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Found 3 results

  1. Do you think adding cialis to your cycle is important to prevent prostate problems or blood pressure? Or you think it will make no significant difference? because a doctor advised me to take it even if I am not having sex!! although he didn't check my prostate or anything. Do you think he just wants me to buy medicines for just wasting my money? or he got a point?
  2. So,I am currently off cycle and decided to take my bp first time in my life.It came to 135/70.Can anyone comment on this value?How safe would it be to carry on cycling,since I’ve got no idea how high does it get on cycle.Does anyone have similar blood pressure to mine ?
  3. Can IF cause low BP?

    Just came back from the doctors office. The doctor measured my blood pressure to be 85 over 55. At the moment it was about 13 hours since last meal. I have been doing IF for about two weeks now, first week 16/8, then moving on to 18/6. My blood pressure have never been high, but these numbers look a bit extreme to me. Does anyone know of science or personal experiences where it was likely that fasting, short term or prolonged could be the cause of abnormally low blood pressure? Any good tips for getting it normalised? Besides jabbing 1g of tren