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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi , this is my third steroid cycle I have just started this week and have been constantly trying to find videos and personal experiences to Run my next cycle. my first two cycles have been testosterone only cycles ... however with the oestrogen conversion and water retention all I have done...
  2. Form and Technique
    Hi everyone, sorry if this is the wrong section but I really need help building my chest. I'm very happy with my progress everywhere else but I am struggling to isolate my chest without using my triceps too much. I am currently doing cable flys, pec devs, dips and dumbbell press as part of my...
  3. Losing Weight
    Hi Guys I used to train at virgin active doing kettlebell training 5 days a week with a pretty good diet (except weekends) Ive now changed jobs and have a very hectic week so for the past 10months Ive not been to the gym and put on over a stone, have moobs, a gut & love handles!! NOT HAPPY...
  4. Supplementation
    Hi guys, Ive always used this as my post workout shake and ive just been on the website to order some more and i cant find it anywhere. Can anybody recommend any other post workout shakes? Thanks, Andy
  5. Supplementation
    Muscle building is a sport that has been taken up by people from all around the world. Some simply dabble with the idea of it, occasionally attempting to keep in shape; some are quite committed to it, devoting many hours each week to building muscle mass, while a smaller number dedicate their...
  6. Supplementation
    hi, am new on this first msg,i dont even know am in the right bit lol but any way iv started 2 take extreme build and in the mornin and then one after a work out.i work out every day 2 diffrent long do i stay on extreme build and recover for? i think ur meant 2 come off...
  7. Getting Started
    okay, please bear with me on this. i know realistically between now and july im not going to get much bigger, but i want to be able to have a slightly more respectable body for the summer. I am nearly 16, and have access to a gym 3 days a week, i play rugby every week, and have weights up to...
  8. Gaining Weight
    can anyone suggest a routine that will build muscle for my upper body whilst maintaining my legs. I dont need to be lectured on diet or rest, i do know about this Cheers
  9. Gaining Weight
    Hi guys and gals just a quick question if possible, id like to start building muscle mass quickly if at all possible and looking at things like eating chicken which is high in protien etc,, am i looking in the right place or not. Thanks alot Phil
  10. Getting Started
    Hey guys, I'm 16 years old and I must admit, I'm fairly skinny for my age, I'm around 5"7/8 tall and I weigh 8st. I have a good level of Cardiovascular fitness however, but It is my muscules and upper body strength I want to work on has I wish to join the Royal Marines when I am an older.
  11. Supplementation
    Never used Build and Recover before. The label says 1.5 grams of Kr-Evolution per serving. Will be having whey & oat shake in morning, build and recover post workout and casein just before bed so 1 serving a day Is this enough creatine a day or should I be subsidising? **put in wrong section**
  12. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Never used Build and Recover before. The label says 1.5 grams of Kr-Evolution per serving. Will be having whey & oat shake in morning, build and recover post workout and casein just before bed so 1 serving a day Is this enough creatine a day or should I be subsidising?
  13. Getting Started
    Hi, Im chris, 18 years old, and ive kept a thin body shape through large amounts of sport. Recently i've taken up playing american football as a wide reciver, so am looking to bulk myself up a bit, however i dont want to lose any of the speed i allready have. I dont really have any idea how i...
  14. Supplementation
    Hi If i use build and recover post workout would i still need to take kr evolution? as b and r has it in it. cheers
  15. Supplementation
    Hi guys, thats us now releasing a 60 serving tub of Build & Recover. It's only available in Strawberry and Chocolate just now but Banana will follow in a month or 2. RRP is £74.95 but with your 25% off it comes down to £56.21 with free delivery.
  16. Supplementation
    I've only recently started working out and have decided to spend a bit of cash to help me bulk up a bit. I'm a small build so just want to become 'bulkier' if you will. Do I go for build and recover or maximuscle cyclone to get where I want to be or am just looking in the total wrong direction...
  17. Gaining Weight
    hi every body this is myh first writing :becky: i like to get huge muscles and i workout along last 8 year:clap2:, i used naNOX9™ Hardcore product from muscletech and i got some benefit i like this company products, i feel they are very good currently i want to use naNO Vapor or Anabolic...
  18. Getting Started
    Whats gud fellow weight fanatics. I've been attending a gym for nearly a year now and have dropped from 15.2 stone to 13.5 so far, after realising the amount I eat was stopping me from losing weight I have lost around 2 stone since January. However I am only 18 years old and...
  19. Supplementation
    I just wondered whether its ok to still take this while cutting. I am on a 12 week cut and have been taking B&R for the first week of it. I always use it while bulking and really like the stuff. I was just wondering if its suitable to have whilst cutting? I have it right after a workout and in...
  20. Supplementation
    I'm looking at placing an order for this product and was wondering if anyone had used this and compared it to other all-in-one products that are currently available. Obviously with the discount you receive this looks excellent value for money. Also would it be worthwile running kr-evolution...
1-20 of 23 Results