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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, I got my blood test results, and need some info. Ofc I will discuss it with my gp, but I want to get a grip on him when we meet. My main concerns are the low hdl, and testosterone. Do you think gp will put me on trt with that number? I am 39 years old, been lifting 3 times a week. I am 183cm and 93kg. I also eat quite healthy, with occasional alcohol consumption, but no smoking and no any other drugs, and no previous ped use. Thanks
  2. So I recently decided to start a cycle. Was introduced to a source that supplied only warrior anabolics gear. Did a blood test 9 weeks into cycle and what a waste, natural test actually went down! Mainly putting this here to see if anyone else has had the same thing? I was recommended this lab as legit.
  3. Hi All , So did a blood test last week in preparation for a beginner steroid cycle and the results came in and and some results seem out of whack and my test seems higher than I thought. Also i have added the doctors note. Hello Taiko, Thank you for choosing Medichecks to monitor your health. Overall, your results are healthy however, there are a few areas which are out of range or could be optimised and are worth discussing in more detail You have slightly small red blood cells with a low MCH. Small red cells can be associated with anaemia and there are a number of possible causes. As your iron status is normal, the next step is to check for abnormal haemoglobin (such as that found in thalassaemia) with a haemoglobin electrophoresis test. You have low serum folate. I recommend increasing your intake of folate rich foods such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, peas, chickpeas and brown rice. You may also want to consider an over the counter folate supplement. Your uric acid level does not place you at risk of gout (low is okay). Your CK level is high, indicating either having high muscle mass, or engaging in heavy exercise or a protein rich meal prior to testing. Yours is only slightly raised today and not concerning. You have a slightly high level of creatinine. This is used to calculate your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Your eGFR is 60 which is borderline. I recommend repeating your test within the next 3 months. Please take care to drink a normal amount of water before your test as dehydration can cause high creatinine levels. Your basophil level is slightly high. Common causes for this include a recent infection and mild allergy. At this level there is no cause for concern. Your results are otherwise very good. You have healthy liver function, low inflammation and sufficient levels of iron, vitamin D and active B12. All your results for your thyroid profile are within the normal ranges. Your thyroid hormones are normal as are your thyroid antibodies revealing no evidence of autoimmune thyroid disease. Your serum cortisol level is within normal limits making a disorder of your cortisol production unlikely. Your hormone profile is normal with healthy levels of FSH, LH, DHEAs and Testosterone. Your protein levels are also normal and thus your calculated free testosterone level is within the normal healthy range. Your oestradiol and prolactin are normal. Your cholesterol profile is excellent with healthy levels of protective HDL cholesterol and normal levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol. Your HbA1c is normal indicating that you do not have diabetes. Best Wishes,
  4. Hi all, I am doing my first cycle from 21st September - 12th December (with a tapering off 3 week period) I am going to do three blood tests, one prior, one during the cycle, and one post cycle. When is the best time to do the during cycle blood test and the post blood test?? I will get back in touch with my cycle results
  5. Here are my mid cycle blood tests on 480mg of test e a week. I’m using nexus labs and this is my first cycle, over 8 weeks in. Using accord pharma aromasin 12.5mg 24 hours after pinning. Very good results from what I know. ?? For Nexus I ran Neuro Pharma anavar earlier in my cycle. Plan to do another oral later on too. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. ALBUMIN 35 - 50 R 40.4 g/L SHBG 18.3 - 54.1 R 8.63 nmol/L FSH 1.5 - 12.4 R <0.3 IU/L LH 1.7 - 8.6 R <0.3 IU/L OESTRADIOL 41 - 159 R 104 pmol/L TESTOSTERONE 8.64 - 29 R 188 nmol/L FREE TESTOSTERONE - CALC. 0.2 - 0.62 R 8.18 nmol/L FREE ANDROGEN INDEX 24 - 104 R 2,178.45 Ratio PROLACTIN 86 - 324 R 461 mU/L DHEA SULPHATE 4.34 - 12.2 R 10.8 umol/L Currently Running: 700mg test enanthate PW 350mg mast enanthate PW 25mg Proviron ED 12.5mg Exemestane ED Have been on 5 months.... not much sex drive considering ^^ Planned to drop the test to 500mg, and add anadrol and Winston at low doses...
  7. Hi every one. I'm on the 4st week of 250 mg testosterone. This is my second cycle and I'm cutting, that why I'm using that low dose to only maintain muscle and help with strength. The weight is decreasing at a good rate. I inject 125 mg testosterone on Monday and Thursday. Last week the injections were on Tuesday and Friday, on Saturday I donated the blood and today (Monday) I made a blood work. The results are: total testosterone: 6.28 ng/ml 17 beta estradiol sensitive 16.8 pg/ml. I did not expect that low testosterone level like natural range. What is happening? The testosterone is "Galenika testosteron depo" from a well know source on this board that at the moment is no more active and every one considered reliable. The first week on cycle was the fist week I did not progress on losing weight (the cutting was already going on) so that made me feel the testosterone is authentic. Also the Arimidex I'm using is pharma gear "Anastrazole accord" , the first week I was using 0.5 mg E2D and then I used 0.75 mg E2D. Based on "Steroid Calc" three day after the injection there is like the 60% of the peak of testosterone so this plus the donation blood maybe put my peak at about 10-11 ng/ml. Do you think this reasoning may be correct? If so, a peak level of 10 ng/ml may be reasonable even if I expected the double of this level. What do you think about? Is that normal? Am I a poor responder? I will immediately double the dose to 500 mg / week, keep the arimidex at 0.75 mg E2D (and up it to 0.5 mg ED only if I feel the need). Also I'm using 50 mcg T3 every day (Dimension Labs) and soon I will start 50 mg Anavar / day. All the other parameters on the blood test are perfect. Every comment, opinion and advice is well accepted.
  8. Had my testosterone levels checked exactly 5 weeks after my last jab, I’d been on TM test e for 15 weeks @ 400mg per week. Was expecting my testosterone to be close to 0 nmol/L by now (and was due to start my pct this weekend), but it has come back as 17.2 nmol/L. I haven’t used any hcg or SERM’s during this 5 week period. I was planning on starting my PCT this weekend (providing that my levels were low enough) but don’t know what to do now. Is it possible that my natural levels could have returned that quickly? I am 28 and had been off gear for 3 years prior to this cycle. I used a finger pr**k test from medichecks, could it be that the test results are wrong? I’m not sure how accurate finger pr**k tests are.
  9. Hi ther guys, im a little worried here and im seeking advice, its my first cycle, and im using testosterone enathate 500mg a week, split into two injections, 250mg, on monday and thursday. I also take arimidex, .25mg every day. Im just on the end of week 5, and have just had some blood tests done via medichecks.com, i did not get any precycle blood work done. Anyway, i want to know if my testosterone, and estradiol, are in the correct range, for somebody who would have taking testosterone enanthate 500mg a week, for 5 weeks. I personally don think they are and this is starting to worry me, but please take a look. Im questioning whether my gear is legit, or underdosed, i have SIS labs, and my source is an official reseller according to them. The reason i got a blood test is because, of i didnt get and increase in sex drive, however since starting this cycle, i have put on muscle mass, and my lifts have gone up faster than usual, im pretty sure my balls ahve shrunk my about 25 percent too. Here are my results, Testosterone- 8.95 nmol/l 17 beta oestradiol- 27.3 pmol/l these were from a finger pr**k sample, you send off in the post Thanks Harry