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Found 16 results

  1. I've started properly going gym for 4 months now and have got a proper routine, 4/5 days a week... I was very skinny at 62kg 6'1, I am now 72kg purely from gym and protein shakes... I have now implemented a diet, its not perfect but I have done a fair bit of research and am using an app to calculate my calorie/protein intake. I have gone from 1000 or less calories a day to 2800/3000 a day with about 150-180g of protein per day. I have been on this 2800/3000 calorie diet for 4 days so far. I know I wont see any progress straight away but I am wondering when I will see improvement by continuing this diet with my gym routine? If any of you are interested in my before and present pictures from gym I'd be glad to show you. Any tips will be appreciated whether its about my diet or just gym in general.
  2. Cut or bulk first

    Not sure if I should cut or bulk first? I'm 31, 6'4'' 190 lbs Not sure what my BF% is? Maybe 15% to 20%? Should I try and cut to 10-15% before bulking? Any help and advice welcome. Thanks
  3. Bulk or cut

    Hey guys picture below, Be as honest as you can. Should I bulk or cut?
  4. QUICK timeline.. - Big lifter at uni 10 years ago. (170kg Deadlift / 100kg Bench / 130kg Squat) - Work / Life / Injuries meant i stopped training 4-5 years ago. and i've tried to build my self back up recently. I do not retain muscle well at all and put on fat quickly. - Shed around 10kg from August 2019 to Feb 2020 = Skinny fat (but A LOT better than last summer) ATM: 31YO 5" 11 11st 12lbs or 75kg ish 21% Body Fat Lifting wise, plenty of injuries and on going physio etc but I am smart enough to work around this and do lift and do hitt. ITS THE DIET I AM CONFUSED WITH. HOW THE F do I set this up?! I've been eating something like this over the past 3-4 months 1500 on rest or LISS days 1750 - HITT 1 a week 1900 - Lifting 3x a week 40p/30c/30f 21% BF is still high though right so i have been eating 1700 a day and limiting carbs at around 75g. Honestly just need some advice on this - any comments would be appreciated.
  5. Size Issues HELP!!

    Hi All, I've been hitting the gym for 3 years now and I lost 2 stone initially, my training is good and I think my diet is good but I am constantly chasing a sub 10-12% body fat before I go on a bulk! I'm currently around 16-18% and I have been for about a year, I feel that in the last year my body hasn't changed at all. I don't expect to ever look stage ready but it would be nice if I could look like I do work out. my current slit is upper/lower rest upper/lower, and I seem to be constantly on 2000 kcal per day (maybe that's my issue) Thanks For reading
  6. Iv just started a new course, been off cycle for 12 weeks, dosage is NPP-100mg eod TEST PROP-100mg eod HALO-30mg ed HGH GENPEN-2iu ed Iv done plenty of courses, Iv done most steroids on the market but never tried halo. feel free to give some input on dosage ect 26yrs old 115kg 28%bf 6ft training for 6 years.
  7. Hi everyone,I am currently trying to gain some mass and it is extremely hard for me. I have never taken something different than protein or creatine. I am currently 62kg and trying to get to 70-75. I want to ask for some recommendations and the reasons for them. I have already read that Turinabol has less side effects, but i think with Dianabol the effect will be bigger.Thanks to everyone in advance.
  8. Hi I have a bit of a beer gut going on, and want to lose it but want to bulk up a bit too! I love the burn swimming gives me and feel great after, but can I use swimming to burn my beer belly AND start lifting weights to bulk up? Or do they kind of go against each other? Any help appreciated Thanks!
  9. Winter bulk baby!! Volume 2

    Thought I’d start a new log helps me keep track of what I’m doing, any input always welcome. Backstory Anyone that followed my last course will know it was a complete bust was just ill constantly, tried taking things out and adjusting doses to work out what the problem was and I think it was the last thing I tried or thought it would be, the test I was useing, I was feeling like s**t had stomach ache and couldn’t eat anything for 3 - 4 days after pinning it, anyone else heard or had anything like that? Don’t know if was bad batch or i didn’t agree with carrier oil don’t know. I’m currently 102kg at 5’10. (Pic of Current condition). Goals 17 stone, leaner than previously tho, beat my 200kg pb flat bench and keep adding size to my legs (leg progress pic attached). Drugs Now I promised myself I would do lower doses, I planned less than this but it steadily creeped up, not overkill tho I don’t think. 750mg total test a week (split between 300mg test pp and 450mg test e) 600mg primo a week 600mg npp a week 50mg proviron a day 100mg Turinabol (for first month appetite willing) Will be useing all Nexus oils and orals. 4iu gh 5 days a week Ansomone (wed and Sun off) 10iu insulin around workouts months 1 and 3 (novo rapid) 12.5mg aromasin Monday and Friday 10mg lisinopril a day 1000mg metformin on days off gh (Wed and sun) omeprazol, renitadine and propranolol all on hand if needed. Thought I’d try turinabol as don’t use a lot of orals as dbol, sdrol, adrol all kill my appetite pretty quick. Also thought I’d try the test pp to avoid as much water retention from just using test e. Other Supps multivitamin conplete b complex zinc digestive enzymes omega 3-6-9 capsules milk thistle (I know pretty pointless but had loads of boxes of it so put it in) strom support max Creatine eaas maltodextrin whey protein cream of rice whey isolate a pre workout (don’t have any set pre workout just buy which ever takes my fancy) Diet I’m starting cals on 4500 340g protein 450g carbs 150g fat (minimal fat after I’ve trained and used slin) Will probably up to 5000 after a week or two just want to get eating regularly again, diets been s**t past few weeks. Training Still train bro split, will log some workouts and log some food as log goes on, currently training Mon: Quads and calves Tue: Shoulders and traps Wed: Biceps + Triceps Thur: Hamstrings and calves Fri: Back (maybe little biceps at end) Sat: off Sun: Chest (maybe little triceps at end) Really been focusing on legs recently so want to keep that up, I’m liking doing hams and quads separately.
  10. Where to go with training?

    Hi Guys, new to this. I train 6 days a week splitting sessions up in to body parts. Have been training for years to get to where I am now but am ready to really take it to the next level. Want to know where I need to work, not work, exercises I need to do more or less of and which body parts I need to be focusing on to look bigger and better. Interest is plainly in looking good and big!
  11. I'm curious to how those who compete plan their cycles/B&C/bulk/prep etc around shows. Obviously if cycling, in theory when you come off, the next cycle you would be playing catch up to get the gains back lost but then having to diet for the prep which would effect size and gains etc. So your in a sense always playing catch up. I suppose with b&c you can maintain or even gain during the cruise then on the blast you could build in that the start the prep? (This is proving harder to type out than what I'm trying to say ) Basically how do those who compete plan all their cycles prep etc? My original plan is to cruise before hitting next blast. do a longer cycle/blast..say 20 weeks. Bulk for say 8 weeks or so then start the prep for the rest of the cycle?? Anyways any help would be great..will be first comp.
  12. Hey guys I'm doing my first bodybuilding comp in 6 months so this is a pretty important cycle for me. Everything needs to go well. I've been cycling steroids on and off since I was 19. Competed in strongman and have now shifted focus on bodybuilding and I've got my fire back. I'm extremely meticulous with diet, I calorie count and hit macros daily. Stats 24 97kg bodyweight First 2 Photos show me about a month or two ago at the end of my cut at 89kg. Hovering about 96 kg now and have been cruising on test e for a month waiting for bloods to normalise. (Good cholesterol slightly low) What I'm proposing is Begin 4.5ml Tren e / 900mg per week - mon/thurs Begin 2.5ml Test e / 750mg per week - mon/thurs Begin 60mg Dianabol per day - 20mg morning, 20mg afternoon, 20mg pre workout 0.5mg Caber mon/thurs 0.5mg adex EOD - mon/wed/fri etc Leterozole ON HAND X3 Fish oil ED X1 Multivit ED 5g Creatine ED some form of on cycle all in one such as support max 300mcg hexarelin 100 morn 100 pre WO 100 bed 4 weeks on 2 off 4 weeks on 2 off etc keeping it as simple and foolproof as possible. I don't want to gain uneccesary fat on this to make the transition to prep as easy as possible. I plan on eating clean and eventually ramping up to 4000/5000 cals if required. accepting any and all criticism. I'm here to grow and to learn. Thanks all in advance.
  13. Hello, I’ve finished my PCT and have kept my calories the same during PCT. My bloods are normal. I bulked at 200kcal over my maintenance, so do you think I could slowly drop 20-50kcal a week now? As I’ll still be above my maintenance for a month After PCT at least?
  14. Bulk or Cut?

    Hi, Joined the forums so I can get the opinion of some seasoned pros, am I skinny enough to bulk or is the belly fat going to cause a problem? Been training for a few years but somehow lost pretty much all muscle over the last 12 months, with inconsistent cutting attempts and poor dieting. I used to be much more muscular than this and miss the feeling of being big, but wonder whether bulking when I've already got a bit of a belly is a bad idea? My diet is good now, I eat 500 less calories every day in a cutting attempt, and do Alex Savva's Freakmode workout programme (3x days weight training and endurance cardio, 2x days core & hiit). My thinking is that even if I lose this weight in cutting, I won't really have the underlying muscle mass to show for it. Also, I've got a big holiday coming up at the start of September, so think I may just get on the gain train until then. What do you lot reckon? Thanks, Bort
  15. I'm going to do a 14 week cycle and include a bulk and cut in it, as it's my first cycle I feel confident I'll make plenty of gains as my diet and training is well on point. I've basically decided on what to take just wanted to put it out there and get some opinions on it from more experienced users. The first 8 weeks will be done as a bulk, and the last 5 for a cut, with a week (maybe change this to two weeks) inbetween at my maintenance calories. The stack would go like this Weeks 1-12 500mg test e each week Weeks 1-6 Dbol 25mg ed Week 7 just test e 500mg Week 8-14 anavar 60mg ed AI - Aromasin 12.5mg 3 x week PCT - 4 weeks Clomid 50/50/50/50 Nolva 40/40/20/20 Will probably take nolva throughout the Dbol aswell? Does this sound alright? Anything I could change up? Appreciate any responses!!
  16. weight: 85 kg Height: 177 Kcal: 2200 Protein: 220 (i tend to land more on 200 at the moment, will ramp it up a little in future.) Carbs: 220 Fat: 50 Cycle: 300mg Test ew 250 deca ew Workout: Day 1: Chest/tri: BB press: 3x 12 Incline: 3x 12 Flyers: 3x 12 Decline/dips: 3x12 Tricep pushdown: 2x12 Triceps overhead extension: 2x12 Cable extension: 2x12 Day 2: Shoulder/Leg/abs: Shoulderpress: 3x 12 Lat raise: 3x 12 Front raise BB: 3x12 Reverse flyer: 3x12 Crunches: 3x12 Other obliques: 3x12 Legs: Squat: 9x 8-12 (I only do squats at the moment due to a bad knee, and machines seem to f*ck up my knee). Day3: Back/Bicep Pulldowns: 3x12 Closegrip pulldowns: 3x12 Row: 3x12 Bendover row: 3x12 Preacher curls: 2x12 Hammer curls: 2x 12 Isolation curls: 2x12 The current progress over 1 month. Considering trying to go with 500 mgs of deca, but im not sure if it would be a waste of aas while i try and cut.