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  1. Form and Technique
    So I've been going to the gym for a bit and I've noticed an issue with my right arm. It seems to be missing a part. So Imagine if you flexed the part which is nearest to the shoulder is really flat so the biceps left side has a peak but the right is completely flat. So I was wondering is this an...
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey guys. I'm looking to use new sites for pinning as I think I've fried a few of my current ones. Was thinking of adding teardrop in my quads, biceps and chest. Was thinking about lats and traps, but they don't sound overly desirable. Calves can do one. So, just to get this right...
  3. Getting Started
    Thought i'd quickly post up an arms routine I put together a couple of yrs ago that came back to my mind last night. 1) Start off with some EZ drag curls. I use drags to make sure to take the tension off the delts and firmly onto the bi - it also helps avoid the rocking/swinging movement so...
  4. Getting Started
    Hi, I haven't been working out long. I try and do bicep curls, but can no longer progress as my forearms hurt too much. I end the set, and begin again, then the forearms hurt. Same with lat pulldowns - my forearms hurt, but not my lats! What do you suggest? R
  5. General Conversation
    Hi all New on here and liking it so far - seems some really good / knowledgable people on here. I'm quite new to the all 'online' lark, but have started using a few good sites including this one. I'm into trying new exercises and making it competitive. A guy at my gym told me about Konkura...
  6. Getting Started
    When looking down at my arm and flexing my bicep, there seems to be an inch gap between my bicep and foreman, can you close this and add more mass? or is it just genetics.
  7. Getting Started
    alrite people, need advice with my bicep training,every other muscle i can get a good 4sets out of reps like 10,8,8,6, and i always make progress in size and strength,but my biceps seem to burn out after around 2 to 3 sets of curls so that i get 10,then 7 then 3 then 3 and then they are...
  8. Getting Started
    A friend of mine recommended this workout the other week; he spent a couple of years in LA in the mid to late 80's and trained with a few of the top IFBB pro's of the day. He said it's a good way to force the bicep to respond as in sort of a shock treatment. Anyway it sounded that barking I...
  9. Getting Started
    Ive only been training 3 months now and although im growing in other areas im struggling with my bicep. Ive only managed to put on just over half an inch (14.5 inches) am i over training or under training? I use free weights at home and my routine is: concentration curls 3x12/10 16kg barbell...
  10. Getting Started
    I was doing chest and arms last night and was using a cable mac for led flat bicep curls. my left forearm gave up the ghost long before my bicep did. any ideas on this one???
  11. Classifieds & Exchanges
    My m8's got his BICEP look-a-like numbr plate for sale... the exact plat is atachully.. B1 CFP but with a simple bolt looks like the same as B1CEP but just not for the same price.. Anyone interested.. Currently on retention!! offers..
  12. Getting Started
    I recently completely tore my right bicep tendon , Surgeon dosn`t want to surgically reattach it , to many complications, ie nerve damage, is what he says. I am looking at getting second opinion. I`m 49 been lifting since I was a Teen. Anyone have any input, results from surgury or lack of. Thx.
1-12 of 13 Results