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Found 13 results

  1. Did anybody compared his sexual lebido and erection, the free testosterone levels, ejaculation time and all the sexual functions before starting any cycle and after running a cycle??!! Because I feel it doesn’t really make sense to me to say you will have a full recovery from abusing steroids I feel it is like hearimg someone says you will have a full recovery after an injury after receiving some health care!! There will be absolutely some scars left on your skin. So the quastion in simple words: What is the ratio of your genitals functions after running the pct to how they were before abusing anything. 1:1exactly the same 0:1 lost your genitals completely
  2. Hey, This first post will be a bit lengthy, an opportunity to spew all of my thoughts onto paper (sort of). To cut to the chase - I've been using Testosterone Enanthate from the age of 19 to 27, along the way I've added in various compounds (dbol, tren, anavar), for the last 3 years I've been running on about 4-500mg/test e/week solely. Do I compete? Absolutely not. Would you look at me and be impressed? Absolutely not. As a gym rat you'd know I probably use gear, but to the general public I'm just someone who has too many protein shakes. I've been wanting to come off test for years, but a crazy work schedule, a horribly vain persona and the fear of the unknown has held me back. BUT that's now changing. To amplify matters - I have never had blood work taken, never run a PCT (or did once when I was 20 and then went back on gear 6 weeks later), and never run HCG. Fantastic concoction of fuckery, right? I've searched forums for bellends in a similar position to me but have found very few - I'm hoping this running diary of my recovery (if any) will serve as a good stop for others who have been equally wreckless with their bodies. Some current stats 5'9 85kg 14% bf Bench 140kg, squat 190kg Any questions fire through, my last jab was 3 weeks ago, clomid and nolva was started yesterday at 25mg/40mg respectively. I plan to run the clomid for 4-6 weeks, the nolva for 6-8 with the dose dropping to 20mg after 2 weeks. I will be getting a basic testosterone blood test completed next week with a full hormone check at the end of July. I'll keep you posted. Alex
  3. I'm trying to find the latest scientific research on PCT and I found a very interesting guide. Where are the science buffs like Ausbuilt on these boards? I wanted to get some coaching off him @Russian_88 have you had any luck? I found some links that advocate one SERM  only and instead of the double dose for the first two weeks going to a week PCT. it's saying a 6-8 week PCT of a constant dosage is better for sides. According to this which contains lots of research, the old Nolva & Clomid combo looks outdated and it's better to do one. Especially Michael Scally's Power PCT. Any thoughts?
  4. Danabol cycle

    Hello, I am doing gym from around 1 year. Was a fatty guy with weight around 90 kgs. Reduced to 72 kgs now. Planning to start danabol cycle. But have little gyno. Can you suggest any cycle. Should i take tamoxifen ( nolvadex) on cycle or clomid on cycle.. And what to take for PCT. Plss suggest dosage.
  5. Hello Everybody, this is my first post here. I am coming to the end of my 16 week cycle. Yes, this was my first cycle and it was a bit intense for my first one but I have had nothing but positive results from it. The main question will be posed at the bottom of the post but I will be sharing an overview of my stats and cycle above it. - Stats - Age: 22 Height: 5'8 Starting Weight: 171lbs or 77.5kg Ending Weight: 188lbs or 85kg Body Fat: 8-10% Training for: 7.5 Years - Cycle - Test E: 375mg/wk (Weeks 1-16) Anavar: 70mg/ED (Weeks 1-8) Deca: 300mg/wk (Weeks 6-14) Tren A: 225mg/wk (Weeks 8-15) Adex: 1mg/wk (Weeks 1-16) Cabergoline: .5mg/wk (Weeks 8-16) Through the process of this cycle I gained lean body mass and decreased bodyfat while focusing on strength in compound movements (5x5) followed with accessory movements for size. I only went for max attempts once on Deadlifts and Squats which were both 455lbs or 206kg. I am already genetically gifted so I started this cycle with accusations of being on gear before hand so I decided I might as well make it true. I am much more dry, hard, and vascular coming to the end of this cycle. I had absolutely 0 side effects from all of the compounds I used aside from holding a little water on deca. My sex drive went up a bit but nothing crazy and definitely did not go down. My last injection is in 2 weeks. My PCT is on the way. -PCT- Clomid: 50/50/25/25 (Weeks 18-22) (Will probably start with 150mg first few days) Nolva: 40/40/20/20 (Weeks 18-22) I do not have HCG (Not available to me) I want to make sure my sex drive is safe coming off and i know deca can have long lasting effects even after stopping usage sooooo Should I continue cabergoline at .25mg/wk during PCT?
  6. Is PCT a lie?

    Guys this is just my thoughts and I know other people will have different experiences. i am 24 years old, I have done done a few light cycles (4) of test with an oral, no 19-nor’s, I avoid them, not the look I’m looking for and don’t believe it’s worth the sides. usually I keep my cycle between 6-10 weeks max, the first two times I did a pct nolvadex and clomid this was after my first cycle, being inexperienced I believed everything I read on the internet, pct is crucial bla bla bla, I seemed to recover very well, and felt absolutely no sides from clomid 50mg Ed for 2 weeks, second cycle is where I had some problems, I took clomid 50mg for one week and my vision became blurry and I just felt terrible, not depressed, but unsmaculine, I couldn’t see right , put me off going to the gym, and no libido,not cool, so I stopped after about 9 days, the blurry vision lasted at least 8 weeks after I stopped taking it, next cycle I finished off with some nolvadex, again terrible sides, anxiety, depression, lethargy ,hair loss, blurred vision and killed my libido,nightmares, felt I was going schizophrenic, I stopped and recovered fine and libido came back, now my last cycle was four weeks, test prop, good gains, I did just one nolavdex and trib , zinc eat high fats,lots of rest, olive oil, etc recovers the best of all my cycles libido was back within 7 days, gains have stayed with me for coming up to now 8 weeks, so my belief is that PCT is a scam made by the sellers of these products. It only makes you feel worse, best thing is control your estrogen on cycle, you won’t get gyno after, The depression is not down to low test but instead down to how you feel about something in your life and the serms, second who needs test in the 900-1000’s when not on cycle? It’s important to remember, an unnatural amount of muscles in not going to stay, no matter what, id say you can keep max 10kg, so as long as it is not rock bottom, you can achieve a erection , have self confidence and fertility then you are a real man .
  7. Hi guys, i ran a 16 week course test P 1ML EOD, ran 250 iu hcg 2x per week throughout and stopped the hcg 10 days prior to PCT start, stopped test 3 days before PCT start as its prop. I was also using primo weeks 1-12 and proviron for the last 6 weeks for the course. I ran an AI aromasin throughout the cycle too very low dose as I’m very sensitive to it. I’m 21 days into my PCT today and was planning on running a 6 week PCT, first and second week clomid 100mg ED with 20mg nolva, weeks 3-6 50mg clomid with 20mg nolva. its my third course and I’ve never experienced sides like this before, I feel anxious, depressed, extremely low libido, foggy head, can’t concentrate and I’m having bad mood swings, I’m not sure if it’s in my head but my boys don’t look the size they used too, extremely worried and would appreciate some advice on what to do next, was thinking maybe I needed more HCG to kick start? Or go back on proviron, again any advice is massively appreciated guys.
  8. Hi, So, my Anavar only cycle is complete, and I'm planning my first real cycle: Test E 500 mg/week for 12 weeks. I'm following the uk-muscle protocols listed here and here. I think the responsible thing to do is to obtain the ancillaries before obtaining the gear. I'll be obtaining my ancillaries from the same source that I'll be obtaining my gear, Pharmacom. Pharmacom offers most of the ancillary compounds I'll need. However, does anyone know of a way to test ancillaries e.g. SERMs, AIs, HCG at home the same way you can test gear at home with a colorimetric test? I figure the best situation is one where both my gear and ancillaries are real. If the both are fake of if the gear is fake and ancillaries are real, that would be less than desirable, but tolerable. Though, the worst situation would be one where the gear is real but ancillaries are fake. In that case, I would be setting my endocrine system up to be dropped off a cliff. I want to make sure that my ancillaries are legitimate. Any thoughts on at-home tests for ancillaries?
  9. Hi, I’m new here and in need of advice. Currently I am on Clomid treatment (I think the doc meant it to be a Clomid trial to see if he can restart my T production). I am 37, currently 84 kg, 176 cm. For the past ten years I’ve been experiencing varying levels of fatigue, generally increasing. No morning wood, or very rare (sth like 1 in 2 weeks) with very short periods of it happening more often (difficult to say what influenced it – tried tracking it). My libido has also decreased significantly and became very low. Since starting Clomid it’s become non existent. A few years ago hair on my hands and legs decreased. (I never had coarse bodyhair I see other guys have but I definitely had more hair.) Around that time my testicles also kind of shrunk. And my semen volume decreased and it got more see-thru. Since then my testicles got a bit bigger but that’s about it. Semen colour got whiter on Clomid but not more volume. I feel tired and sleepy a lot of the time and have much less energy than other men I know my age. I just try to survive each day. The first labs I had taken a few years ago showed total testosterone of about 420 ng/dl (range 249 – 836) free testosterone was 8,3 pg/ml (range 8,8 – 38,8) – below range I felt bad then but doc said I was fine. Also got my thyroid tested and tried dialing that in in hopes of getting more energy. But nope. (I have a slightly underactive thyroid and diagnosis of Hashimoto’s. Doctor started treating me with T4 only medication (it’s called Letrox) almost 2 years ago. I read of conversion issues and guys restoring their T levels and energy when on thyroid medication. Nothing like this happened and doc tried raising the dosage and even got me on a T4+T3 medication a few months back. Upping doses and changing to T4+T3 made me only get some hyper symptoms and almost undetectable TSH with fT3 above range but didn’t make me feel better. Since then I am back to T4 only medication as it seems my body converts well and I don’t need the extra T3. The only change I noticed after starting thyroid treatment is that my memory got a bit better.) Since then I tried dieting under dietician’s and personal trainer’s supervision, generally eat a cleaner diet, practically don’t eat gluten and dairy (am lactose-intolerant), work out with a personal trainer a couple times a week, supplement vit D and zinc and selenium. Plus varying supplements depending on trainer’s advice. Those changes made my TT rise a bit but it varies within 480 – 590 ng/dl after these changes. It didn’t make me feel much difference in my energy levels or libido. There were a few bursts of energy I got shortly after training sometimes and that made me think it could still be sth to do with free T maybe. Finally when the thyroid doc said nothing more can be done about thyroid I tried another doc who suggested taking Clomid cause my body might need more testosterone than I was then producing. Doctor suggested that my SHBG is high for my age but that not much can be done about that and that it influences my free T. My labs before taking Clomid were (May 18th 2018): FSH 2.34 mIU/ml (1.5 -12.4) N LH 2.28 mIU/ml (1.7 – 8.6) N TT 596.8 ng/dl (249 – 836) N FT 17.21 pg/ml (1 – 28.28) N Estradiol 15.2 pg/ml (11.3 – 43.2) N Prolactin 10.1 ng/ml (4.04 -15.2) N SHBG 44 nmol/l (18.3 – 54.1) N PSA 0.971 ng/ml (0 – 4) N Total cholesterol 224 mg/dl (115 – 190) H Cholesterol HDL 44 mg/dl (>40) N Cholesterol non-HDL 180 mg/dl Cholesterol LDL 140.2 mg/dl (0 – 130)H Triglicerides 199 mg/d ( 0 – 150)H Cortisol 18.9 µg/dl (7:00 - 10:00am – 6.2 – 19.4 µg/dl) Vit D25 37 90 ng/ml (30 – 50 optimal) I also tested insulin and glucose levels (July 5th 2018): Glucose tolerance test (75 g) Fasting glucose 85 mg/dl (70 – 99) Glucose after 1 h 185 mg/dl Glucose after 2 h 141 mg/dl Insulin after giving glucose (75 g glucose 0,1,2) Insulin before glucose 11.9 µIU/ml (2,6 - 24,9) Insulin after glucose (pkt 1) 125 µIU/ml Insulin after glucose (pkt 2) 101 µIU/ml I was suggested this indicates insulin resistance and I’ve cut out sweets since then. I do have cravings for sweets. I waited a bit since May and started taking Clomid in early July cause the doc told me to switch from T4+T3 (Novothyral) medication and I felt horribly tired switching and didn’t want to change two things at the same time so waited until things somehow normalised and then started off with Clomid. After 3 weeks on Clomid (1 week of Clomid 25 once a day + 2 weeks on Clomid 50 once a day) my results were: (July 27th 2018) FSH 6.21 mIU/ml (1.5 - 12,4) N LH 7.82 mIU/ml (1.7 - 8.6) N (July 25th 2018) Estradiol 65.7 pg/ml (11.3 – 43.2) H TT 13.1 ng/ml (2.49 – 8.36) H SHBG 42.9 nmol/l (18.3 – 54.1) N DHT 775 ng/l (219 – 1080) N I experienced some Clomid side effects – visual and heat waves and excessive sweating and decreased it to 25 once a day. After 2 more weeks the results were (August 10th 2018): Estradiol 72 pg/ml (11.3 – 43.2) H TT 9.98 ng/ml (2.49 – 8.36) H FT41.98 pg/ml (1 – 28.28) H I still didn’t feel too well. Non-existent libido, low energy, but got some morning wood for about a week. Cut down on Clomid 25 every second day. Morning wood much rarer. Still very low libido, but maybe a little bit better. Today I’m going to see a new doctor (had to travel far to see the Clomid doc) and want to ask him to switch me from Clomid to Nolvadex and Proviron as I had this suggested by a personal trainer that it might help with my issues and lower SHBG. I did some reading and it seems that I might be not be experiencing the benefits or raised testosterone on Clomid due to estradiol going above range and my SHBG being too high for my age. Is it a good idea to switch to Nolvadex + Proviron? And if so what dosage should I think about? The suggestion I got from that guy was of 20 Nolvadex once a day and 12.5 or 25 Proviron every 12h. I really want to finally experience some energy and libido increase. We’re planning to start trying for a baby with my wife soon so I am still looking at the medication before classic TRT option cause I want to be fertile. English is my second language but I tried my best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I bought these online and it didn’t come in a box it came just in blister pack! Is it real or fake ?
  11. Hi all, bit of info, I've been going to the gym for 4 years now and have very little to show for the amount of time I've been lifting. Admitidly I havent always had a proper program but I have for the last 2years and things still haven't worked out. It turns out that my testosterone over the past five years has been very low (250-350ng/dl) and this is the reason my doctor has decided for me to try clomid as a way to boost my testosterone naturally. I'm doing 25mg eod. If this does not work I'll end up going on trt. I, as you can imagine, am very fed up and am thinking about running ostarine at 12.5mg a day to help move things along from this rut I'm in. Is doing ostarine in my situation a good idea? Will it work with the clomid I'm taking? Thanks for the help! Age: 24Height: 5 ft 11Weight: 82kgBody fat %: 15%Years of training:4Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run): neverPCT for each cycle: neverGoals: be happy in my body and mind, actually look like I lift. Supplements (if any): noneGeneral idea of nutrition (any food allergies???): no food allergies, nutrition is fairly goodAny other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.): none
  12. Hi guys Just looking for guidance on a simple, Test Enanthate cycle. Feedback appreciated, questions at the bottom. GOALS: 1. Mass. 2. Minimising any chance of gyno 3. Trying to stop myself from shutting down. I want to feel good after the PCT. 4. I want to have the best ancillaries available to me before I start my cycle in case I have any gyno issues. Something to note: As a teenager, I had gyno come on during puberty. It died off, but I cant shake the feeling I will be susceptible to it when on AAS. Cycle: Weeks 1-10 500mg Test E per week. PCT: Day 1 Clomid 150mg Day 2 Clomid 100mg Day 3-23 Clomid 50mg Questions: 1. What would you recommend to have on hand as an effective way to combat gyno? 2. Would you modify this cycle in any way to increase effectiveness? 3. Would you modify this PCT plan in any way? I dont want to shut myself down as it is my first cycle, I want it simple and low risk. Please give any detail you can as I did this research a long time ago and its a bit sketchy in my mind. Thanks guys, love this forum, glad to be back Getting back in to BBing and want to go on gear, finally with a Mrs who is ok with me doing it Things I have considered: Using an AI during the entire cycle like Arimidex (which I know is a bit hardcore for this cycle), but I really dont want to have to face down gyno. I am already bald, I dont care about hair loss Tom
  13. Is my PCT plan correct?

    I have been running test E for 6 weeks at 750mg per week and then went on to run Malay tiger T400 for a further six weeks at 800mg per week. It's coming up to 14 days after my last jab. Am I right in taking- 50mg of clomid and 20mg of tamoxifen a day for 10 days 25mg of clomid and 10mg of tamoxifen for another 10 days All help with this is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.