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Found 5 results

  1. Is it a ‘thing’ to be eating too much protein on a bulk and not enough carbs? I weigh around 70kg (155lbs) and have been eating around 300g protein daily and 150-200g carbs. Is this going to be detrimental to my bulk?
  2. I got a few packets of microwave rice to work out which one I wanted to buy in bulk. These weigh 250g and are basically precooked. The nutrition on the back of the packet for basmati rice suggests that one serving (half the pack, 125g) is 39g of carbs. However the content is precooked, water weighted rice. Usually cooked rice is 3x the weight of dry rice so should the nutrition listed be for like 30g of rice or something like that? In comparison I cooked up 100g of rice today and it weighed just over 400g when cooked, naturally if I eat it all, I record it at 100g, not 400g. The same should apply to the micro rice, or am I incorrect?
  3. Hi all, As the title says, I could really use some help as regards my diet. I'm relatively new to this and I understand as a late starter I've got a lot to learn. My whole life I've been overweight! 18 months ago I hit a low as my weight peaked at 18 and a half stone!! I'm 5'10" and realised I needed to do something quickly so started on the keto diet. Managed to get down to 13 and a half but over the last few months its crept back up to just over 15 stone. For the last month I've been going to Santino's Gym in Derby and love it! currently go 4 times a week and will be adding cardio to my routine this week. So I finally I get to the point, I still want to shed fat but build muscle at the same time, which I'm told is something that can't be done! how many calories should I be aiming at taking on board a day and what should they be made up of (protein, fat, carbs)? Sorry about the whole back story bit but thought it would help to know a bit about me. Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Havent been on the forum long but from a quick read around it seems a low carb or keto diet for weight loss or even optimal health isn't that popular for most people on the forum and I wondered why that is? It wasn't for me either until a couple of years ago but after experimenting with a keto diet myself I have noticed good results however it isn't yet something I can personally stick to all year round, usually I will do it for a few months at a time, usually always when trying to get leaner then I tend to have some time off eating more 'balanced carbs' (think main reason is will power/i like the taste of carbs rather than any particular need to stop eating low carb as far as i have seen). Gaining muscle while on low carb or keto diet is something I haven't experimented with fully or read too much in to yet, mainly because when I have tried low carb it has been with a goal of weight loss rather than gain, have seen some of the newer studies that seem to indicate muscle gain while low carb is fine though, think in one of the vids below it is also spoke about briefly. The following vids are all biased towards low carb and a calorie is not just a calorie point of view but that is intentional as I would like to hear your thoughts on why they are not correct and to see if I can change my viewpoint once again, if nothing else I find it such a fascinating topic. Hopefully the below links will work, these are some of the main youtube vids that I recall that focus on this: Calories In vs. Calories Out - The Debate is Over The Calorie Deception The Calorie Myth & 6 Reasons Calorie Counting is Crazy Do Calories Matter? Is a Calorie a Calorie? (Science of Weight Gain) Is a Calorie a Calorie? Processed Food, Experiment Gone Wrong
  5. Hey guys, My diet is very calorie deficient and extremely low in carbs, only 66g per day. I've gotten quiet lean, though, I've managed to maintain good musculature as I am on an anabolic. However, my muscles have started looking flat and dull. I realize that this is from depleted glycogen that never really gets refilled as I eat very little carbs and work out quite hard daily. I'd like to add simple carbs to my diet right after my workouts mixed in with my whey shakes. My question is how many grams of sugar should I aim for?