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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I am doing my first cycle from 21st September - 12th December (with a tapering off 3 week period) I am going to do three blood tests, one prior, one during the cycle, and one post cycle. When is the best time to do the during cycle blood test and the post blood test?? I will get back in touch with my cycle results
  2. Hi there, I have been on TRT for the last 9 months or so. I am a 27 year old with secondary hypogonadism . I am not a science guy and do what the doc tends to tell me. I started out taking Testosterone Cyp, injecting 0.5 ml once a week from a 200gm/ml vile....not even sure what the dose is! I combined it with HCG 2,500ui twice a week (if that sounds right.) Switched doctors, moved to the UK; everything is different here. The doc took me off the Test. as my RBC has tended to fluctuate; the Heamoglobin 174/176 g/L. They switched me to Androgels for a month...totally ineffectual for me and my Test levels went from 31 on injections to 10 (prior treatment i was 1.2-2). How high are these bloods? Are they likely to be a worry if i stay on T? If I did stay on Test. would switching to a different ester impact the RBC? The doctor wants me to be on HCG mono-therapy. I am open to the idea. I am however, curious as to why some doctors totally reject the idea of HCG mono-therapy and favor it only when combined with Test. when fertility is a concern. For me, fertility is not an issue. I just want to feel well, and after 4 weeks of renewed low T symptoms that were only getting worse, I dont really want to play the game of waiting another month here and there. Thanks!
  3. I've recently ordered a blood testing kit from medichecks. I usually go to private hospital for a nurse to take the blood form a vein in my arm. Unfortunately due to covid 19 my doctors and private hospital isn't taking bookings till further notice. Is it too risky/dangerous to get my misses to draw blood for me? Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, I am 24 years old and over the past few months, I started to feel really tired all the time. I got my bloods done and noticed my test and T3 is at the lower end of the "normal" spectrum. However because they are still within the range the doc won't give me anything to help with this. Do you guys know any natural ways to improve this?? Bloods: Free T3 = 3.6 pmol/L (normal range: 4.0-6.8) IGF-1: 28.8 nmol/L (normal ranage 10.5-47) Free T4: 18.4 pmol/L (normal 12-22) Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: 1.71 mlU/L (normal 0.27-4.20) Testosterone: 8.3 nmol/L (normal 7.6-31.4) So yeah, test and t3 are quite low. Any idea of how someone could improve these naturally?
  5. Hi fellas, need your help today. I’m struggling with high BP, I’m doing currently 5 cardio sessions a week, 25 min each. Taking also 1000 mg Hawthorne berry. I’m on cycle, Test and Deca.
  6. Came off of fairly long cruise of 100mg Test E per week from before end of last year and now in week four of the below cycle. All doses are per week, injectables split twice weekly on Saturday AM - Tuesday PM and AIs split over same days as injections. 500mg TM Test E 400mg TM NPP 350mg TM Winstrol 25mg Aromasin 0.5mg Caber Last time I tried Nandrolone was Deca and I f**ked up with high Prolactin resulting in some pretty horrible sides but this time I feel spot on running the NPP with Caber. Strength is increasing nicely as expected and effects of Winny are also quite impressive, happy days! Thing is, my libido is pretty comparable to being off or on cruise dose which I'm not complaining about as I can still perform no problem and doesn't annoy the wife like when running Test alone! Low libido down to low Prolactin? Is having low Prolactin liable to cause any health issues? Thanks
  7. Hi, I m in the 4th week of my first cycle: 1.3 ml per week of Test 400 (Test blend from sis labs), 50mg Anavar ED, 500iu HCG once a week I received the results for my first blood test: Testosterone= 49.9 17-BETA OESTRADIOL = 32.6 Liver values within range. What do you think? At the moment I am not taking Aromasin as it gave me a bad anxiety as a side effect. Are the results good?