and what to expect after the cycle, cheers
  2. Hi guys, I have been trying to research how to take this stuff for hours and hours, at best I get conflicting statements or people just saying, “the safest way to take it is by not taking it”. I am aware it will have side effects, I am aware it can and will cause some damage, I’m just trying to minimise the damage it does. I’m really not here to be convinced not to take it, that ship has sailed, I’m just looking for advice on how to minimise the problems after and during the cycle. I have read tons about “Stacking”, what exactly do I take with Anavar to prevent or at least minimise the Shutdown that I will apparently experiences Week 3-4. How much Anavar do I take? 30mg? 40mg? And what is the name of the stuff I take with it and after it? Just for a frame of reference, I am a 22 male, 6ft and 84kg, I’ve been training for quite a while and have never taken steroids before. I would really appreciate any help! Thanks
  3. Anyone had these before? Or heard of the lab?
  4. Im not very good with all the lingo, abreviations and phrases. Im prretty new I guess and ahve been following someones advice which I now dont think is right having read up on here. But naturally im in a panic from all the conflicting information and I have even less of an idea what to do now. My brain is that frazzled from all the different advice I just need someone to tell me to take this and this for this long and you'll be fine. So please help mke out guys. I was just hoping for a littel advice. I am taking Tren E 1ml every week and SUS 1ml every 4 days for 10 weeks and took 250mg Dianabol one a day for one week, then two a day for the next, then back to one a day for a week when I started Tren and SUS, then stopped Dianabol. I was just planning on using Med-Tech Solutions PCT+ tabs. But after reading around on here it doesnt seem like such a good idea. PCT+ is a blend of Proviron, Clomid, Tamoxifen, Cialis at 25mg per compound. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on what to take. Because since reading around on here Ive got even more confused than when I started. And I also found that some people were instantly annoyed with people in my position not having a PCT plan before starting the cycle and just send angry messages rather than offering advice. So please be kind guys. My last cycle was 3 years ago. Prior to starting this cycle I had a small lump by my nipple the size and shape of a grain of rice. But 3 week into Tren and SUS this lump has got bigger to maybe 5 grains of rice. Its unlikely the steroids three years ago caused this and I was told a possible cause is a high soya/plant based protein diet and whey protein shakes. But it may be that the steroids are making it worse. IM not sure if that is information that is worth knowing and the PCT would be tailored to that. But again, please be kind guys, im just here for some advice because I thought I had it sorted but got confused reading around. Also, what is a reliable and safe place to buy them? I was going to get them from Med-tech solutions but wasnt sure if people had better places.
  5. Hi all, This has not happened yet, but planning for all eventualities... What should you do if there is a lockdown and gyms are forced to close when you are mid-way through a cycle? Stop the cycle short and reduce the duration of the PCT as well? or stop the cycle short but continue with the same PCT plan? Continue with the cycle and do what you can from home i.e. buy some dumbbells and do lots of bodyweight exercises (I do not have a home gym)? To give some context, my cycle is as well follows: Weeks 1-10: 400mg test-c + 750 IU HCG Weeks 11-12: 750 IU HCG Weeks 13-16: 50/50/25/25 clomid + 20/20/10/10 nolva Weeks 17-18: 10/10 nolva I'm leaning towards option 1, as I won't be able to train anywhere near as hard at home... What are everyone else's thoughts? Cheers
  6. Hi guys, Has anyone had any experience with RU58841, I've heard a few famous BBs talking about it. Apparently you can use this temporarily while using a compound whether it be T based or DHT based and it will prevent the binding of DHT to hair follicles thereby eliminating hair loss due to steroids. Supposedly this is more effective and less costly long term than minoxidil and also rules over finasteride too. I am extremely interested in this as a preventative measure as im about to start DHT based oral compound that im worried could cause accelerated hair loss via excessive binding of the follicles, if this can prevent that by competing for the binding site at the follicle that would be awesome. I understand this is a research chemical and therefore claims of its benefits should be taken with a pinch of gear, however my interest is peaked as surely these 300k plus followers ig guys are in the know some way shape or form. I look forward to hearing from your guys thoughts/ experiences.
  7. Hi Everyone. I have 4-5 years in the bag using peds, I’ve always ran test e only, and on occasions I’ve done TTM, dbol, tren e, NPP. But for the most of it I’m only really experienced with test only cycles. any advice?
  8. Blood Tests- UK

    Morning fellow lifters! ? How do you go about getting a blood test in England? I assume I can't just rock up at my local doctor's surgery and go "Yo, I'm using something I shouldn't be using, can I have regular blood tests please at the cost of the NHS?" Cheers SF
  9. What you think to do deca and susta for first cycle
  10. Im looking to start what will be my forth cycle. I have always used Test E, dbol, var, proviron, winny ( not all in the same cycle). I wanted to try tren but being as powerful as it is, i wanted to know what would be a good starting dose and if i should use acetate as a first time? Any advice would be appreciated
  11. Hey guys! So I'm around the halfway mark on my first injectable cycle, im on 600mg test e PW, pretty basic stuff right. In the past I have ran anavar solo and anadrol solo a few times, anadrol I must say gave me great results that vanished as soon as they arrived. At the beginning of this cycle I began with dbol 30mg but found the sides were way too intense within 2 days, dropped to 20mg and still found it made me feel awful, so I just dropped it out completely and within 24hours I was back to normal! The test alone is great, I'm feeling way stronger and seeing nice gains in the mirror although I must admit it feels mild at the moment I was expecting a little more of a kick but I am only 5weeks deep. Also I'm not getting any sides, the slightest bit of nipple sensitivity 2 days ago and have taken .5mg arimidex twice and seems to have cleared up that fast. My question is this, what are peoples thoughts and experiences adding compounds at this point? Was considering anavar with it being the more "mild" choice in regards to aromastion etc. I have read up on the subject and of course the opinions vary massively, I just want to maximize my results on this cycle the safest way possible. I know there are a lot of experienced and knowledgeable people on here and I appreciate all the advice. Edit: the only reason I ran oral solo cycles was because of circumstances, I was unfortunately spending time under her majestys majesty pleasure. Pinning was just not an option at the time. Thanks!
  12. Cycle I am planing to start. Its 2nd Cycle. Please share your feedback. Target is to gain muscle mass. 12 Weeks Cycle Week 1 - MK677 15MG + Rad140 10MG Week 2 - MK677 15MG + Rad140 20MG Week 3 - Dina 20MG + (MK677 15MG + Rad140 20MG) + Test 250 (1 Weekly) Week 4 - Dina 40MG + (MK677 + Rad140 Same) + Test 250 (1 Weekly) Week 5 - No Oral + Test 250 (1/Weekly)+ Tren A (1/Weekly) Week 6 - Same Week 7 - Test 250 ( 2/Weekly) + Tren A (1/Weekly) Week 8 - Same Week 9 - Masteron (1ml/weekly) + Test Prop (1ml/Weekly) Week 10 - Same Week 11 - Same + Anavar 20MG Week 12 - Same + Anavar 40MG
  13. Whats happening gents (and any fine ladies that frequent these boards, however unlikely) So basically, I used to cycle tren and test when I was in my prime, life took over, set up a few businesses had some kids and neglected gym, nutrition and juice for about 6 years, got fat as f**k, started gym about a year ago now and I am feeling strong again, but now its time for me to revisit my old cycle. I wants to make sure the status quo on what I used to do hasn't changed too much and see if any of you guys can aware me on latest knowledge and best practices before i buy my stack. Quick disclaimer, I have been away from the scene and these boards for a while, so you may look at the below and give me s**t for being a noob, but honestly, I am doing the right thing by asking for input and then doing my own research before committing to something, I just want the headlines on what you guys think. So, I am doing this from memory but I am pretty sure my cycle was something like this: Test E - 800mg - split between two pins a week Tren E - 600mg - split between two pins a week Aromasin - 25mg every day I think.... I really can't remember, but I definitely used it, maybe i took 12.5 mg a day not sure. Pramipexole - 0.18mg (I used to have to take a quarter of a tablet a day then increase to half a tablet which really helped me avoid losing sex drive while on tren) HCG - used weekly whilst on cycle but i cant remember when and how much i took, any advice on this ? PCT - What is recommended these days for PCT? ( i know if I am taking HCG on cycle then my PCT can be minimal, but I really can't remember what I took after stopping cycle/hcg. I think it was nolvadex and clomid? no idea... Anyway, I really do appreciate any advice gents!
  14. Can anyone help me to start my first cycle for muscle gain? suggest me some good brands.
  15. Hi, My first ever post on here but I’ve seen how helpful you can be to others so was wondering if I could get a second opinion on this cycle please.. what do you think?!
  16. Hi guys, so I did I pretty useless log on MK677 a few years ago, and now I'm back, I overcame the fear of the needle, and have been re-educated on facts through experience. I'm no longer terrified of going insane with rage from steroids.. I did my first cycle of testosterone propionate a few months back. And I'm back again with my mega cycle so to speak. For about two years I was constantly cycling RAD140 and LGD4033 with the constant addition (no cycle) of MK677. And after being convinced to try testosterone (which I really wanted to do anyway) I can honestly say it's life changing. I'm happier, my autism is less soul destroying, my anger is MORE under control, and over all I feel a lot happier with life. So I'm certain testosterone will forever be my base in every cycle from here on. This time: I am currently on day 10, and below is my cycle. Testosterone enanthate - 300mg every 4th day. (week 1-16) RAD140 - 15mg ED (less than my previous 20-30 ED) (week 1-8) LGD4033 - 10mg ED (week 1-8) MK677 -30mg ED (always on) PCT is Nolva 40/40/20/20 plus daa, otc PCT and many other things which are probably placebo ?‍♂️? I am currently the heaviest i've ever been at 182lbs (sad ectomorph enough said). I'm hoping to get to 200lbs by the 16week mark, and most importantly keep it. I use a meal prep service with about 40g carbs and 40g protein per meal. And I'm aiming for 6 meals a day, and high if possible. And roughly 1g of water per day. I don't use many supplements, Pre-workouts, Reflex Weight Gainer post workout, sipping some BCAAs throughout the day, and all my snacks are protein cookies or bars. I try to eat that 'crap' instead of regular 'crap'. But I'm not a fool, I'm fully aware it is still crap. No real purpose to this log, just thinking I may help anyone who needs it. And educate my self and others as we go. You can ask me anything from injection techniques, to testosterone ester differences, to SARMs experience. Even to training. However my diet is not my strong point, which is why I opted for meal prep, not cheap, but for me is working fantastically. Also for me this sport is a hobby, I am in no way a professional or expert, so if you see me don't something ridiculous or wrong, or even something I could maybe do better, please feel free to comment. Love you guys, love the sport, love the lifestyle. Hope you're all doing well. Let's get BIG GTWMT
  17. Hi I'm aware this is quite a specific subject, but dry eye syndrome is something that has caused me great difficutlty in my life, often having to leave or avoid specific working environments because of it. One thing I have however managed is to stay very consistent with my training. I've been training 8 years naturally and felt I reached a point where gains were very very gradual. I started taking test 500 a week and running anavar. This caused no problems at all with my eye condition infact I think the test actually improved dryness somewhat. However I recently added masteron prop and seem to have had constantly dry eyes while running this....currently 10 days in. I wondered if anyone else had experience with compounds causing dry eyes or skin I presume would be similar, if so what to avoid and what to try. I'm aware this is very specific topic and probably reaching for an answer but I can't find any threads online about this. I want to compete and persue a career in bodybuilding but I'm aware it's going to be very difficult if I can't get my cycles right. Thanks in advance
  18. Hi, may I ask if anyone know the usual(I know its not a good term for that) practice how female body builders reach their highest weight? My wife is a figure bodybuilder, has a good working routines in cycles, relaxing, eating, etc. but still small. She wants to grow bigger, so the question is, what is the usual method for woman to reach that? Every answer accepted about: cycles, middle and long term plans. We know, its take years, 10-15-20, she is 34 now. She is dedicated to body building. There is no possible local contact for us who could help. Female Body Builders in Hungary not well built yet. No culture to grow big here. Any idea more then welcome.
  19. Just started my first cycle 1 ml of tri tren 1 ml of mas an anavar kept it low as I’m in no rush or don’t want any crazy sides.just wondering tho everyone stacks test with there tren cycles I’ve researched why obviously it’s a good idea but has anyone had any experience no using test with tren and how it went ? What u can expect ect. Cheers lads
  20. Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice if possible. After a year or two of not consistently training my husband and I are looking to get back into shape. We have already formulated our diet and gym plans but are looking for something to give us an extra boost and to allow us to see improvements sooner. We have discussed/ researched clen, winnu and anavar and have decided clen would be the best choice for us (oral cycle only). We are a bit unsure if this is the best route to go down and are looking for more experienced people to weigh in. I know there will undoubtedly be people who will reply stating that diet and gym will get us where we need to be and whilst I preemptively thank you for your reply, we are looking for specific help in regards to possible cycles. Hopefully someone can help! Thanks in advance.
  21. Need some recomp cycle advice guys. but first.. 25, 6ft, 200lb, pretty lean. Cycle experience, test, var, hdrol, lgd, osta, s4 and various peptides. Option 1: Week 1-2: 11kt, Rad 140 Week 3-8: 11kt Rad 140, Liquidien Option 2: Week 1-2: 11kt, Osta Week 3-8: 11kt, osta, liquidien Option 3: Week 1-8: 11kt, Rad140 PCT: nolva/clomid Training: mix of strength, HIIT and cardio Will probably run formestane and a low dose 4ad/epi as a base throughout the cycle. Is there any TD formestane around these days? dienelone has always interested me, looks like a really good compound. but does anyone know how harsh it is on your liver and suppression? I see mixed reviews online. I don't mind a beer and want an easy recovery
  22. 2ND EVER CYLE DONT HATE PLEASE Hi guys needing some urgent help.... Im currently wanting to blast a quick 3-4 week cycle before i go to Florida with the family to cut up as much as possible, now my supplier says to run : 50mg of anavar e/day 50mg of winstrol e/day 250mg of Test E/ x1 a week Anastrozole/1 tab every other day - to obviously combat bitch tits I wanted your guys thoughts because i was initially going to go with the : 50mg anavar e/day 50mg winstrol e/day because i didn't think 3-4 weeks of this cycle would be long enough to cut natural test production ?? obviously ill be taking proper liver support and joint support for the winstrol But i just wanted your guys advice on what will be safer and best route and what PCT to use if i stick with my initial thought out cycle CHEERS
  23. New user here, hi all. I'm a beginner, I've had some experience with a single cycle of 12 weeks of 500mg test E per week, with tbol somewhere in there(can't remember exactly). I followed up with a decent PCT with clomid and tamoxifen and recovered pretty quickly. No dick issues but some minor acne.. all good really. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the compounds and length are best to run when doing cycles, with the minimal chances of fu**ing up your recovery? I guess test is obviously one of the safest options, and maybe a dry oral.. What's the consensus? I'm guessing 19 nors like tren, deca and NPP are a no go right?
  24. What lab ??

    Hi there. I know this my sound boring but I need to try a new lab and not sure which one to go for. I have used SIS labs many times but I think they are under dosed. Last time I tried their Tren A and at 100mg eod I didn't get any side. I don't trust them anymore. What labs are good to go at the moments? Thanks
  25. First Cycle

    Thinking about running my first cycle with my buddy. I've attached the plan if some of you pros can review and give some feedback. (Built from Swole Trolls Beginner Post) Both of us are over 6 foot. I'm 260 and hes 230. Both train for strength. both have been lifting for about 4 years. My #'s: 475 Squat, 365 Bench, 515 DL His #'s: 585 Squat, 385 Bench, 535 DL Im working through 2 bulged disks, so i'm doing more hypertrophy/BB work lately. Thanks for the help. TEST.xlsx