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Found 46 results

  1. First PH Cycle

    Hi all, this is my first PH cycle I will be doing and just wanted some opinions on it. I will be running 4 weeks 30/30/30/30 of Alphaform labs EPI With, Alphaform labs OCS ( 3caps a day) Celery Seed Extract: 75mg Grape Seed Extract 75mg Hawthorne Berry 200mg Milk Thistle 300mg N-Acetyl-l-cystenine 750mg Saw Palmetto 200mg then, 4 weeks of Extreme labs all in one PCT(3 caps a day) Proprietary Blend 1500mg D-Aspartic Acid Bulbine Natalensis, Kre Alkalyn 6 Bromo Vitamin B6 Vitamin D Other Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Rice Flower, Silica thanks
  2. Hi, so im about to start my third cycle, cycle history: first cycle was 400mg test weekly for 10 weeks... second was 500mg test weekly and devil kickstart week 1-4.. ive always used AIs, HCG, and a PCT (I don't mention or talk about them as I feel I'm confident enough to work out my own) thanks anyone who made it to the question ? I'm starting this cycle (well already started it) and Its a 8(maybe extend to 10/12weeks judging by what I've read so far) but it's a blend called big n full (200mg EQ and 400mg test) basically I've read a lot that 300mg eq won't be enough? But I'm worried that I'll go too high with my testosterone, what do the experts out there think? will 300mg da a week show me some good benefits or should I buy some more wa and add it in? Thanks. oh yeah I'm 6 foot tall, 14.5 stone and probably about 15% body fat.. been training for 4 years naturally
  3. Hello there This is the first time I am running tren A. I got my gear from Excel Pharma. I have never used this lab before. Anyone has used their tren? I am injecting 100mg eod and so far I have injected 400mg in total. I can't feel much, maybe I feel just warm and got kinda hot flushes, I am wondering if those are sides. How long does it take in order to kick in?
  4. So I'm currently on a Dbol Cycle, This will be my first pin Cycle if it can be done, Fair enough I could go up to 8 weeks, and use HCG and Adex from the start of the cycle, But I want to keep it simple hence there only being four drugs in total, If anything the question I'm asking is - Can this cycle be successful with out adding anything else? Yes or no? 6 Week Cycle Test P - 100mg / 1ml EOD Lasting 40 days. 100mg Anavar ED Lasting 42 days. PCT - Day 43 Clomid - 2 weeks 100mg ED Week 1-2 / 2 weeks 50mg ED week 2-4 Nolvadex - 4 weeks 20mg ED week 1-4 Disclaimer - please take into account that this is my third attempt at a cycle layout. It might be bad, but please positive feed back. We ALL learn to walk before we can run.
  5. Hi everyone, just signed up, looking for some advice. A bit about me - 86kg, 5'8, 25 years young. Training for around 6 years on and off, past three years on. I did my first cycle at the start of the year, 500mg Test E only p/w split Mon/Thurs. Had no sides during cycle, or PCT which consisted of only Clomid. No sides at all, not even loss of sexual desire etc.! So I was happy. went from 83kg to 95kg. I looked leaner, and much more vascular. Now it's time for another cycle I think. I took about 4 months out training properly due to a new job so had no time for the gym. I'm holding at 86kg, but could only train weekends so lost a lot. Second cycle which I have already purchased is Tri test 400. Just want to get your thoughts on it. I trust the guys in the gym, and they have all the support supps available if needed, and always stock PCT. Each 1ml contains: Test E 100mg, Test C, 100mg, Test D (Decanoate) 200mg. From what I've read, people usually pin once a week 1ml. However the guys told me to pin 1 ml every Monday and Thursday as before. So I could be getting 300mg more T per week than before. If I did 1 pin, then I'd be getting 100mg less. also, I see people do this for usually 10 weeks. I have three 10ml vials, so if pinning twice a week, I would be doing 15 weeks. Also, will the Deca, being the same mg as Test give Deca d*ck? That's my main concern, surprisingly. What do you think is best? Feel free to ask any questions, constructive criticism would be appreciated!
  6. Hi, all, First post on forums. I have set out 2 cycle layouts for my first cycle on pins, they could be absolute s**t or spot on. Please feel free to give me feed back, also from most forums, not this one imparticular I see a lot of people giving hate to new users who are asking for advice for their first cycles. Not saying no to hate etc I'm a big boy I can take it but I'd like feed back I can use etc. It has taken me 3 years to get to current weight, after being anorexic, my weight 3 years ago was 7st flat, since then I have changed my diet, and regained a lot of weight. I have trained for almost 3 years, with constant bulking stages failing due to my mental illness being anorexia. so now that I have plateau, I would like to gain a bit more size, to help benefit my self-confidence after 3 shitty years of struggle in the gym. My diet is healthy and balanced, I have non defeated my anorexia and just want to gain size and more mussel. any help with my cycle plans will be greatly appreciated. Plan one - Sustanon250 week 1-10 @500mg Mon,ThursTren Ace week 3-10 @100mg EOD (not too keen on the daily injections). My PCT(which will commence 18days after last sust shot)will encompass: Clomid: Day1 150mg / Day2 100mg / day3-30 50mg AND/OR Nolvadex: Day1 60mg / Day2-10 40mg / day11-30 20mg Plan two - Run for 8 weeks Aromasin 20mg ED, Test E 250mg Monday, Thursday Dbol 30mg on the days I'm not pinning - Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun PCT - Nolvadex20 40mg ED for 2 weeks / 20mg ED for 2 weeks I'm also thinking of Milk Thistle although I've heard mixed reviews. I'm unsure if this will work so feel free to help me out. Height - 5'11 Age - 21 - I know people will question my age, but I'm old enough to know better / make that decision to take steroids. Weight - 13st 13lb Gym frequency - 5 days / 7 I'm a non-drinker Smoker soon to be quitting Healthy diet Supplements used: Whey Isolate Creapure (Creatine Monohydrate) BCAA's Pulse V4 Pre work out
  7. my dbol cycle

    Mid way through my dbol cycle, 20mg ED. I have blown up a lot since first week with intense strength gains have read a lot about losing gains after cycle. I wanna hear people opinions on the best way to maximise keeping my gains.
  8. Hi! Im new to this so please excuse any rookie mistakes in my post.... im a 35 year old mother of 2, 5’4 currently around 150 lbs, though I dropped to 135 6 months ago, then worked on gaining some serious strength and lean muscle and that’s where I feel like I gained back on the scale. Now, since childbirth my stomach and torso area has always held onto fat a lot more than any other areas on my body. I’ve been killing myself at the gym, working on cardio, endurance,& weights 6 times a week, tried a Keto plan for 4 weeks and dropped only a few pounds on the scale. im thinking about starting an Anavar& clenbuterol cycle. Could someone please guide me as to the dosage, what time of day , any other supplements etc I should start with? ... thank you in advance for ur help!
  9. Mike Tyson & Steroids?

    So, the question that must be asked... Was Mike Tyson on steroids, or was he just a genetic freak, that many people say he is? Personally, I don't believe 109 kg's of muscle around 15% bodyfat at 177cm's is logic, especially not considering how explosive he was, atleast not naturally. Ofcourse, Mike Tyson had a crazy training routine, but as seen in videos he never trained weights HEAVY, maximum squat recorded on VIDEO is him repping 100kg's (225lbs), doing sit-ups and a few other machines that aren't really linked to explosive movement in the body. Discuss! I personally believe he was on some kind of muscletech, but what kind of cycle I'd dream of knowing, he must've been on something from his late teens, which obviously hasn't been a problem for him so far. Only my opinion though!
  10. Please help me!!!!!

    Hi I'm on my 1st cycle I'm running testoject 400 excel pharma for 12 weeks. A.I arimadex 0.5mg EOD. I originally wanted to just take test e no more than 500mg every week, but was given tj400 and told was a lot better, I'm taking 2ml every week, so E 300mg/C 300mg/P 200mg. My concern is I'm now taking 800mg total, and unsure weather I'm now at more risk of side effects? Do the esters come into play here (time release etc) or would it just be as strong or have as much effect as taking just test e or any other @ 800mg. I've read the doses for the average user for anabolic purposes would be. (Per week, this is the guideline I'm following). Test e 400-500mg. Test c 200mg. Test p 100mg (E.O.D)
  11. People of this forum, hope your all well and things are going good. Let's get straight to it so... 500mg test enanthate p/w Var 50mg ed Ai arimidex 5mg eod End Straight to clomid,nolva 40/40/30/30 Then a break. The next cycle will be similar only dbol will replace var That's the plan. Interested in particular AI's you guys prefer on cycle in response. Anyway getting lab test next week take it from there. Later gents
  12. Hey guys, I am completely new to the world of AAS, but I have been planning a first cycle which I'll undertake in a week or two and that consist of tbol only: - 7-8 weeks - 50mg per day - PCT Nova 4 weeks (possibly add a natty booster such as DAA here depending on how I feel) - Liv52, Coenzyme q10, Biotin, Taurine (& possibly potassium or electrolytes for back pumps?) Now just a couple questions: 1) should I gradually up the dose to reach 50mg hence maybe starting at 25mg for the first 1-2 weeks? 2) Can I use stem/stim free pre workouts products or not necessary when on-cycle? 3) General thoughts and advices please on the above? I have thought also of running an Epistane cycle instead and leave AAS for a later date. Many people I spoke to tho advised to leave PH as results don't come close whereas sides do..tho I have researched Epi and it seems a good compound for slow/sustained gains in lean mass which is what I am after. Been lifting seriously 2years, diet etc. Plateaud multiple times but recently managed to put on 2.5kg of muscles. Stats 5.7'' 73.5/74 kg and 26y.o. Never taken AAS or PH, only Animal Stak 2 cans straight just finished and worked well.
  13. Started my first ever cycle yesterday. I'm doing 30 day Nanodrol cycle. Label says 2,17a-methyl-5a-androsta-1-en-17b-ol-3-one (not sure what that means). I'm 31, Irish. 6'1. Currently weight 80kg. I'll measure my arms etc next chance I get. I'll take 0.5ml in morning and 0.5ml in the evening as instructed on the label. In the morning before training with food and evening before food also. The next part I'm mentioning as I had to research how to take it, so for some may sound obvious but for me I didn't now if you were to mix it with water or something, but I read it's best to just put the small tube thing to the back of the tongue and release the 0.5ml and follow down with a drink. So yesterday (26.05.17) I trained bi-cep and chest. At this stage I had only taken 1 dose so obviously no big change in my strength or energy etc. Today I trained legs (3 doses taken at this stage). I didn't go in feeling particularly fired up or anything by I ended up hitting my targets and had good energy. Again, prob too early to see if that's Nanodrol kicking in or just a good day. ...I'll come back with updates as much as possible. I'd like to keep this as kind of diary of the progress. OH......and any ADVICE re PCT (post cycle therapy) would be great as I should order something now to have it on time. I've read bits about Nolvadex and test boosters but still cloudy on the subject.
  14. Hi all, So I was hoping for all the guys who are on the enhanced avenue of lifting, could you give me some insight as to how coming off your 1st (or any other) cycle was? Its my 1st cycle and my last pin tomorrow!! Did the strength loss/loss of some size mess with your head? Did you notice a lethargy for a while after, or any other adverse effects of coming off? I am just super nervous... I have a 6 week PCT at hand of nolva/clom, I was just hoping you guys could share your experiences... cycle length, compounds used, difficulty/length of recovery and PCT used. Thanks for replies in advance :)!
  15. Hi i've just finished my first Test E cycle as outlined by the very detailed article below https://bodymaxing.com/2016/09/14/first-steroid-cycle/ Im planning my next cycle to be Test E and Deca, Can anyone outline what the optimal cycle would look like? Thanks
  16. Hi there, I've been planning on taking my first ever steroid cycle. I've been working out for few years now and I'm currently on the cut.... I have done my research about winstrol but obviously not good enough since this still gets me: I see people saying there is no need to stack winstrol with TEST if winny is taken ORALLY? Could anyone please either back this up or demolish it? Wouldn't Winstrol Oral Only Cycle still ruin my libido levels? Thanks
  17. Hello all, I have decided at the beginning of June I am going to be doing my first cycle. I'm 27 years old, have been training solid for about 5 years. 6'1 and 185lbs, I'm pretty lean at around 11-12% BF (last tested with callipers about a month ago). I'm literally looking for lean gains, nothing drastic, I have friends who have been on 500mg EW + DBOL etc and have just ballooned up and it's been so obvious. I'd be very happy with 10lbs of lean muscle gain, that would be awesome for me. My diet is spot on and I will adjust as needed, 40% Protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat and around 3000-3500 calories, I log all my meals. I've done a lot of research and I feel the following cycle is best suited for me and would appreciate some feedback, good or bad haha: Week 1: Test-E 300mg Week 2: Test-E 300mg Week 3: Test-E 300mg Week 4: Test-E 300mg Week 5: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 6: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 7: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 8: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 9: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 10: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 11: N/a Week 12: N/a Week 13: N/a Week 15/16/17 (PCT): Nolva 40/20/20 & Clomid 100/50/50 I may not necessarily even add the Var in yet. I am only doing 10 weeks rather than 12 as I can't find anywhere that does 12 1ml packs. I will be pinning once per week. Like I said, I am not interest in packing on loads of mass and 'making the most of my first cycle' 'This is too low of a dose' etc. I am not interested in competing and being huge, my aim is to be sub 10% body fat with some nice gain in lean muscle. I play a lot of sports so this will be ideal for me 14 stone and low BF is my target. Plus 300mg is still 4/5 x the natural amount of test produced by the body so I'd like to think you would still see some nice gains. Where I also need help is with the use of an AI, I have been thinking of Arimidex 0.25mg EOD. Will it be best to take this even though the dose of Test is fairly low? I have looked everywhere about PCT and after the last jab of test-e I have read to have nothing and let it leave your system for either 2 or 3 weeks. This will work well for me if I leave it for 3 weeks as I can start this as soon as I am back from holiday. If 2 weeks if better I will just start my cycle a week later in June. I would appreciate some feedback on the doses of the PCT as this is where I read the most conflicting information online. Thanks for reading, hopefully Iv'e shown I've done my research and would appreciate the help.
  18. Hey guys, new on this forum so go easy. I'm planning on a new cycle of test e and tren ace, I've been studying tren for a while now and the general consensus seems to be run tren high and test low just to make sure the old sailor can stand up. 24 years old, 90kg roughly 13% bf. previous cycles of dianabol, test e, sust 250 and deca however this is my first time with tren. I am usually good with side effects, but what should I look out for? Cycle Tren a- 75mg eod (225mg/wk1, 300mg/wk2) repeat. Test e- (75mg tue-Friday) Critique on this please
  19. Entering my first cycle soon(after some planning and research), I have most of my cycle planned out and would like some opinions on it. Firstly the cycle week 1-4: d-bol 20mg Week 1-11: deca 300mg week 1-12: test e 300mg week 1-12: aromadex(based on what I feel I need) week 13-16: clomid (50,50,25,25) : nolvadex (40,40,20,20) I will be following a 2 a day training program that looks kinda like this: day 1: morning: chest,triceps,abs afternoon: legs,calves day 2: morning: back,biceps,calves afternoon: shoulders,abs day 3: off day 4: morning: legs, calves afternoon: chest, triceps, abs day 5: Monring: shoulders, abs afternoon: back, biceps, calves day 6: off day 7: off Diet will be on point as a have a dietitian in my family I know that I can increase the test e as most cycles I have seen the test e usage is more than the deca anyway. Could I increase my test e intake later during the cycle if I feel it is needed to counteract the deca? When working out twice a day would it be better to take dbol 10mg twice a day? or should I just smash 20mg in the morning? This is my first cycle so some criticism is to be expected. Your opinions?
  20. Deloading week

    Hi guys Do u do a deloading week? How often and how do u do it? Thanks (Am not natural btw, so I am wondering if that could be helpful when on cycle)
  21. Hey guys, im new in this forum, i will introduce myself, im 21 years old, been lifting weights since i was 16-17 years old, i have done one winstrol only cycle for a contest when i was 18, then when i was 20, i made a mistake and done another cycle but with Test and Deca for 8 weeks. I train 4-5 days a week, eating every 3 hours. Age: 21 years Height: 175 cm Weight: 85 kg BF: 15% Im looking for a recomp cycle, where i can drop some bf and gain some muscle or at least maintain what i have, i have been thinking in using Tren but i think that Tren at my age is too much, i dont know what do you think. Tren and Test P for 6 weeks? My other idea was using Sustanon and Equipoise for 10-12 weeks with winstrol the last weeks, eating and training for my objective that i know that isnt easy to accomplish. Cheers
  22. Ok. So let me run this down. I'm 25yo male. 5'8. 153 pounds. I want a decent bulking cycle. Nothing crazy but looking up to 10-15 pounds of muscle and strength. What do you guys think? Week 1-10: 500mg Test Enan or Cyp/ .5mg of arimadex every other day for gyno check (I am susceptible to gyno) Week 11-12: HCG amount? To help boost natural Test creation. Week 13-15: 50mg clomid every day sees good? Or needs some work?
  23. Hi everyone. I am currently torn between two cycle options with Sustanon. I have Pharm Grade Sustanon, 24 ampoules at 1 ml each (250mg/ml) I am deciding between two options: Sustanon for 12 weeks at 500mg per week vs 8 weeks at 750mg per week. Which option will be better if the goal is mass gain? It is my first cycle. Thanks
  24. Hi guys, first post and new to this site, I'm looking to start my first jabbing cycle, I have Tmt with 100mg tren 100mg masteron and 225mg test e per ml i also have more test e at 275 per ml + airmadex my intentions are to run it at 1ml of each per week stopping Tmt one week before test, then pcting on clomid. I'm 22 105kg 6ft my question is, is this enough? Should I add/ take away anything? thanks
  25. Hi everyone! I am now doing my 1st week of a test Propionate cycle, with currently planned weekly dosage of 550 mg. The aim of the cycle is to gain as much lean muscle mass/mass/weight as possible. I hav enough Prop for 12 weeks if I run it at 550mg. However, I am really worried about making the gains so am thinking of reducing the cycle length to 7-8 weeks while increasing the dosage of prop to 650-750 per week. Do you think it is better to have a higher dosage shorter cycle vs lower dosage like I planned originally and do the cycle for 12 weeks? this is my 2nd cycle after a long long break from AAS