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Found 34 results

  1. when to bulk

    hey, so i have recently cut down from 32% bodyfat over the last 4 months ish and am now 13.4% obviously i have lost a fair bit of muscle in cutting down and i am eager to get going on a bulk to start building some new muscle i understand that i should bulk till about 20% bodyfat in the future before cutting, but at what bodyfat should i begin my bulk. let me know what you think tom
  2. Hi there. I am looking for some advices or ideas from experienced people please. I am currently on Test E at 500 mg a week and 50 mg of Var. My goal is cutting ad much as I can and keep my gains. Was thinking about adding Masteron in the mix, I used it in the past once. Would it be a nice combo? What sort of dosage/ratio shoould like at? Also how long would you run anavar for? (I am 32 yo )
  3. Hi guys, following my last post about some good clen and reputable labs.... I went ahead and bought some ROHM thermo lipid, just interested if anyone’s got experience using it and if it’s good stuff ? also if anyone’s got knowledge of how to use it, I’ve read 1ml in a shot of fruit juice in the morning on empty stomach? 2 weeks on 2 weeks off ? any advice is well needed and appreciated
  4. Cutting too fast

    Hello i need some advice, i am 19 y old 184 cm height 80.1 kg after 8 weeks of cutting started at 87.5 . Lifiting for about 2 and 1/2 years good nutrition made a lot of muscle good genetics.I am cutting for the first time so i need some help i lost aroynd 7-8 kgs in 8 weeks i think maybe thats to much in a short time i i am around 13%-14% bodyfat want to get 9 % . Losing about 1kg per week 2000 calories per day with a lot of cardio(fast walking 8-10 kms per day almost every day 6 out of 7 maybe on a week) .I dont know should i push 4-5 kg down in like 4-5 weeks till i hit that 9 % bodyfat or should i refeed for a few days , i am feeling a little tired for last 20 days but its not that hard, also i am not starving that much have energy for the hard workouts doing push/pull/legs split 6 times a week. Give me some advice.Thanks!
  5. My plan during quarantine is to cut by doing HIT training at home, but I don’t want to lose the muscle mass I already gained in muscle arms. How do I cut but still gain muscle? Height: 6’0” Weight : 170lbs Body fat: 14.9% BMR: 1791 kcal
  6. Hi guys - hope everyone is staying safe and well, Looking for some advice, been on a cut for around 3 months now - started out at around 172 pounds at the end of my bulk and around 17% body fat. I am now at 159 pounds and I would estimate around 13% body fat? (see pic below). Just wondering should I continue to cut or start a lean bulk? Ideally I wanted to get to around the 10% body fat range but I feel that my weight would have to go quite low for that. Any help would be great - I am 5ft 9 in height. Cheers,
  7. Weight loss ground to a halt...

    Hi all, Been reading this forum now for a while but only just registered to post. Quite a long post below, in summary it outlines my weight loss since October 2019, and asks the question what I'm now doing wrong, since the fat loss has stopped. Read on if you have experienced this and can offer any advice or critique to my progess... I started dieting in October 2019, I was: 110kg @ 34% bf, 72kg lean, 38kg fat. Today I am 104kg @ 26% bf, 78kg lean, 26kg fat So I've lost 12kg of fat and built 6kg of muscle, ish. I'm 5'11". I'm eating a minimum of 225g protein and 70g fat a day, the rest of the calories come from mostly fats and protein, I keep carbs down to mainly veg and some fruit to a calorie goal of 2200 a day, if I go over this, in the evening I go for a walk before bed with a calorie burn (using a fitbit) of slightly above the excess, for example, if I'm 200 calories over for the day, I'll walk until I've burnt 300 off, so I'm almost bang on my 2200 goal. However, my progress has now stopped, I've been on 25-26% bf for the last 4-5 week's, I'm finding 2200 calories a struggle, I don't think I can drop them anymore and stick to it. I have tried clenbuterol and sibutramine in the past but I didn't notice any significant change. I lift x3 times a week Workout A: SQ, BP, BOR, CGBP, 5x5. Workout B: SQ, SP, DL, BCs, 5x5. I take a days rest between each, and alternate. My goal is to get to 15% bf, I've never seen my abs, and I don't expect to at 15%, I was planning on trying to bulk of I got down to that, then having another cutting period to maybe get down to sub 15% and maybe see my abs. Any ideas on why the fast loss has stopped? Any ideas what I can do to get it going again?
  8. So for some context I lost a s**t load of weight a while back and have been trying lately to put it back on in muscle. But with all that shredded weight I got some loose skin and a few stretch marks but that’s not my issue. When I sit down, I get rolls and I’ll try to include the pics of them here. And the ones that run across my stomach I’m okay with simply because they look healthy imo. But there’s this great big one that hangs over my trousers that I despise. I’m at an impasse as to how to deal with it simply because I get told on one hand that I don’t have any muscle and thus my skin and fat just slumps there but on the other I think it is fat and that it needs cutting. its the same deal with my abs. I can see a rough outline on a good day but most of the time it’s flat or bloated (I was initially bulking but as of writing this, I’m having second thoughts). some advice would be much appreciated standing up, you can see the stretch marks but I’d say for little or no muscle, looks normal.sat down, it just turns to s**t. It doesn’t look as bad when I am wearing no trousers but just the idea of it makes me think I need to cut.
  9. Hi all, New to the forum, enjoying reading all the helpful information within the site. Have recently ran my first bulking cycle (finished January) which consisted of Test E 600mg, Anadrol 50mg and Dbol 50mg. Gains were pretty good, let my diet slip (eat whatever, whenever) so fat gain was more than wished for. I am now nearing 1 month into my cutting cycle, which at the moment consists of Test E 300mg Tren E 320mg - I plan to run cycle for another 3 months maybe increase tren deeper into cycle Anavar will be added into stack as and when needed (preferably the last 6-8 weeks) but please recommend changes if there would be any benefit adding it sooner e.g. more muscle gains whilst cutting. I'm also open to adding more only if/when needed. As for AI's etc I will be currently running .5mg Arimidex a week (had Low e2 so come off for 2 weeks - was running 1mg a week) with Caber and Nolvadex on hand Age: 21 Height: 174cm Current Weight: 102.5kg Current Macros: 3450kcal (275p 400c 60f) - rough estimate Body fat: 15%-18%? Looking to get to atleast 10% hopefully whilst maintaining possible gaining muscle.
  10. Hi. About 2 years ago I purchased some tablets that were non steroid but acted as a steroid with steady muscle gain and fat cutting qualities. They really did help. Amazing results. Obviously I still had to work hard in the gym. I stopped taking them because of the only negative side effect which was however long I had sex for I could not cum. After stopping them it went back to normal within a week or so. I need a short course of them again to get in better shape for my wedding but cannot for the life of me remember what they were called. All I can remember is that they were a 2 or 3 letters followed by a couple of numbers. please help.
  11. Advice please

    Hi, I'm new to the phases 'cutting' and bulking'. So I just need some advice. A bit about my past in the gym. I started out boxing around 6 years ago where I when from 12 stone to 10 stone. I stopped boxing around 4 years ago and went onto circuit training. I've gone up to 11 stone or above since then. my strength has defiantly improved! And I have noticed my legs, arms and back have become more solid. I was under the belief that eating 1300-1500 calories a day, really low carbs would help me get the desired shredded look (not working). So I've been doing some research and found out about 'cutting' and 'bulking'. So I did this formula to workout what my calories/Marcos should be to cut efficiently without losing to much muscle: Calories needed = (166×12) = 1,992 Protein = 166 x 1 = 166g Fat = 166 x 0.4 = 66g Protein and fat calories = (166 x 4) + (66 x 9) = 1,258 Carbs = (1,992 – 1,258) ÷ 4 = 183g Daily Macros = 166g protein, 66g fat, 183g carbs, 1992 calories. Training plan: Monday - Arms + Cardio Tuesday - Back + cardio Wednesday - Active rest (dog walk) Thursday -Shoulders and chest + cardio Friday - Legs Saturday - Compound lifts + HIIT cardio Sunday - Rest (focusing on progressive overload with good form. keep weight heavy, 10-12 reps for 3-4 sets) Body stats: Age - 24 Female Weight - 166kg 5 foot 6 Around 22-25% body fat I'd say, but can't be 100% certain. Any advice or tips would be appreciate thanks!
  12. Hello, It's obvious when someone isn't very defined. Though, how do I discern whether someone is carrying excess fat or water? How does sub dermal fat tissue look different than sub dermal water? Also, what does it look like when someone is carrying both excess fat and water? Thanks.
  13. First time cutting advice

    Hi, I started cutting with a very clean nutrition plan since the end of February. My starting weight was 75.4kg, I am 38 and height is 5'7. The inbody anaylsis machine said my body fat on day one was 21%. A few months later I now weigh 61.3kg, I've kept a good nutrition plan, being in a deficit however I still have no visible abs. My most recent body fat test number was 8.9%, i know these tests are never reliable and I accept that figure is very very off. An estimate for me would be around 14-16%. To give a general idea of that kind of lifts I am on currently, I can bench 55-60kg for 5 reps, 60kg squats 5 reps, 60-70kg deadlifts ( can't recall exact figure) and 100g on rack pulls. My primary goal when I started was fat loss, having a tight belly with no obvious excessive fat, and if I ever got abs it would be a bonus. With all the hard work I've been doing I would really like to see some abs, however my concern is I am just going to look skinny if I drop below 60kg. My options seem to be, keep dropping weight and body fat until abs are visible, or stop cutting at 60kg and go on a clean bulk. I am interested in other peoples experiences who have been in a similar situation.
  14. Cutting / Deficit

    Hey Firstly thank you for taking the time to read my post. New member and looking for some advice. Starting weight (like 4 years ago) was 225lbs, lowest weight around 2 years ago was 175lbs. I'm currently sitting at 190lbs but with a lot more muscle and much stronger. I'm 5'6 (male) and have been eating 1900 - 2100 calories a day. I train 3 - 5x a week (bagwork/boxing, weight lifting, functional fitness like 100kg tyre flips and sled pulls and usually do 7 - 10 mile on a mountain bike 1x a week for added cardio....If I can't get into the gym I do home workouts bodyweight exercises, barbell stuff, kettlebells etc. (I have an office job but sales so I do walk a fair bit so my NEAT is average) My issue is I seem to fluctuate between 18% to 20% bodyfat and just can't seem to get it any lower. If I drop my calories below 1900 I end up feeling exhausted and training/work/energy suffers....Currently doing around 110g - 130g protein - 200g carb and 50g fats give or take according to myfitnesspal. What can I do to drop more of this fat?!? I feel like I look fairly decent and it's going REAL slowly off my belly and other areas but barely noticeable. Do I need to bite the bullet and drop my calories to like 1500 and just get through it? Thank you in advance for any replies, I really appreciate it....This is a difficult journey sometimes!
  15. Hey everyone, My title is probably a bit confusing; here's what I mean. I've always heard that if you engage in physical activity that induces a heart rate somewhere between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate, those calories being burned will come almost exclusively from fat. So, if you choose to run in order to lose weight, for example, you'd either walk at a heavy pace or jog at light pace as opposed to sprinting or running at full steam. I've also always heard that if you engage in physical activity that induces a heart rate above that 60 - 70% range, especially if that activity is especially intense, those calories burned will come mostly from carbohydrates. For this sort of carbohydrate heavy activity, weight training comes to mind as well as sprinting / intense jogging. But, here is my question: If you're trying to lose weight, all you care about is calories in minus calories out. If that number is negative, you lose weight; if that number is positive, you gain weight. So, then, why does it matter how you burn those "calories out" calories? Here's a more concrete question to demonstrate my inquiry: Other than the obvious difference in time duration, what's the difference between speed walking for an hour at 65% MHR burning 500 calories in the process, and heavily sprinting for 20 minutes at 85% MHR also burning 500 calories in the process? I mean 500 calories burned is 500 calories burned, right? Or, am I missing something? Thanks.
  16. Best time to take Yohimbine HCL?

    Looking at getting some Yohimbine HCL from ebay, I train late afternoon so do not want to take it PWO incase it gives me issues with sleeping. They have JBsupplements @ 5mg men talk health (sic) @ 10mg Apollo's @5mg Just wondering which ones you guys would recommend and when to take? Want to give it a try to get rid of the last bit of stubourn fat on my midsection. If it does not work no big deal as it is cheap.
  17. 2ND EVER CYLE DONT HATE PLEASE Hi guys needing some urgent help.... Im currently wanting to blast a quick 3-4 week cycle before i go to Florida with the family to cut up as much as possible, now my supplier says to run : 50mg of anavar e/day 50mg of winstrol e/day 250mg of Test E/ x1 a week Anastrozole/1 tab every other day - to obviously combat bitch tits I wanted your guys thoughts because i was initially going to go with the : 50mg anavar e/day 50mg winstrol e/day because i didn't think 3-4 weeks of this cycle would be long enough to cut natural test production ?? obviously ill be taking proper liver support and joint support for the winstrol But i just wanted your guys advice on what will be safer and best route and what PCT to use if i stick with my initial thought out cycle CHEERS
  18. I am a 21 year old Female. My body type is a Mesomorph and I weight 52 kilograms, my height is 5.3. I've been training 5-6 days a week and on some days i train different muscle groups twice a day. I'm on a calorie deflict which is 1.490 and my macro ratio is 40/40/20 and i've been trying to cut and lose some excess body fat and tone up a little more, although lately I feel like my nutrition and diet could be improved or better. I've also heard that some people see better results on a high protein high fat and low carb diet. Any suggestions and tips?
  19. Hi Guys, currently on a cutting cycle using elixir Lipid 275. I am on the currently dosage per week: which is split between 3 injections. test prop 450mg tren ace 450mg drost prop 112.5mg do you think this is a suitable dosage or should i increase?
  20. Hi guys. I have signed up to the forum as I want to be transparent and share a five week transformation attempt with the fitness community which involves the use of both dnp and trenbolone acetate. My reasons for doing this is because there seems to be a lack of start to finish forums of this nature. Also I have not been training or eating well for the past 2+ months for reasons I will discuss below. I rather suddenly decided I need to go abroad so am flying out to Thailand on Wednesday 27th March which is why I have given myself such a small time-frame. I will post picture updates every week or so and will post a final picture before I leave to show total transformation. I am happy for you guys to ask me any questions which I will be totally transparent about. I am currently the definition of skinny fat so am intrigued to see with the reintroduction of both training and a caloric deficit as well as introducing anabolics and fat burners, whether or not I can get in beach body shape in 5 weeks. In post below I will share my starting photos of a front shot and a back shot. The about me section below is supposed to bring some context as to my background with training, but it may be a boring read so feel free to skip it if uninterested. Also I apologise for my terrible writing skills! About Me I have been training for 4 and a half years with the goal of bulking up and getting stronger. I believe this stemmed from being told I was skinny and weak throughout my life and I had always had very low self confidence. I started at a bodyweight of 71kg and would estimate I was 15-18% bodyfat. After a year and a half of training I (in hindsight foolishly) started taking anabolics. Over the next 3 years I focused on getting larger and stronger and my weight peaked at 103kg. When I first started training I couldn't deadlift 100kg, fast forward 4 or so years and I was deadlifting 220 for 8 reps. I thought that training, protein and steroids were the best things in my life and it was safe to say i was addicted. Despite this I still had a lot of self confidence, depression and anxiety issues which I hadn't addressed and wasn't even particularly aware of. I would go through phases of binge eating which i since have learned is a coping mechanism for me when I'm struggling mentally. With bodybuilding though I would justify it by telling myself the excess garbage calories were helping me to build muscle. I definitely limited my progress by bulking too aggressively using cereals and other comfort foods. Last Summer I had a dramatic change in my life and lost the feelings of depression, emotional emptiness and anxiety that I had carried throughout my entire life. I realised that I had built my identity on being a strong muscular guy and that it was unhealthy for me to be so attached to this identity. So I took a step back from high food intakes, intense training and using steroids. The result was that I actually broke through a plateau and got stronger with better form, leaner and overall just felt better. The last cycle I ran was 200mg of test e and 400mg of mast e which concluded in November (I will attach photos below). In December I had one significant life stress and multiple smaller ones and I fell back into a hole of depression. I began binge eating again and lost all motivation, interest and desire to go to the gym. I told myself I would jump on the new year bandwagon. So I forced myself start training again in January and within the first handful of sessions back I strained my lat (which at the time I was adamant was torn) and tore a rotator cuff. So in response to this I increased my binge eating and stopped training. I began to ask myself how I felt so good last year and what was different from then and now. I realised that last year I was practicing meditation daily, was kind to everybody I met, was eating healthily and training purely for the enjoyment of it. So I began to feel good again and decided not to rush back into training until my injuries felt better. After booking this holiday I have the desire and motivation to see if I can get in shape in time for my trip, but if I can't I know that I am ok with that. After I get back I plan n backing off my training to 2-3 days a week and pursuing another sport such as MMA or playing football again if my work commitments can allow me to play Saturdays.
  21. Cravings Whilst Cutting

    just wondering what helps each one of you when you start to get cravings on a cut? mine tends to be pepsi max at the moment
  22. okay so im currently sitting at around 16% body fat i would say top abs are coming through slowly. is it possible for me to reach 10-12% Bf have visible abs in 8 weeks time? this is when i hit dubai so i want to look good. im in a 750-1000cal deficit per day with cardio and weight training 5 x per week. my diets in check have one cheat meal on a Saturday evening, keeping protein at 200+ g per day heres a little about my stats:age 22 height 190cm weight 94.8kg Bf 16% roughly waist 34" thigh 24" calf 16" chest 42" bicep 17" i am running the following cycle: test prop 150mg EOD tren ace 100 EOD drost prop 75mg Eod t3 75 mcg ED anavar 90mg ED any guidance and advice appreciated
  23. Hello, In your opinion, what's the single best compound for cutting and why? I know that you can cut or bulk on any compound as getting lean / gaining weight is more a function of diet than anything else. Though, obviously, compounds tend to strongly lend themselves to one over the other by virtue of their unique characteristics. The compounds that fall into the leaning / cutting category seem to be: stanozolol (Winny), oxandrolone (Anavar), drostanolone (Masteron), metenolone (Primobolan), mesterolone (Proviron), and trenbolone. So, if you could only choose one compound to add to a Testosterone base for getting lean, which would you choose and why? Thanks.
  24. okay so here are my current stats: heres a little about my stats:age 22 height 190cm weight 94.8kg roughly 16% body fat i have attached photo of my current conditionwaist 34" thigh 24" calf 16" chest 42" bicep 17" i am running the following: test prop 150mg EOD tren ace 100 EOD drost prop 75mg Eod t3 75 mcg ED anavar 90mg ED diet is in a 1000 cal deficit with around 200g of protein a day i was going to plan on running clen but i cant handle the shakes on them. 8 weeks from now i go dubai i hope to be between 10-12% BF is this achievable? i store the majority of fat around the abs. this isnt my first cycle dont worry ive got 4 previous cycles under my belt.
  25. Hi all, I’m relatively new to bulking and don’t know where to start. Looking at my goals I should be eating around 3,000 calories a day and around 200g of protine. I’d be very greatful if anyone can help me with the below questions. 1. Do I eat 3,000 calories a day even though I’m training 3/4 days a week? Or do I cut on the days I’m not training (All lifting) 2. How long do you bulk for? And when is a good time to start cutting. 3. To help boost calories and protein should I have a pre and post workout shake? thanks!