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Found 18 results

  1. when to bulk

    hey, so i have recently cut down from 32% bodyfat over the last 4 months ish and am now 13.4% obviously i have lost a fair bit of muscle in cutting down and i am eager to get going on a bulk to start building some new muscle i understand that i should bulk till about 20% bodyfat in the future before cutting, but at what bodyfat should i begin my bulk. let me know what you think tom
  2. Hi I am trying to lean-bulk. I work out currently 3 days a week full body split, 1.5-2 hours each workout. 185 cm/80 kg. So my new diet idea is: I will eat plenty of protein say 130-136 gram a day (basically 1.7 g per kg of body weight), minimum amount of fat ( I do not tolerate even a slight surplus of fat so it will be only a minimal amount of fat needed for healthy skin and joints), the sources primarily olive oil nut butter and fish, then of course some carbs like oats, rice, rye, bread and dietary fiber like beans, vegetables and fruit. But I'm thinking in the end it may happen that I will not meet that 'bulking' calorie surplus requirements. What if for example I'll be eating the aforementioned surplus of protein but not too much of carbs and fats. My overall calorie intake will then probably be like 2000 or even less 1800. Will I then gain muscle and lose some fat? Or will I be losing muscle?
  3. Hi I am 30 y.o 185 cm (6'1) and 79.4 kg at the moment. Despite me being skinny I have a little body fat on my belly (like I cannot properly see my abs muscles most of the time so I reckon I'm at about 15% body fat). I have a little bit over 15 months of lifting experience. During first maybe like 10 months I gained a few kilograms (not sure how many but it is quite noticable that I gained). As of late I have not been gaining much though so I still look kinda lanky! My main problem is as a hard gainer to come up with some good meals plan that will help me gain muscles and without any health consequences. I don't want to go too heavy on fats and carbs as I have done it last month and my liver hated me. Yea I know it maybe sound weird I even got first stage NAFLD symptoms such as liver pains and a weird red mark appeared on my skin (spider nevus). All of it was a result of me eating following during about 2 months: lots of burgers, sweet food, lots of whey protein at least 50 grams a day and cakes. Also I am too lazy to eat 5 times a day so sometimes for dinner I would chug down: 4 burgers with vegetables then eat a super buttery home made cake desert with super creamy and eggy custard and 2 protein bars (20 g of whey each). I was also taking 4-5 of creatine daily for a bout a month or so ( I read that Creatine actually affects liver too despite everyone claiming that is absolutely healthy and harmless compound, it is not 'absolutely' harmless especially if your liver is already loaded with a difficult task of trying to digest your binge). As I said my liver eventually hated me, even the fact that I was consuming quite a lot of vegetables and fruits did not help After I got liver problems I started a recovery diet. I dropped Creatine (probably for good now). Did my liver blood test about 1 week after I felt pain in the liver: surprisingly the bloods are okay. I've started eating low fat + moderate amount of carbs. My carbs mainly beans, porridge oats, rice, wholemeal or rye bread, couple of fruits a day with some sugar syrup (usually added to my fat free curd cheese). Fats: Olive oil, nuts or peanut butter, canned fish. Protein: chicken breasts, whey powder, beef or fish. Now doing 3 times a week full body training trying to hit all body parts at least 3 times a week. So my question: how many calories do you guys think I should consume to gain muscles? Is it possible to bulk without harming my health (not going hard on fats and carbs)? How much of the diet should be fat, how much protein and carbs? And do you have any meals suggestions or diet plans (a full day of meals for example)? If possible base it on your experience and how you actually bulked.
  4. Hi Everyone. I have 4-5 years in the bag using peds, I’ve always ran test e only, and on occasions I’ve done TTM, dbol, tren e, NPP. But for the most of it I’m only really experienced with test only cycles. any advice?
  5. Hi All, I am beginning going to the gym next week with the goal of bulking and have a plan set out and would like any advice or comments letting me know im on the right track. My gym plan is, Day 1 will be shoulders, triceps and chest, Day 2 will be legs and Day 3 will be back and biceps with 1 rest day and then repeat. My diet is as follows; Breakfast (9-10am): Bowl oatmeal with half a banana and 2 boiled eggs. I will drink a protein shake about half an hour after. Snack (11:30-12:00am): Peanut butter bagel with half a banana Lunch (13:00-14:00): Chicken Breast, Brocoli, Rice Snack (16:00-16:30): Chicken wrap with spinach and lettuce I hit the gym at 18:00 After Gym (19:00-19:30) protein shake Dinner (20:00): Chicken breast, brocoli and pasta. Then sleep. Any comments to let me know im on the right track or to give me some advice would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi guys - hope everyone is staying safe and well, Looking for some advice, been on a cut for around 3 months now - started out at around 172 pounds at the end of my bulk and around 17% body fat. I am now at 159 pounds and I would estimate around 13% body fat? (see pic below). Just wondering should I continue to cut or start a lean bulk? Ideally I wanted to get to around the 10% body fat range but I feel that my weight would have to go quite low for that. Any help would be great - I am 5ft 9 in height. Cheers,
  7. So for some context I lost a s**t load of weight a while back and have been trying lately to put it back on in muscle. But with all that shredded weight I got some loose skin and a few stretch marks but that’s not my issue. When I sit down, I get rolls and I’ll try to include the pics of them here. And the ones that run across my stomach I’m okay with simply because they look healthy imo. But there’s this great big one that hangs over my trousers that I despise. I’m at an impasse as to how to deal with it simply because I get told on one hand that I don’t have any muscle and thus my skin and fat just slumps there but on the other I think it is fat and that it needs cutting. its the same deal with my abs. I can see a rough outline on a good day but most of the time it’s flat or bloated (I was initially bulking but as of writing this, I’m having second thoughts). some advice would be much appreciated standing up, you can see the stretch marks but I’d say for little or no muscle, looks normal.sat down, it just turns to s**t. It doesn’t look as bad when I am wearing no trousers but just the idea of it makes me think I need to cut.
  8. Iv just started a new course, been off cycle for 12 weeks, dosage is NPP-100mg eod TEST PROP-100mg eod HALO-30mg ed HGH GENPEN-2iu ed Iv done plenty of courses, Iv done most steroids on the market but never tried halo. feel free to give some input on dosage ect 26yrs old 115kg 28%bf 6ft training for 6 years.
  9. Advice please

    Hi, I'm new to the phases 'cutting' and bulking'. So I just need some advice. A bit about my past in the gym. I started out boxing around 6 years ago where I when from 12 stone to 10 stone. I stopped boxing around 4 years ago and went onto circuit training. I've gone up to 11 stone or above since then. my strength has defiantly improved! And I have noticed my legs, arms and back have become more solid. I was under the belief that eating 1300-1500 calories a day, really low carbs would help me get the desired shredded look (not working). So I've been doing some research and found out about 'cutting' and 'bulking'. So I did this formula to workout what my calories/Marcos should be to cut efficiently without losing to much muscle: Calories needed = (166×12) = 1,992 Protein = 166 x 1 = 166g Fat = 166 x 0.4 = 66g Protein and fat calories = (166 x 4) + (66 x 9) = 1,258 Carbs = (1,992 – 1,258) ÷ 4 = 183g Daily Macros = 166g protein, 66g fat, 183g carbs, 1992 calories. Training plan: Monday - Arms + Cardio Tuesday - Back + cardio Wednesday - Active rest (dog walk) Thursday -Shoulders and chest + cardio Friday - Legs Saturday - Compound lifts + HIIT cardio Sunday - Rest (focusing on progressive overload with good form. keep weight heavy, 10-12 reps for 3-4 sets) Body stats: Age - 24 Female Weight - 166kg 5 foot 6 Around 22-25% body fat I'd say, but can't be 100% certain. Any advice or tips would be appreciate thanks!
  10. Towels bulking log

    Currently on the other side of the globe on my honeymoon enjoying a much needed break! Been cruising 12 weeks and haven’t lifted a finger the last two weeks let alone go gym or drink a protein shake Quite a few lads know me from outside the forum so won’t bore with back story etc Long story short was more into MMA than BB but with winter coming up I’m going to bulk which means MMA will take a back seat and will focus more on BB as my fitness in terms of fighting goes to s**t when I bulk as I’m not naturally heavy, (67kg when I started gym a few years ago) Best lifts are the following I think Bench 180 x 7 Squat 200 x 5 Need to look back at videos as wouldn’t of lifted these sorts of weights when cutting and sparing a couple times a week etc Cycle will be 500mg test Phenylprop (spelling?) 500mg NPP 500mg Mast E Will be using Nexus test/Npp blend and mast E Probably going to chuck in some oxys I’ve been given to try or first few weeks but can’t really use orals as they f**k my appetite so 100mg Oxy from Icon labs for 2 weeks to get things going I blast cruise so no PCT, 500iu HCG x 2 a week 8iu Ansomone HGH 3x A week Supplements 1000mg Kyolic garlic 2000mg krill oil 500mg citrus bergamot 100mg Coq10 500mg Niacin Dr Deans Kidney blood pressure stack Aim will be to just gradually lean bulk over the winter then eventually cut on some test mast, DHB and Anavar pic is latest pic I had from sometime in summer, never been one for pictures but will use this log to motivate mate to take some Anyway got a 25 hour flight to come so diets gona being shocking lol, hopefully get to gym Sunday or more likely Monday depending how bad jet lag is lol Will get some more recent pics up when I make it to the gym to see what damage I’ve done the last 2 weeks @swole troll @jeffj @GMO @AestheticManlet @[email protected] @IronJohnDoe Think I ease about 92kg here, I’m 6ft2 so not heavy at all but apparently look a lot bigger than I weigh, suppose starting at 67kg I don’t have the same frame of someone who naturally sat at say 90KG before even going gym.
  11. My wife stopped growing while bulking cycle. Now its the 6th week of same weight. Protein, carbs,clean food ensured. Training probably ok, any idea about possible other causes? I mean: failed gear quality, absorption issues by her celiac disease, or simple wrong roid distribution? Started June with Masteron for 4 weeks, then Stanazolol pills, then its the 6th week of NPP now, 0,8ml/100mg every second day... Just read somewhere, that for female body builders NPP should be supported some other gear also, its no use to operate itself.
  12. Expectations vs reality!

    Apologies if this comes across long winded and too philosophical. As mentioned on a previous post, this time last year I was around 15st. I had a goal In mind which was to have abs. I’m nearly there but struggling to lose the last few lbs to actually see them ( I will get there.) generally I’m happy with my progress. I’m down to just under 11st and looking reasonably trim. But my expectations are higher than what I currently see and as like most things with human nature I now find my self wanting more. Is it possible to add size and still have abs? Or is it totally counterproductive? In reality would this only be possible with steroids? I’ve seen quite a few members on here who have a physique that I would quite like myself, not overly big but fully ripped. If possible I would like to do this naturally. i often find myself in situations of where to turn next (training related) and I’m not sure where to go I would love some feedback. TIA :-)
  13. Hey Everyone, I was wondering, if L-Carnitine helps cells to use fat as an energy source, thus it helps burning fat in general, then what if I use L-Carnitine when I am in my bulking phase? Can it prevent excess fat gain and help me in getting lean muscle mass?
  14. Rightyo, I've been training for quite a while now my genetics are good and I've gained a lot of size and muscle mass. Problem is I'm no longer happy with how long it is taking me to break plateaus even on 4000+ calories a day. So I have come to the conclusion that I want to shred up then start bulking again while being on gear. I have never touched the stuff so would really appreciate some pointers as to what is the strongest, most effective anabolic/cycle out there for it's price (I'm not made of money). Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  15. Bulk or Cut?

    Hi, Joined the forums so I can get the opinion of some seasoned pros, am I skinny enough to bulk or is the belly fat going to cause a problem? Been training for a few years but somehow lost pretty much all muscle over the last 12 months, with inconsistent cutting attempts and poor dieting. I used to be much more muscular than this and miss the feeling of being big, but wonder whether bulking when I've already got a bit of a belly is a bad idea? My diet is good now, I eat 500 less calories every day in a cutting attempt, and do Alex Savva's Freakmode workout programme (3x days weight training and endurance cardio, 2x days core & hiit). My thinking is that even if I lose this weight in cutting, I won't really have the underlying muscle mass to show for it. Also, I've got a big holiday coming up at the start of September, so think I may just get on the gain train until then. What do you lot reckon? Thanks, Bort
  16. Premium Raws Is proudly associated with the Uk Muscle Forum and is offering all of its users 30% off the Website when you us UKM30 at checkout. If you have any questions with regards to supplementation then please feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to give you all the information you need. Website Link: https://www.premiumraws.co.uk/
  17. Cutting Guide

    Does anyone have the new LDNm muscle Cutting guide they can email me? Thanks Guys
  18. Hi there, I’m 21 years old and have been attempting to bulk for the past 3 months with fairly good results in terms of strength gain. However, I have began to put weight on around my stomach and it is looking bigger around my waist, but this may be due to doing too many deadlifts. I was wondering is it necessary to do an intensive cut now maybe using a keto diet or should I continue bulking and lean up my diet and throw in a few days of cardio. Current physique: