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Found 7 results

  1. hi all, Ive got some plates fairly cheaply over the last few days (around 160kg's), a 4.5ft barbell and some dumbell bars But looking for a bench, probably an adjustable one, i was thinking of a bench rack aswell, but finding that it folds away for storage and adjustable is hard to find. the two adjustable one that i have found are https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FLYBIRD-Adjustable-Weight-Bench-Fitness-Gym-Lifting-Training-Incline-Decline/363072053819?hash=item5488c7e23b:g:NxsAAOSwKiZfMQMI and https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/1953524236?iid=402365902622 any recommendations?
  2. Hi I am looking for any kind of powerlifting or strength competition in Nottingham or surrounding area any ideas
  3. Bench help

    Hi,I've decided to cancel the gym membership, and get some equipment at home. I've seen this bench: Jetstream MM300 FID Utility BenchHas anyone had any experience of it? I can't seem to find any info on the company Jet Stream, no reviews apart from what's on powerhouse's page.I'm looking for a good bench with incline/decline. I have a squat rack, I just need a bench. This has preacher pad, and legs attachment which I thought was a bonus. I can't find much with these add-ons for this price. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Pec Muscle Injury Help

    Hi everyone, After a week holiday with no gym in the first week of January, when I got back to the gym I came across an injury I from Bench pressing. The injury appeared to be in left shoulder area and I experienced sharp pain when doing any movement or sleeping on it for the first 2 days after. After that it was all fine so I again started to train after a week off but them when I did any kind of push movement it would give sharp pain in the left shoulder. I did lots of dips (surprisingly it didn't hurt) instead of push exercises such as bench and push ups. Everything was going well so I started to do bodyweight push ups and pushed myself too much which I feel hurt it again. So I let it rest for like 3 weeks So it was now 2 months since the injury and I decided to go to a physio, she looked at the injury and massaged it to identify it was in fact a pec muscle injury and said it is nothing serious and I should continue training but with little resistance and build it up. It's been nearly a month since the appointment and nothing has changed, I can do dips and low reps of push ups but when I train pushups properly I get the sharp pain again and it hurts slightly the next day with movement but then goes away the day after. Sorry for the long story, has anyone else experience thisor should I visit the physio again? Any help would be very appreciated, Thanks.
  5. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Alright guys so the lockdown is in effect and the gyms have been closed for a while also. I don't have weights myself at home (I have some on order but god knows when they'll arrive) but I'm addicting to training like pretty much everyone on here. So I decided to film my home workouts improvising as best as possible with what i have and to be honest I'm having some cracking workouts.
  6. Returning to the platform

    Okay so I intend to return to competition as long as everything continues to improve and injury stays at bay it will be February dates yet to be confirmed the goal for next year is to quilify and compete in the British champs I will Don nothing in between no bench only comps no fu**ing around the finals is my focus
  7. I have these items below for sale, all new in box ready to be assembled. I can deliver the items personally to you and even set them up for you if you wish. Please DM me for prices. Megatech adjustable column bench £250 Some important features of the MegaTec Ultimate Adjustable Bench: Extremely steadfast and stable, capable of heavy loads up to 400 kg. The seat and backrest can be quickly and safely adjusted. The seat is adjustable in 3 positions. The backrest is adjustable in 15 positions, from -10° decline to 82° upright/ incline. Ergonomically shaped pads set-up with widening in the lower back for optimum posture. Comfortable upholstery with thick padding, carrying MegaTec logo. With non-slip rubber feet that also protect the floor. With wheels and handle, for quick and easy transport of the bench. Lots of attachments available, see 'Drop Down Menu'. Plate-load attachments are for use with olympic (2"/ 50mm) weight plates. Packed weight and dimensions: 49kg 142x32x44cms. Barbarian line squat rack £400 Some important features of the Barbarian Line Multi-Press/ Squat Rack: Suitable for a multitude of bar exercises from pressing (with a bench) to squatting. Gun Rack - 8 positions. Individually adjustable safety hooks - 400mm in length. Solid steel box-section construction. Features an integrated chin-up bar. Optional Dumbbell Rack available for the storage of dumbbells. Includes olympic (2"/ 50mm) weight plate storage. Very steadfast - cantilevered. Safeties can remain in place for incline bench press, but not flat bench press. Suitable for light-commercial use. Complies with European safety standard EN957. Additional specifications: Dimensions ( DxWxH ): 145 x 175 x 205cm. Gun Rack load capacity: 500kg. Safeties load capacity: 250kg. Optional dumbbell rack load capacity: 150kg. Colour: black. Product weight: 70kg. Bar and weights not included. Sold separately. ATX eco power bar £125 Features of the ATX Eco Power Bar: Made of very strong and elastic spring steel. Special chromium steel alloy with 185,000 psi (tested!). Heavy loads up to 500kg. 20kg weight with minimal deviation. Flexible pivot bearing with durable brass bushings. Medium deep knurling with Olympic and Powerlifting markings. The knurling extends to close to the sleeves for wide grips. No centre knurl in the middle of the bar. 50mm diameter sleeves suitable for olympic weight plates. The bar and the sleeves are extremely durable chromed. High ends sealed with yellow ATX logo. Suitable for use with olympic (2"/ 50mm) weight plates. Sold separately. Specification of the ATX Economy Power Bar: Length: 220 cm. Weight: 20.00 kg. Weight Tolerance: +/- 0.2%. Handle Thickness: 28.5mm. Handle Width / inside size: 131 cm. Material: Spring steel. Strength: 185,000 psi. Taxability Bench press: 500 kg. Dead Lifts: 400 kg. Squats: 300 kg. Knurling: Powerlifting & Olympic. Knurl marks: 810/910 mm. No centre knurl. Shaft Coating: Chrome. Sleeve Coating: Chrome. Sleeve Type: Smooth. 50 mm diameter sleeve. Length of sleeve: 42 cm. Brass bearing bushes. ATX SOLID RUBBER PREMIUM BUMPER PLATES (2 x 20kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 5kg) ATX Premium PU-Coated Tri-Grip Olympic Weights (4 x 2.5kg) £250 TOGETHER, ASK FOR INDIVIDUAL PRICES Features of the ATX Solid Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates (Black): Hard-rubber olympic weights. Display weight in kilograms, with white ATX logo. Features a steel insert for easy loading and unloading. Note: rounded insert. The outer diameter of each weight is 450mm, except the 5kgs that are 440mm. We recommend using weight plates on a protective layer of at least 8mm thick. For use with olympic (2"/ 50mm) bars only.