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  1. Getting Started
    Hi, I'm a 20 y/o very skinny male (about 6'3" and just under 11 stone) looking to build muscle, but I can't really afford a gym membership or to buy home gear at this moment in time, I also don't want to commit to a membership that I'll give up on after a week. Have been considering doing some...
  2. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    So I am compiling a chart for the cost of protein from various sources, I've made a calculator in Excel to calculate this stuff which I might make into a free app. Obviously its not all the cheapest protein sources, but I've tried to include a mix of organic, dairy, dairy-free, vegetarian, meat...
  3. Gaining Weight
    Been made redundant today and i've got a baby due in july so the key word in this thread is BUDGET. Been using maximuscle weight gainer but thats too expensive now anyone know of any home brew weightgainers that have worked for them or someone they know. would appreciate any suggestions...
1-4 of 4 Results