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Found 2 results

  1. is it OK to vape?

    is using vape at 3mg nicotine ok ? is it bad for my health? I have never been a smoker but I use it to cut the curving for carbs and it keeps me calm and in a good mood. also, are nicotine and caffeine good for weight loss?
  2. Today I started to introduce Ipamorelin and ModGRF1-29 at 100mcg each two times a day, first thing in the morning before cardio, and last thing at night before bed. I thought I had done all my research and was ready to go. After taking my first dose this morning I went to have a small black coffee before starting my cardio and realised I hadn’t looked in to the effect this might have. A quick google search and I found a study that stated caffeine could benefit natural GH production, but another study on GHRP that caffeine would attenuate it. Admittedly this was only a quick search. Today I did my cardio without caffeine. I didn’t feel as good as normal which I assume to be because of the lack of caffeine, but could have been the introduction of the GHRP/Mod. Does anyone have any thoughts/advice on caffeine? I also have a preworkout supplement which contains 2.5g of carbs. I am not taking carbs/fat 1hr before or 20mins after a dose. Would 2.5g be enough to effect it? Many Thanks.