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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, probably a really stupid question. As we enter 3 more weeks of lockdown how would some cardio go down with taking Test400? i can do weights at home but minimal and didn’t wanna get too fat. if say I did 5k Mon/We’d/Fri as a bit of a fat burner? no nasty side effects to the lungs or heart by running? Not that 5k is hard. cheers
  2. Hey everyone, My title is probably a bit confusing; here's what I mean. I've always heard that if you engage in physical activity that induces a heart rate somewhere between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate, those calories being burned will come almost exclusively from fat. So, if you choose to run in order to lose weight, for example, you'd either walk at a heavy pace or jog at light pace as opposed to sprinting or running at full steam. I've also always heard that if you engage in physical activity that induces a heart rate above that 60 - 70% range, especially if that activity is especially intense, those calories burned will come mostly from carbohydrates. For this sort of carbohydrate heavy activity, weight training comes to mind as well as sprinting / intense jogging. But, here is my question: If you're trying to lose weight, all you care about is calories in minus calories out. If that number is negative, you lose weight; if that number is positive, you gain weight. So, then, why does it matter how you burn those "calories out" calories? Here's a more concrete question to demonstrate my inquiry: Other than the obvious difference in time duration, what's the difference between speed walking for an hour at 65% MHR burning 500 calories in the process, and heavily sprinting for 20 minutes at 85% MHR also burning 500 calories in the process? I mean 500 calories burned is 500 calories burned, right? Or, am I missing something? Thanks.
  3. Hi! I am 20 years old. My body weight is 76kg (167pound) . My height is 5'10 . My waist is 33 inches. I have been doing gym for about a year. I bulked recently upto 80kg. Now i am cutting. I want to get abs and lean muscular physique. I have shared my pics below . Plz see them and make any guess about What my bodyfat% is . When i used to weight about 69kgs i didnot have any abs and my abdomen was fairly flat but at that time i didnot go to gym . Not at 76kg i feel i am leaner than when i was at 67 kg maybe my muscle mass increased and fat level decreased.I dont have a bodyfat callpier to measure my body fat . I used online calculators and according to them my body fat is 16-17%. I am training with great intensity. My diet is also controlled. I am taking 1g protein / lb of body weight. My carb intake is also low and fate intake is minimal and i am doing 7-8 min intermediate cardio session after every workout . I also do abdomen workout daily. What should be my approach. Plz help
  4. Hi All, This is my first post on this forum so I'm gonna have to kick it off with a bit of a pre-amble just give some context. * I'm 34 * Male * Work as a Software Developer (sit's down all day) * Did a lot of athletics (track and field) training in my twenties * Suffered 4 shoulder dislocations. * I haven't trained my body with any kind of intensity or consistency since 2012 * My weight has ballooned from 12 stone to 16 stone in the last 6 years. My questions is how do I go about rebuilding my stamina and endurance ? I used to be able to do road-run with amateur boxers and act as a pace-maker....... now I can't run for a bus. I am planning on restarting a swimming regime for anaerobic fitness and to push that threshold without to much impact on my joints. But I do love running and want to get back to a decent level of intensity and pace. Any Help or advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone, First of all I just registered as you might have noticed. This is going to be a long post so please bear with me. I am not new to fitness; I have played sports at high intensity since 12 (Born in Italy, moved to England at 12) including Football, Basketball, Running, Cycling etc... I am 5'6, 67/68 Kg. As an example, in my 2 years at University I used to cycle everyday (except Sat-Sun when lectures where not on) on a massively inclined uphill road. I developed Abs as a result. I don't want a cookie lol just to show you guys that I am not a fitness noob. But, I have never really explicitly done Strength work, I am essentially an endurance athlete. I have been running 5k everyday for 2 years (I do everything at home, I don't go to the gym), on a treadmill which only goes up to 12km/h. On day 3 and 5 I usually added 2k at a 12% incline. Since I don't have a job, all I do is train now really. I have recently added Strength training to my routine, so I can't run as much due to energy levels being low. My strength training started with 2 10Kg Dumbells, hoping to move up to 30-40Kg after 2-3 months of work. This is a mid-week day, as it gets near the end of the week excercises start getting less: https://pastebin.com/RszpRrYd Monday has more reps, and usually includes the 2k Incline Run. I essentially work all day, as I said. I wake at about 15:00pm (due to habit) and go to bed at 6-7am. What I am asking is whether the amount of rest would give problems with toning and muscle growth, or all that matters is how much you do. For example, I get up, have a coffee (I don't have breakfast), a couple of spoons of Fage 0% (due to high protein), then start with crunches, curls etc... Then I have lunch, usually its 80g of pasta with some condiment (not tomato or sauces) like Parmesan, prawns, olive oil, black olives or similar things. Sometimes its risotto. You get the idea. I then get back to training and complete the day with my run or runs. Then the rest of the day I essentially sit down for some periods, but continue to train throughout. For example I am sitting down, then I get up do 10 Bicep Curls, 20 crunches and sit down again for an hour or something. I do this until I go to bed. Sorry for the massive post, I hope you understand my question. Is it useless continuing training after your body is at rest, or is "the more the better?"
  6. Viceral fat,under abs,

    So I believe i am holding a fair bit of viceral fat.and are asking opinions on how i should deal with it. i have a layer of fat over my abs which i am aware i need to sort but even if i do my abs seem to stick out too far so I believe this is my problem.i am naturally an ecto and due to injury last year i drank too much and only trained every few weeks, i dont seem to have put much fat on anywhere else but im keen to sort it. currently gym monday to thurs(friday off)gym sat then sunday off. typically work two standard bodyparts usually 4x12 may superset.then run 2.5-5km afterwards.(2.5 leg day)as i need cardio but cant get there twice. diet(today but typical) porridge/banana 9 2x boiled eggs/orange 11 Chicken breast and 125g rice/orange 1-1:30 1 boiled egg creatine/possibly pre workout(or coffee) gym for about 4-4:30. not eating crisps/choc/cake/bread/beer etc snack on rice cakes/fruit/coffee 2 litres of water. so i dont think im miles off. my question is(i know i cant target an area of fat) do i up my cardio or carry on lifting and use the muscle to burn the fat. im not after a quick fix just a good one. sorry for going on just know you like details 34-not sure on body fat,around 18i think. 93kg 6’3 thanks in advance andy
  7. Cardio for fat loss

    Hi, I've just finished a mini bulk (first time seriously trying to gain muscle and eat in a surplus) It went reasonably well, although I could have done it with a little less fat gain imo. Female, 25, 5ft4m, 62kg. 20-25%bf, looking to get to 15% in 4 months (realistic?) I plan to use T3/Clen at the end but not until I hit a plateau and am near my end goal. Calories - currently 2000 (down from the top of my bulk of 2200, which was up from 1400 before bulk) 40/30/30 split, mostly clean unprocessed food. Training 4/5 days a week upper lower split rep ranges 5-15 (squat 75kg 5x5 DL 90kg 5x5 etc.) I don't want to drop cals too quickly as I don't want to plateau too early. Plan is to add a weighted circuit in once a week on an off, add stairmaster in for 5-10 minuets after each weight session, and decrease cals slowly. Although I don't want to drop too fast, I want to ensure I' doing enough to shift some fat... will do more cardio, HIIT just not sure how much? Any thoughts? Thanks