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  2. Natural Bodybuilding
    Okay I have a question. I'm sure many people are familiar with the natty lean tissue rates proposed by Lyle Mcdonald respective of training age (years of proper training). I'm aware that they are dependent on the trainee starting from scratch and doing a reasonable structured program and not...
  3. Natural Bodybuilding
    How would you two (our natty mods) go about a size building phase? What differences would you make to diet, supplementation and training compared to normal?
  4. Welcome Lounge
    hey people my name is jade henderson. just got into body building and needing some help to keep my weight down. was thinking of trying to get eph25 , any good ? :o
  5. Getting Started
    Hi guys, Ive been training for about a year but have to admit havnt been into it like i should. I have a skinny build at the mo but a belly from too much junk food and going out so need to get on top of myself. Would it be better to try bulk up 1st with a bulking diet or would a better option...
  6. Getting Started
    Hello all. I am new to body building, i mainly just want to bulk up and build muscle and be ripped. I've been studying a bit lately about exercising and weights etc, i just got a tub of Maximuscle Progain, should of researched it more though because i've heard it's not that good.... Anyway, i...
  7. Losing Weight
    I've got 7 things to tell you that will change the way you look at fat loss forever. 1. It IS possible to gain muscle while losing fat, even in advanced trainers. 2. Under the right dietary and training conditions, your body can actually use your own bodyfat to provide energy for building...
  8. Getting Started
    I am not a weight lifter. I like just the basic bodyweight excercises. I plan on doing more of those before touch weights. My goal in a couple of years 2-3 is to atleast get up 10,000 pushups and situps a day. It may take four years. I am a beginner though i barely do 10 right now. But my goal...
  9. Getting Started
    I have always trained both arms equally. But my right arm is noticeably bigger and alot stronger than my left. Probably because I am a righty. I would like the left to be just as strong. As it's letting me down on those last few reps at the moment. Should I stop with my right until my left...
  10. General Conversation
    hi i want to shift about 15-20kgs. and start to build stamina. does anyone know of any exersizes that i can do to achieve this?
  11. Getting Started
    Hi, I'm 22 years old (23 in December), male, my height is 5ft 7in and I weigh exactly 10 stone. My bicep measurement (when tensed) is 12.5in on my left arm, and 12in on my right arm. Judging by my height and weight, is that a reasonable size for biceps? What would be the best exercises to...
  12. Gaining Weight
    I REALLY need some advice on how to build my upper chest. Please if anyone could tell me of any good workouts for upper chest, ive run out of ideas???
  13. Getting Started
    hi just wanting your opinions on my diet im training 3-4 times pw and eating 6 meals a day most days heres what im scoffing 630am protien shake 2 slices of h/m toast 930am peanut butter and bannana multiseed bagel and apple 12.00 tin of tuna and salad,youghurt,apple orange bannana 2.00pm...
  14. Getting Started
    Il start by saying ive been doing weight lifting for a few years now, but i need some help with what i can do to burn fat, get ripped and build up the muscle. im 21 weight 189lbs and 5ft 11. im going on holiday in 12 weeks and thought id try extra hard to get looking in a decent shape for it...
  15. Supplementation
    There are so many brands of bodybuilding muscle supplements available in the market that it can be quite difficult to know which one is the best. You can use these supplements to improve your body building workouts and these can give you best results within a short span of time. Protein is one...
  16. Getting Started
    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with some body training advice as I have no one to help me. Age: 19 Gender: Male Body Weight: 7.6 Stone. (I have put on 1 stone in the past 2 weeks, and I am continuing to gain weight, I do not struggle to gain. Height: 5ft, 7 Ok.. I'm starting...
  17. Getting Started
    My head harness came today,just wanting to see ha anyone ever had good results with these? or is shrugs and deadlifting just a much better option??
  18. Getting Started
    Heyhey Is it possible to just build lean muscle instead of the bulking and cutting? its just i want to be able to carry on with my sports i do at the same time. Also what would your diet have to resemble to build lean muscle if thats what i wanted to do? Im looking to start back at the gym...
  19. Getting Started
    Hey guys, I just joined and recently I've gotten back into the gym after a year of... not. About Me I'm 5" 10, 5" 11 (not quite sure on that one) 16st (and have been for the past 5/6 years, barely ever shifting either way) and to be honest, I'm really... quite chub lol! according to my mum's...
  20. Getting Started
    hi guys i'm getting picked on in school. i'm really skinny and small. i want to be able to defend myself better. i dont exercise or workout and i dont eat sweets or junk. I'm just really skinny. how can i quickly get muscley arms?
1-20 of 31 Results