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  1. Form and Technique
    For years I've been curling an EZ bar because a straight bar caused pain in the wrists. But I only recently tried it again and found it doesn't any more. Probably what happened is I got used to the position during chinning on a straight bar, where the force is along the wrists not across it. I...
  2. Equipment
    I have seen a couple of topics asking if anyone knows where they can purchase an olympic barbell. As you guys already know all of the super stores are massively delayed and will take a month atleast to get you anything. I have ordered a barbell of The customer...
  3. Equipment
    Gotta start on that garage gym before I lose the little muscle I have hah! Cheers lads.
  4. Advanced Bodybuilding
    I've tried using an e-z bar before for skulls but I find it restricts movement to a position that put unwanted pressure on my elbow joints, so I switched to dumbbells. It's harder with dumbbells, can't use as much weight but it feels better, more pump but not necessarily more growth. What kind...
  5. Welcome Lounge
    Hi All, I'm new to lifting in general and after some advice. I currently own a multi purpose workout bench which came with 35kg of vinyl weights. I've had it a few years and never really used it until recently. Almost exclusively did cardio with some very minor lifting. Ive been doing...
  6. Classifieds & Exchanges
    I am selling my complete home/garage gym setup. Im moving house in the next couple of months and wont have the space to take it all with me. BodyGrip Power Rack in Black - 450kg rating. Includes dip bars, peg bands and multi grip pull-up bar...
  7. Getting Started
    Yea yea I know it's funny, I should know this by now but is it upper or lower, I've always thought it was upper but recently saw online and they class it as lower. But on some sites it's classed as upper?
  8. Getting Started
    Whenever I do barbell rows, the lowest part of my back hurts for a short period of time afterwards, whenever I move it. ie, when I stand upright after doing the rows. Am I doing it horribly wrong? I've watched videos and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it the same... Any tips? Thanks
1-8 of 8 Results