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Found 2 results

  1. Hi every one. I'm on the 4st week of 250 mg testosterone. This is my second cycle and I'm cutting, that why I'm using that low dose to only maintain muscle and help with strength. The weight is decreasing at a good rate. I inject 125 mg testosterone on Monday and Thursday. Last week the injections were on Tuesday and Friday, on Saturday I donated the blood and today (Monday) I made a blood work. The results are: total testosterone: 6.28 ng/ml 17 beta estradiol sensitive 16.8 pg/ml. I did not expect that low testosterone level like natural range. What is happening? The testosterone is "Galenika testosteron depo" from a well know source on this board that at the moment is no more active and every one considered reliable. The first week on cycle was the fist week I did not progress on losing weight (the cutting was already going on) so that made me feel the testosterone is authentic. Also the Arimidex I'm using is pharma gear "Anastrazole accord" , the first week I was using 0.5 mg E2D and then I used 0.75 mg E2D. Based on "Steroid Calc" three day after the injection there is like the 60% of the peak of testosterone so this plus the donation blood maybe put my peak at about 10-11 ng/ml. Do you think this reasoning may be correct? If so, a peak level of 10 ng/ml may be reasonable even if I expected the double of this level. What do you think about? Is that normal? Am I a poor responder? I will immediately double the dose to 500 mg / week, keep the arimidex at 0.75 mg E2D (and up it to 0.5 mg ED only if I feel the need). Also I'm using 50 mcg T3 every day (Dimension Labs) and soon I will start 50 mg Anavar / day. All the other parameters on the blood test are perfect. Every comment, opinion and advice is well accepted.
  2. I am planning for my upcoming cutting cycle. Should start it this week. my current state : 110kg, 180cm 35yrs Male 24% BF , Pre-diabetic, TRT and T3 12.5 for life. NO Need to PCT !. my cycle plan is the following, please feel free to correct/recommend any changes: Week 1 - 12 : Testosterone E 250mg E3D Week 1 - 12: EQ 250mg E3D Week 5 - 12: Winstrol IM 50mg ED Aromasin 12.5 EoD my supplements, feel free to correct/recommend any changes : 6:00 AM ( empty stomach, no food or coffee for the next 2-3 hours ) : Cytomel 12.5 ALA 600. around 11:30 AM (after a meal ) calcium citrate 500 magnesium oxide 400 COQ 10 400 NAC 600 Centrum Silver 5-HTP 100 milk thistle 1000 Vitamin K1 (Life Extension Super K Vitamin K2 K1 K4 K7) Liv52 2 tabs Glucophage XR 1g Taurine 1000mg around 9:00 PM ( last meal and 1-hour pre-bedtime) Liv52 2 tabs Glucophage XR 1g 5-HTP 100 milk thistle 1000 NAC 600 Aspir 81 Crestor (rosuvastatin) Taurine 1000mg also, I bought some supplements but I am not sure how to use them properly would be great if somebody can tell me how to use them effectively "From personal experience not copy paste from the internet." Gold standard whey BCAA CLA Creatine Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy " as pre-workout" also is it okay to keep my HCG 150ui eod while doing the cycle or I have to stop it until I finished with it and back to TRT protocol? My diet would be 1k defecate moderate carbs " based on TTDEE Calculator. please feel free to recommend / correct / whatever you see fit. Cheers