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Found 9 results

  1. Hey, Is it possible to blast and cruise test + tren without losing your mind?
  2. Hey guys, My questions is for the more experienced blast & cruisers. I'm currently on a TRT protocol of 200 mg/week of Test C along with .5 mg/week of Arimidex. Everything is going fine; there are no negative side effects that I can discern. Moreover, I have blood work coming up next week. Assuming that everything comes back OK, and I don't see why it wouldn't, I'll be on that weekly dose indefinitely. But....... I'm thinking about blast and cruising. I'd like the cruise to be that 200 mg/week TRT dose, and I'd like to blast at 500 mg/week. How long should I blast for? How much higher should my AI dose be while blasting? Thanks.
  3. Hi to all, 43 years old. Was 280lbs now 240lbs Using gear off and on for over a decade. Last cycle was high dosages of test and dhb. But have used pretty much everything at some point. When coming to end of cycle I was rushed to hospital for surgery for a non related issue. My mind was on the surgery. The pct which was just about to start was put in the background. Was focusing on healing from the wound. Surgery was in mid September.... Stress and twice daily visits to hospital as outpatient for weeks. Then Mrs says wants a kid.... Realised I had no lebido, had Ed... Weight suddenly dropped 40 lbs as I realised my whole focus was on my post surgery and nothing else. Fsh, estro and test low. prolactin slight raised.. Maybe due to high stress levels last few Months. Started bloods... 3 months after should have started pct. LH 1.7 (1.7-8.6) FSH 1.24 (1.50 - 12.40) E2 5.9 (11.3 - 43.2) PROLACTIN 25.60 (4.04 - 15.20) TEST 1.63 (8.64 - 29.00) System was clear of all hormones. All other bloods glucose, lipids, liver etc were all good and healthy range. Started WK 1-2 HCG 1500iu week. 3 x wk Blood tested End of week 2 Blood Test Results LH <0.1 (1.7 - 8.6) FSH <0.10 (1.50 - 12.40) E2 19.0 (11.3 - 43.2) PROLACTIN 17.40 (4.04 - 15.20) TESTOSTERONE 7.39 (8.64 - 29.00) Test level went up from 1.63 to 7.39 but still just out of low end. Week 3/4 due to response increased to 2500iu hcg Mon, Wed, Fri. After 4 weeks hcg my test went up to 8.9nmol/l (8.64 - 29.00). So bottom of lower range. Lh and fsh had gone to zero due to the hcg. Felt much better than before. Actually could get wood and sperm. Psychologically much better etc. Moved to clomid/nolva.. Week 5-8 clomid 50mg/day Nolva 20mg/day WK 9 clomid 25mg/day Nolva 10mg/day Wewk 10 clomid 25mg/eod. Nolva 10mg/eod Now at start of week 7 (day 11 of clomid), did a blood test. My test had dropped back down to 1.7nmol/l. A minute fraction over what I was at start of pct! But I was told this was normal. LH had DROPPED TO 1 from 1.7 (1.7 - 8.6) prior and FSH to 0.85 from 1.3 (1.50 - 12.40) and SHBG had jumped to 70.5nmol/l from 52.2 at end of week 4. So while starting to feel better on hcg I switch to clomid and feel like crap.with numbers worse than at testing before hcg. Psychologically very low, low mood, no motivation, the usual for low T and e. Is this the end of the road? My numbers aren't moving with the clomid and realise the plan made for me doesn't probably fit as I'm very shutdown. I've bumped clomid up to 100mg/day with Nolva 20mg which is what I used to do) so don't know if numbers will start to rise. Feel terrible. But I'll ride the wave if there's a possibility I can recover at some point. Was thinking to stay on clomid at 100mg for total of 4 weeks with 20mg Nolva. To try and bring up lh/fsh numbers. Then taper down over couple weeks. And retest bloods 4 weeks post? I appreciate the protocol I was given but I think starting low dose has f**ked me. As I'm so shut down with coma cock. When being so suppressed should have starterd at 2500i.u. of the bat with hmg. Any suggestions on how long I can stay on clomid etc in attempt to try and do a strong pct now? Also should this fail after testing is that it and move on to trt or could you do pct again? If possible I really ant to stay off trt for life.. But I say this knowing how long I've used gear off and on and the risks incurred. My conundrum is 2 fold... My Mrs is old. 43... So her chance sof pregnancy are very low anyway. Im doing a reboot to recover normal hpta but how long if ever will it take and will I have any sperm even. Year plus if ever maybe.?? Or go on trt dose and smash hcg/hmg hope my dick starts working with the test and get some sperm and at least try to conceive after 3 or 4 months My fear is even on trt, no pregnancy and then most definetly no chance of recovery to normal hpta with test useage again. I apologise for such a long winded thread. Anyone who's still here... Thank you.
  4. Right. Get this... I’m being employed by an affluent couple to make a baby with her. The money is big. They aren’t into the clinics. They hit me up and I’m looking to travel to them once a month for a few days (while she’s in peek ovulation) until the job is done. So.... I’ve been on self administered TRT for the past 4 years. 200mg. Test Cyp. A bit of Arimidex to keep E2 in place. “TRT” has been very good for me but I’m concerned that this could make me much less fertile than I would ideally. Otherwise, I’m a pretty healthy 34yo, drink lots of water, eat well, sleep well. Hang between about 10-12% body fat year-round. Also worth mentioning I’m currently on a blast of 500mg test and 270mg nandrolone, which I’ve been running for about 2 months - a bit of caber to mitigate any weird prolactin issues. All good. I’ve got about a month of prep time before the first trip out there. My questions are: What sort of protocols can I look at to optimise my chances of getting the job done? Drop back to 200mg test? Cycle HCG? What sort of protocol? What have you guys done to father kids who have been on the hormones? Any tips or tricks? Thanks in advance!!! Rich
  5. Bloods 3 month after pct

    Hello all. Here is my blood results 3 months after pct. Blasted and cruised for about 2 years (tren & test). Finished my pct off end of april (HCG HMG proviron nolva & clomid). FSH 2.2 mIU/mL LH 2.4 IU/L Testosterone 14 mnol/L F Test. (calc) 0.239 nmol/L (1.83%) SHBG 40 mnol/L FAI 32.5 Prolactin 118 mu/L Albumin 41g/l Everything is in range but mainly on the lower end. Is there anything I can do to boost the numbers up without going back on or should I be happy with the figures? Unfortunately I quit the gym when I was in pct, was feeling very down & depressed. I am now completely out of shape lol. I have crohns disease and a recent flare up has made me want to eat healthy and get back to the gym. Really for my healths sake. The beer and pizzas and feeling sorry for myself have taken its toll. So what I am asking, do my bloods look ok and is there anyway of giving myself abit of a boost when getting back to the gym without ruining my recovery so far. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. hey all! been blasting for 6 months trying to gain strength. ive had my bloods done just before Xmas and everything was sweet. Using various compounds, with Test always being my base. 3/4 weeks ago I switched my Tren ace ( 600mg ) to NPP ( 350mg ) i lost a bit of strength but nothing to major, I think the fact I didn't lose to much was because the sides of Tren weren't allowing me to train to the full potential of the dose I was taking. im currently on 550mg test and 350mg NPP/week. im going to continue for 2 ish weeks by the end I would of tested my 1RM on my 3 main lifts. then cruise for a minimum of 3 months. my questions I have are ( obviously I know variables play a part in my answers - but just an overall average is something I'm after ) dropping to the equivalent of 250mg test every 14 days how much strength am I likely to lose? - my lifts are still within what a natural lifter of my weight could lift but they're good for my weight still. in using 5/3/1 as my program, shall I continue this on my cruise ? if so, how would I do it if/once my strength drops? should I wait till I fail a required rep and then test my new 1RM and start my program accordingly or just reduce my lifts my 2.5%? for those of you doing true TRT dosing, what's your protocol for pinning? and which esters would you say will give me consistent levels - I ask due to such a low dose, I don't really fancy peaking and dropping and noticing that.. Thanks
  7. I've run a couple of successful cycles and am now (...inevitably) considering blasting and cruising. I've scoured the forums and see plenty of people warning about the risk of infertility, but has anyone actually experienced any difficulty first-hand? Got a few friends who've had kids no problems, but obviously I'd like double check before committing.
  8. PCT after 6 months BnC or 9 months

    Howdy folks, just wanted people's opinions. I'm 26 years old and half way through my first blast and cruise (5 months out of 9), currently cruising on 200mg test-e per week. Followed by 5000ui HCG, in a couple weeks I was gonna blast at: 500mg test-e per week 50mg EoD tren (for 8 weeks) 50mg dbol (for 6 weeks) Then for coming off/PCT: 5000ui HCG over the last month + first week off last pin Nolvadex 40/20/20/20/10/10/10/10 2 different peptides - CJC1295 and MK677 2 different natural test boosters (why not) I'm concerned with HPTA recovery after being on for a while (US forums seem to act like it's the end of the world), don't really wanna be on TRT for the rest of my life at my age. But does it really make a difference from 6 months to 9? I've recovered just fine after 4 month cycles before, so I'm wondering whether to just come off now and do another cycle in 5 months or so; or just continue with my original plan. Had blood work done and everything's fine by the way, it's just eventual natural recovery I'm thinking about. What do you guys think?
  9. Hi all, New here, got a quick question for you all... im 27, done 2 cycles so far and looking to start Blast and Cruise in a August. I don’t know how long for yet. anyway, myself and the missus would like to have a child, but not for a few years at least - we already have one conceived before my first cycle. basically what I would like to know is, am I better trying HCG whilst blasting AND cruising, or just when cruising? I have seen a lot of comments saying Estrogen levels are more difficult to control whilst using HCG especially on a blast, but is it also a waste of time in terms of sperm count/fertility? Am I best to wait until I’m cruising then try HCG at 500iu a week (split into two doses)? btw if/when we decide to try and have kids I may decide to come off instantly to start trying or may change my luck and try for 2-3 months whilst cruising. forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, I’ve looked and can’t find a decent answer. I know this is very person dependant but anyone with experience in this that gives advice would be massively appreciated.