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  1. General Conversation
    I am new to this forum... I am collecting research for my start up brand and would appreciate some genuine response from Male Bodybuilders who have previously competed, or who are considering it for the future. Feel free to share the link among other male bodybuilders. Feel free to also check...
  2. Welcome Lounge
    Hey guys! The names James and I've decided to set myself a goal to try and compete in just one show in 2021. It may seem ridiculous to some people but it's something I really want to do. I may not place, I may even come last but I just want to experience one show after giving it my all and...
  3. Bodybuilding Shows
    Hello! Can I have some advice please? I'm thinking I'd quite like to compete at some point, but I'm a little unsure of where to start, and I'd like to talk genetics! I know that the general gist is that you should start in the Bikini category, however, I don't think I stand a chance for a...
  4. Bodybuilding Shows
    Hi! This is not my content nor my prep, but someone's who I've been following on the social media. Testotimo is a 24-year-old finnish bodybuilder who is prepping for his first competition, the Iron Rebel Show, which takes place in Denmark in roughly four weeks. Testotimo has started a new...
  5. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hey Gang So I competed in September 17 and got down to an indicated 5% bf on my electrical impedance scales; really happy with my condition generally for my first show and competed as a natural at middleweight (<80kg). However, this is a bit on the light side for me @ 5'11" and I want to move...
  6. Natural Bodybuilding
    Hi Everyone, Firstly thanks for viewing the thread and secondly I need your help. I'm a final year nutrition student based in Liverpool, England at John Moores University. And for my final year project I'm investigating the ways that bodybuilders, physique, classic, fitness competitors etc...
  7. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Evening Folks Sooooo.... I have my first competition this coming Sunday. I'm as excited as I am nervous. Anybody got any good tips / fun stories etc about their first competition etc? Would be awesome and helpful to hear back some things
  8. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi, I am doing my first ever competition in just over 9 weeks - from the 8 week mark i am thinking of doing a small cycle to shift the final % of fat and maintain muscle mass so i do not go in to comp looking flat - does anyone have any suggested cycles I can run ? . Also, at what point should...
  9. Competitive Journals
    Hi Everybody, Been a few years since I've posted on here and in fact on any bodybuilding forum. So firstly welcome to my thread which I hope you find is a useful insight into contest prep. This will be my first ever Mr Universe competition so I am hugely excited and motivated for the event...
  10. Female Bodybuilding
    I'm 17 weeks out for a comp. I'm 135. 16% body fat. Should I wait 8 more weeks to take it and should I quit my creatine if I start it?
  11. Bodybuilding Shows
    Has anyone got a spare ticket for the Miami Pro World Championships at St Albans arena on Sunday 17 April? It's my girlfriends first show and the tickets sold out so quick! Any help would be appriciated!
  12. Losing Weight
    Hey, I would like to share with you my 32 Week Body Transformation. I began my cut with 92 kg, lost 0.5 kg / week for 32 weeks and ended it with 76 kg. I took pictures in my home photo studio every day with the same lightning and in the same pose and made a video out of it! I am not a fan of...
  13. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hi guys. I have a show coming up in about two weeks. This time round I was contemplating using insulin to carb up on the day of the contest and the day preceding it (if it turns out to be a big enough benefit, that is). I know the likes of Phil Heath use this strategy for the Olympia...
  14. General Conversation
    Can anyone givbe me some info on untested competitions in the south of England so far I have found the Nabba but that is it as most imply or state openly they are tested, is Nabba the only way to go? Thanks
  15. Member Journals
    Hi guys! I've been meaning to come on here for a while now and start a training log. I thought it would be a great place to do one as everyone seems to be friendly, helpful and also positive with there honest feedback. I cant promise to update this everyday or regularly put pics up but i will...
  16. Bodybuilding Shows
    Please note the following changes made recently to the NABBA competition calendar for 2010: South Area: 10th April (also note change of venue to Petersfield and separate pre-judging + evening show) North Area: 23rd May Allsports Novice Finals: 21st November Full details are on the NABBA...
  17. Advanced Bodybuilding
    a question for all you competitive bodybuilders, how often do you spend posing & do you practice in the off-season??? while here what is your favourite pose & how did it feel the first time you stepped on stage?
  18. General Conversation
    My wife has entered a competition for Next. If you get chance could you follow the link below and vote for her. Her name is Nikki Cook. Next | Facebook Thanks alot.
  19. Losing Weight
    A buddy of mine just gave me (25) 50mg d-bol tabs. I have an armwrestling competition coming up in 6wks.... I really want to use it to build a little strength, but I'm worried about cutting the weight. I usually cut about 10lbs before the weighin. I needed a little advice on the situation. (if...
1-19 of 25 Results