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Found 12 results

  1. Cut or bulk first

    Not sure if I should cut or bulk first? I'm 31, 6'4'' 190 lbs Not sure what my BF% is? Maybe 15% to 20%? Should I try and cut to 10-15% before bulking? Any help and advice welcome. Thanks
  2. Advice for Starter

    Hi, Just joined and looking for a bit of advice.. I joined a local gym 3 months ago and have started out on gym plan they provided. I dont have the first one but they swap it out every 6 weeks so the 2nd one is below (currently on this plan) Routine A - 10 min warmup / Leg press 45degree (4x15 reps) / Leg Extension (4x10 reps) / Seated Leg Curl (4x12 reps) / Hack Squat (4x15 reps) / Abductor( 3x15 reps) / Ad Crunch (3x15 reps) / Core Board (3 x max) / 30min Cardio Routine B - 10 min warmup / Horizontal Chest Press (4x15 reps) / Incline Chest Press (4x12 reps) / Peck Deck (3x10 reps) / Dumbell Shoulder Press (4x15 reps) / Lateral Raises (3x12 reps) / Barbell Frontal Raises (3x12 reps) / French Tricep Extensions (4x15 reps) / 30min Cardio Routine C - 10 min warmup / Machine Lat Pulldown (4x15 reps) / Row Machine (4x15 reps) / Barbell Rows (3x12 reps) / Rear Peck Deck (3x12 reps) / Barbell Curl (4x12 reps) / Hammer Curl (3x12 reps) / Leg Raises (3x15 reps) / Core Board x3 / 30min Cardio Any good? At first I struggled but I can do 40kg's on most of these although the last few reps are a stretch. I am 33 / 186cm and 88.35kg. My goal is to lose some fat and really bulk up. I really haven't exercised for years but consider myself fairly strong. Ive done a fair bit of research online but struggling a bit with the best way to make my gains effective - particularly with diet.. On the average day I eat - blended spinach/fruit/seeds in the morning and maybe cereal, sandwich or something similar for lunch and chicken/beef/salad in the evening - fruit snacks. I drink a lot of coffee but have cut back and dont drink alot of water. And smoke although again trying to cut back. I bought this creatine and whey protein which I haven't started using yet. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002DYIZGC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01AEWOIB0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Really im just looking for some general advice, theres a ton of info online but getting something personal and relevant is difficult. Thanks! A
  3. Hi, I am in my early twenties and a relative beginner who has only been going to the gym for a few months. I am an average weight for my height/age - 73kg and 181cm. I know many of you here are very experienced and knowledgeable with a lot of wisdom regarding gym-going, so I would really very much appreciate it if you could have a look at my goals & plan and make any comments or suggestions. GOALS: I'm not aiming to be a bodybuilder, I just want to have some decent visible muscle on my upper body and flatten out my belly/abs. Think more Brad Pitt in Fight Club as opposed to The Rock. I can only commit 2-days-per-week to the gym (usually Monday and Friday). I know this isn't ideal, but it's the reality of my schedule. I know this may take a lot longer to get to my ideal physique, but I'm willing to play the long game and hopefully keep it at that level throughout my life. I will also go a run 1-day-per-week for cardio, and I go regular walks, and hiking in the mountains on average once a month. CURRENT WORKOUT ROUTINE: I do this same workout every time I go to the gym. This is the correct order in which I do it. I know I would be better changing it up completely every so often, but I find it very difficult to learn full new workouts/routines/form etc. Ideally I'd like to keep as much the same as possible. 1.) Abs: All of this TWICE [25 crunches, 15 sit ups, 30 raised leg crunches, 30 crunches with leg extension, 44 alternating heel touches, 50 scissor kicks (criss cross), 50 scissor kicks (up & down), 30 russian twists with 9kg kettlebell, 44 mountian climbers, 44 mountain climbers (2nd time)] 2.) 3 x 15 [30kg] Barbell Squats 3.) 2 x 10 Assisted Pull Ups (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifed]) 4.) 2 x 10 Assisted Dips (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifted]) (I try to focus more on tricep dips) 5.) 2 x 10 Assisted Chin Ups (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifted]) 6.) 2 x 10 [12kg per dumbbell] Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Military Press 7.) 2 x 10 [12kg per dumbbell] Standing Dumbbell Curls 8.) 2 x 10 [16kg per dumbbell] Dumbbell Bench Press 9.) 2 x 10 [Approx 28kg] Cable/Rope Tricep Extension/Tricep Pushdown 10.) Abs: 60seconds front plank, 30 seconds side plank (right), 30 seconds side plank (left) DIET: Immediately after each gym workout I eat approximately 35g protein (in 130g chicken with 4 slices of wholegrain bread sandwiches), a 15g protein protein bar, and an apple. Every morning for breakfast I have 2 Weetabix with some musili, branflakes, a banana and about 30g mixed nuts. The rest of the week I don't consume protein products specifically but have a fairly healthy and balanced diet with a mixture of meat, carbs, fruit and vegetables. My diet isn't perfect but is reasonably healthy. What I am pretty much looking for is literally any suggestions to improve this workout routine (or diet) and achieve my goals as specified above, within the confines of my schedule. Any comments or suggestions or answers are welcome, no matter how critical, I don't mind. If you think my full plan/strategy is completely wrong then I am happy with this and glad you have told me. Thank you very much in advance for all your help. Cheers, Stephen.
  4. weakling returns

    I was first on this forum a fair few years ago. I was inadequate about my body then an still am to a degree. I tried some exercises at home and made some progress which startled me even though it was minuscule. and then I practised in a gym. After a time I injured my left shoulder and it was bad. Was in a hell of a lot of pain for two months. I then got physio and the physiotherapist said "you are weak, therefore we have something to work with". Thanks. Great!!! So she gave me some exercises to do at home and also told me to do pilates. I have been doing my weekly pilates class now for two years. So its now time to bring in more training bit by bit. Just workgn out at home at the moment. Equipment = one weight bench. One set of adjustable dumbbells, a pull up bar and two pieces of theraband gold one of which is 4 meters. The dumbbells go up in units of 1Kg, so I have today ordered some half kilogram weights to that I can increase weight by smaller increments when I feel right. A bit of background: I have a history of chronic fatigue, candida and (something i found out about while going through my journey of alternative health) some rather nasty co-infections that I have been controlling with rife therapy (incidentally I learned so much about rife therapy that I am now periodically hired to run conferences in Rifing). I know I don't have to get massive, just to stop looking quite so emaciated and weak and thus to improve general health such as immune responses and the like. My weight is about 12 stone and my height is about 6ft3 inch. Since the beginning of December and not including Christmas week, I have been doing 30 minutes of whole body workout with the limited resources I have at home about 5 days a week. Now I intend to on all days apart from the day when I do pilates, to do that seem 30 minute workout and steadily increase resistance. Exercises that I am working on (as its mainly upper body as my pilates seems to do the core and the legs reasonably well) Arnies, bicep curl, triceps extension, shrugs, chest presses and flys at the three incline angles that my little weight bench will go at an lying down (face down) rows. I have also started dumbbell calf raises (on a plank to increase range of motion) and extensions with the quads using the theraband for resistance. Also pull up bar slow descends and the occasional rise when the body thinks it can do it. No I cant do much more then 2 pull ups and I am cautious of the bad shoulder which still aint right even after all the work that has gone into its healing. Proteins are mainly from Huel and Huel black. Already my flat elastic bands inside my bicep area has turned into somewhere half way between a golf ball and a tennis ball. Ok, its closer to the golf ball...... Any pointers you can give would be welcomed.
  5. Hi all, As the title says, I could really use some help as regards my diet. I'm relatively new to this and I understand as a late starter I've got a lot to learn. My whole life I've been overweight! 18 months ago I hit a low as my weight peaked at 18 and a half stone!! I'm 5'10" and realised I needed to do something quickly so started on the keto diet. Managed to get down to 13 and a half but over the last few months its crept back up to just over 15 stone. For the last month I've been going to Santino's Gym in Derby and love it! currently go 4 times a week and will be adding cardio to my routine this week. So I finally I get to the point, I still want to shed fat but build muscle at the same time, which I'm told is something that can't be done! how many calories should I be aiming at taking on board a day and what should they be made up of (protein, fat, carbs)? Sorry about the whole back story bit but thought it would help to know a bit about me. Thanks in advance for any help
  6. Improve my workout

    Hello folks, beginner looking for some help on how to improve or change my current workout. Currently planning on going back to the gym next week and really looking to change my old workout from last year that I basically put together myself. Any tips or improvements to the current workout would be greatly appreciated. To fill you guys in; 25 years old, male, 140lbs, currently trying to bulk up and looking to grown in size and strength. Any other info needed just ask away. Cheers. Monday: Chest and Biceps Bench Press 4s 5reps Incline Dumbbell Press 3s 12reps Dumbbell Bench Press 3s 12reps Dumbbell Flys 3s 12 reps Pinwheel Curls 3s 4rep Standing Barbell Curl 3s 12reps Preacher Curls 3s 12reps Tuesday: Legs Squats 4s 5reps Leg Press 3s 12reps Leg Extension 3s 12reps Deadlift 5s 5reps Leg Curls 3s 12reps Sit Ups (Failure) Wednesday: Shoulders and Triceps Seated Barbell Press 4s 5reps Seated Arnold Press 3s 12reps Barbell Front Raise 3s 12reps Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3s 12reps Shrugs 3s 12reps Closegrip Bench Press 5s 5reps Seated French Press 2s 12 reps Skullcrushers 2s 12reps Pull Ups 3s 10reps Thursday: Back, Calves and Abs Deadlift 4s 5reps Barbell Rows 3s 12reps Lat Pull Down 3s 12 reps Seated Cable Row 3s 12 reps Standing Calf Raise 3s 15reps 45 Degree Calf Raise 2s 30reps Planks 3s 60>secs
  7. Hi all, I’m relatively new to bulking and don’t know where to start. Looking at my goals I should be eating around 3,000 calories a day and around 200g of protine. I’d be very greatful if anyone can help me with the below questions. 1. Do I eat 3,000 calories a day even though I’m training 3/4 days a week? Or do I cut on the days I’m not training (All lifting) 2. How long do you bulk for? And when is a good time to start cutting. 3. To help boost calories and protein should I have a pre and post workout shake? thanks!
  8. Where to go with training?

    Hi Guys, new to this. I train 6 days a week splitting sessions up in to body parts. Have been training for years to get to where I am now but am ready to really take it to the next level. Want to know where I need to work, not work, exercises I need to do more or less of and which body parts I need to be focusing on to look bigger and better. Interest is plainly in looking good and big!
  9. New to the site

    Hey all, been training / lifting for a year and looking to step it up alevel. Came on here for advice and guidance on best way to get results!! Look forward to talking to you all.
  10. Just beginning after years of only light cardio (walking and running at weekends), I've started a workout with a 12 kg kettlebell of two sets of 26 overhead presses (13 on each arm) and then ten sets of 20 alternating front press-aways (10 straight, 10 at 45 degrees, each set). Five days a week. My goal is to bulk up my chest, shoulder and arm muscle. Doing the above routine five days a week, how soon would it be before I see noticeable improvement in torso and arms? Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Absolute Beginner!

    Hi! **essay warning** So I’ve just joined this forum as I really want to start body building. I don’t want to be extreme, but would love to be toned and I guess a bit sculpted! I am a gym member already and am rather bored of what I do in there when I get there. I’ve lost 2 stone over the last 6 months to finally become a size 8-10 uk using a mixture of diet and gym work. It was great to get the weight off but I’m not toned in my tummy area at all! In fact I have an unhappy looking belly button ? I eat a lot of protein already. I do have a cheat day every Sunday. But I’m not losing anymore weight? I’ve been the same for the last month. To add to that, my role at work has stepped up and I’m doing longer days. So because of this I’m now struggling to have any energy to keep up with the gym and have started to skip dinners when I get in. My whole routine has been demolished. I wake up at 5am (naturally), but don’t leave the house for work until 8am. I don’t get home until 730-8pm. And by then I’m knackered! I’ve downloaded the 8fit app to do daily exercises. I’ll do a couple a week and then find myself fobbing it off to do housework or my partner rings me whilst he is travelling to work and so I sit on the phone for an hour. Even though we live together ? I really want to get on a plan and get a routine going again but I’m struggling to see how I can fit things in. I find it easier to control my eating than control my exercise. What diet should I be following? I also really need advice on what I can do at home on days I can’t get to the gym because of its opening times. And what I should be doing when I’m there on my days off. Any help appreciated!
  12. Lower back arch

    Hy. I am 16 year old teenager from UK.i am working out pretty consistently and i train basketball.Recently i have noticed an arch in my lower back(look at photos). And i believe that it isnt normal to have it.and i think it possibly could hinder me to preform in basketball(or everyday life in general).Can you help me find out what it is and possibly how to fix it. Thanks for all replie answers in advance.