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  1. Getting Started
    Not too sure what kinda body type i have i am currenly under wieght for my height being 72 kgs at 6'1" or 6'2" not too sure
  2. General Conversation
    Listen, I've tried everything to get a six pack, sit ups and crunches for hours on hours, starving myself some days and even fat trimming waist trainers. The only things that truly helped me were these 3 videos, I'd like to share them and hopefully they give you the same amazing results I had...
  3. Classifieds & Exchanges
  4. General Conversation
    Hey, looking for ripped guys from London, that are into muscle worship/admiration. (non sexual) PM me if interested
  5. Losing Weight
    Hello, i've been looking at my progress over the course of 6 months and it's only now i'm starting to see an improvement in my physique such as my core being more defined, my arms looking better etc. Which is great yet i'm wondering if this is how slow this progress should be and is there...
  6. Getting Started
    I'm new to fitness. I've began my journey 6 months ago, clean eating and working out, my workout plan consists of 4 days of strength training and two days of HIIT/CARDIO. I keep my diet clean but i also struggle with binge/eating disorder so i have a lot of bad days. My overall body has...
  7. Gaining Weight
    My age 22 and my current weight 48-49KG. my weight is not inreasing as well. now decided to take some medicine, protein, or weight gain product. Please see my attachment photo and suggest me some good product that really helpful to gain some weight.
  8. Personal Care & Health
    Hello all, new member here from the south of England. Curious to how many people have managed to get gynaecomastia surgery on the nhs?? Iknow its extremely difficult getting free surgery, my case is more the pronounced puffy nipples rather than fat tissue etc, Not through steroid use or...
  9. Getting Started
    I'ts important in hipertrophy train with you 1RM and how to calculate it? For days of strength how much time to rest between reps? In this moment i use frequency x2 for example Wednesday leg strength and Friday leg hypertrophy and so on Monday torso hypertrophy Thursday torso strength or with...
  10. General Conversation
    Any recommended ways / products to measure? Friend of mine is using calipers but electronic reader ones, takes some of the inaccuracies out. interest to find out how you guys measure? (if you don't then fine, but not really applicable to advise you use the mirror)
  11. General Conversation
    I remember when I first started getting into bodybuilding people would say ah you are definatley an ectomorph, others would say I am a mesomorph. To be honest I dont occupy my mind with it anymore, I just get on with training and do what I feel works best for me individually. However I have...
  12. Welcome Lounge
    Hey everyone ! I'm new to this site. I'm a daily vlogger and I'm trying to build a presence in the fitness world, tho It's not as easy as you may think ! lol My youtube channel is: Jkan_Vlogs
  13. Member Journals
    Cheers to everyone good peoples. =) Let me introduce you to my journey from the beginning... My story about the gym was started in high school with my 16-17yrs. when I was playing football and ice hockey in the winter time. In the hope that I will put on some muscle mass on my height of...
  14. Getting Started
    Try these basic exercises : - Squat Standing with the feet about hip width apart, sit back in the heels and then stand back up. Ten-12 reps. Progressions include the one-legged squat. - Lunge Forward lunge bending both legs. Alternate sides, doing 10-12 per side. Progressions include jumping...
  15. Getting Started
    hey just wanted to know what body fat % i need to get proper difined abs? according to the mens health website with a 35 inch waist (measured with tape) and being 174 pounds im 21% in got a 4 pack coming through so i think 21 aint right ? thanks
  16. Welcome Lounge
    hey people my name is jade henderson. just got into body building and needing some help to keep my weight down. was thinking of trying to get eph25 , any good ? :o
  17. Losing Weight
    I'm 17, I do have body fat at around a inch in height when I pull it and is pretty thick. I have a 31 inch waist and my belly sticks out. I'm 5ft 11 and weigh around 170... I'm looking to try and get my body fat to 10% and gain fitness for my pre-season. Any help would be very greatful, Thanks...
  18. Member Journals
    Hi, my name is Vladimir... im 25 180cm.. 84kg... pic 1 and 2.. 87kg fatty pic 3 and 4... 84kg pure...
  19. Getting Started
    Ok, so this is probably asked a lot, but I couldn't really find a thread so thought I'd ask just in case. I'm just starting out at the moment - about 2 weeks in. I used to run half-marathons, so body fat isn't too bad (11.6% apparently), but I'm a bit lacking on the muscle (30 push ups is about...
  20. Getting Started
    I know this is probably an age old question but i am interested to hear what works for others. I am currently training 3 times a week full body consisting of Squats OHP Bench press, arms, back. For the big lifts i do 5x5. I am predominantly aiming for size and bulk and keep wondering wether i...
1-20 of 86 Results