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  1. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Has anyone got any spare tickets to the Miami Pro Championships on 25th October at Alban Arena?? It's my friend's first show and they sold out very quickly! 3 tickets would be ideal but I'll take as many as I can get!! Thanks!
  2. Bodybuilding Shows
    FAME UK Fitness & Bodybuilding championship 2009 will be on the Beach in Brighton ! FAME BRITAIN Championships 2009 will be in BRIGHTON @ The Concorde2 venue, East Sussex on August 23rd 2009,Sunday on the beach! FAME BRITAIN had to find a new venue and sponsor for this year due to the SENISHOW...
  3. Bodybuilding Shows
    NAC Open British Championship Sunday 16th November 2008 Qualifier for Universe Saturday 29th Nov in Hamburg, Germany! Middleton Civic Center, Fountain Street, Middleton, Manchester. Pre-judging & show @4pm. For further information, contact NAC UK rep Eugene Laviscount: (01706) 6002237...
1-3 of 3 Results