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  1. Natural Bodybuilding
    My name is Chad O'Sullivan and I am studying MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. My research project is 'Social media use in competitive bodybuilders'. The project's overall aim is to explore the perceptions of the impact social media has on competitive...
  2. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    A few days ago, I read on some websites what stated: "Testosterone has nothing to do with sex at all." In fact, this is a very big mistake Science has proven that there is a relationship between testosterone in the blood and sexual arousal The more testosterone was, the man was sexually strong...
  3. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Looking for serious Bodybuilders/Musclemen/Muscle Models who like posing in private for muscle worship sessions and want to have extra cash for their diet & supplements. For info also on Personal Management/Promotion/Social Media Image Making, . Relevant lads can send me an e-mail...
  4. General Conversation
    Hi, I am a masters student looking for female bodybuilders (recreational or pro) to complete a short online questionnaire as part of my dissertation research. It's about body image concerns across different groups of athletes, and will only take around 15minutes to complete. All data is...
  5. Bodybuilding Shows
    Hello all, Thanks so much for those of you who have been helping us out with advice and tips lately - it's really helpful! We're looking to put on the best bodybuilding show in London this summer and we're looking at making some additions to who will be at the show. We've got Ronnie...
  6. General Conversation
    hello i am looking for 2 super ripped body builders to participate in an art performance in bristol on sat 24 september in the evening. it is 1 hours work and i can offer a cash fee for each participant. message me if interested thanks d
  7. Bodybuilding Shows
    What do they all have in common? They're all coming down to BodyPower 2011, the list coming down is ridiculous! Check it out on May 21st and 22nd, know I will be...
  8. Steroid and Testosterone information
    why is it that none of the top pros talk about there steriod cycles in the mags or there dvds if is to protect people or not to condone steriod us then thats down to the individual to decide wether to take them
  9. General Conversation
    Witch do u think was better the old school bodybuilders like arnold and mike mentzer or modern day monster like jay cutler ronnie coleman? Think mike mentzer has one of best builds iv seen.
  10. Welcome Lounge
    Just a quick hello note, I am Jay from Essex, been into bodybuilding for about 4yrs and now looking to compete in my first show. currently going thru a bulk phase untill the end of march, then looking at 2 months maintainance and 16 weeks dieting. will be doing a journal so pls keep a look out...
  11. Getting Started
    hey guys im looking into yoga, maybe once a week. for stretching etc.. some say its good for the muscles for bodybuilders, others disagree... just looking for your thoughts on it please... thanks
  12. General Conversation
    What kind of women do bodybuilders most like? :tongue1:
  13. General Conversation
    Hello! My name is Daniel Ross, and I'm a photographer based in Leeds. I'm currently putting together a portraiture series about body builders and gym-goers about how men can represent themselves and how people portray themselves in society. We've been shooting now and are halfway through the...
  14. General Conversation
    Hey guys! I'm Kristina Vassilieva, I'm a London based photographer looking to undertake some personal projects in the upcoming months and wondering if there's anyone around here who's up for a photoshoot during one of your gym sessions? If anyone's interested in getting involved, please drop...
  15. General Conversation
    Hey Everyone, Just joined the forum today and thought I'd let you all know that I'm providing great priced training videos for builders and fitness enthusiasts. I've just finished a video production degree and setting up a new company and looking for anyone who would be interested in making...
  16. Welcome Lounge
    My name is charlie Harber, I am a photographer at UWE and have recently been following the idea of bodybuilders and the debate on steroids. If anyone from Bristol or around the area is willing to talk to me or even maybe let me photograph them I would be so grateful. Thank you
  17. Welcome Lounge
    Are there any over 40 bodybuilders like myself here?
  18. Supplementation
    Hi there! Ive read alot on tribulus and was wondering what the verdict was out there for if it does women any good to take these or not. Some opinions say its pointless others are all for it....just curious what the opinion here is. Any replies greatly appreciated! xax
  19. Welcome Lounge
    I have photographed bodybuilders & other sports since 1974 for several UK magazines.I am quite good at helping competitors maximise their posing & presentation,having sat through lots of bad posing at contests.
1-19 of 19 Results