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  1. General Conversation
    hi all, Ive got some plates fairly cheaply over the last few days (around 160kg's), a 4.5ft barbell and some dumbell bars But looking for a bench, probably an adjustable one, i was thinking of a bench rack aswell, but finding that it folds away for storage and adjustable is hard to find...
  2. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Hi I am looking for any kind of powerlifting or strength competition in Nottingham or surrounding area any ideas
  3. Equipment
    Hi, I've decided to cancel the gym membership, and get some equipment at home. I've seen this bench: Jetstream MM300 FID Utility Bench Has anyone had any experience of it? I can't seem to find any info on the company Jet Stream, no reviews apart from what's on powerhouse's page. I'm looking...
  4. Member Journals
    Latest Gym TechnologyWould you take advantage of new technology installed in your gym's equipment (incl. dumbbells) if it could track all of your weigh training workouts?Yeah sure, I'd be interested to give it a go0No thanks, I'm happy with my notepad0
  5. Member Journals
    Alright guys so the lockdown is in effect and the gyms have been closed for a while also. I don't have weights myself at home (I have some on order but god knows when they'll arrive) but I'm addicting to training like pretty much everyone on here. So I decided to film my home workouts...
  6. Competitive Journals
    Okay so I intend to return to competition as long as everything continues to improve and injury stays at bay it will be February dates yet to be confirmed the goal for next year is to quilify and compete in the British champs I will Don nothing in between no bench only comps no fu**ing around...
  7. Classifieds & Exchanges
    I have these items below for sale, all new in box ready to be assembled. I can deliver the items personally to you and even set them up for you if you wish. Please DM me for prices. Megatech adjustable column bench £250 Some important features of the MegaTec Ultimate Adjustable Bench...
  8. Strength Training & Powerlifting
  9. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Hello Guys, I have recently started a company that produces strength sports and fitness Movies. I made the film below with Plymouth Performance Gym and i would love to get some feedback from some guys in the powerlifting community to see what you think? I will be making a number of movies...
  10. Natural Bodybuilding
    I was wordering is flat bench needed, because you can train the upper (pectoral minor) and lower portions (pectoral major) of chest seperately, so for bodybuilding purposes, which is better? I feel as though you would be able to get better development.
  11. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Hi guys, I dont know much about powerlifting but im getting pretty strong and a few people have recommended I check it out so i was just wondering how strong Id need to be so im not laughed out of the place half as strong as everyone else. Im 19 6ft3 weigh 95kg my 1rm for bench press is 150kg...
  12. Member Journals
    Going to start logging my progress on here. I already have 2 accounts but cant seem to get them to work so started this one. Anyway im a powerlifter as im too short for strong man and to fat to be a body builder my best competition lifts are a 250kg squat a 165kg bench and and 230kg deadlift i...
  13. Classifieds & Exchanges
    IronMaster Super Bench for sale. Please visit website for full details. My bench is in excellent condition having only been used for about 6 months. It hasn't been used in over 2 years as I am now back at a gym. I also have the leg ext/ leg curl attachment (with the...
  14. General Conversation
    really happy about this guys, check out the page and enter "deadlift" for a 5% discount on everything!
  15. Member Journals
    really happy about this guys, check out the page and enter "deadlift" for a 5% discount on everything!
  16. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    So I'm gonna be on the bodybuildingrev strength wars show, theyre coming over to film it tomorrow, problem is I have a minorly torn tricep tendon, got the new metal orange slingshot to try rehab it, here 23 reps with 140kg in it at 90kg...
  17. Getting Started
    Hi all, I've dabbled in and out the gym for a few years now, mainly for enjoyment reasons but recently I've enjoyed the gains and ive started taking it all a bit more serious since people have noticed the gains and commented more regularly. I have a good knowledge of the gym/exercises and ive...
  18. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Hit a (632.5lb) bench at 93kg (198lb weight class) was about half an inch from touching but still proud of this lift it's a big pb for me at this weight...
1-18 of 21 Results