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  1. Natural Bodybuilding
    Hey guys, What's the best training routine to maximize arm gains? I'm not training just to get big arms, I have pretty skinny arms and would like to put on some arm mass as I'm an athlete. I'm happy with my strength: 200lb bench (7 reps x 3 sets), 400lb squat (7 reps x 3 sets) and size of...
  2. Getting Started
    Hey there! I'm still quite new to working out and I've noticed that my right arm is soo much stronger than my left arm. So should I work out more on my left arm until it reaches the same standard and less on my right arm? or shall I continue working my right arm at the same pace as before( I'm...
  3. Getting Started
    Ok guys i have just recently started doing a full body work out but my right arm bicep has always been bigger that my left arm (no funny comments the reason why:jerkit:!!) do i need to compensate for this or will it just catch up with the other arm? many thanks, Dan
  4. Getting Started
    hey guys,any examples of how much your curling please? I wanna know what im aiming for to get 17inch guns. Ive gone from 22kg at at reps of 10,8, failure to doing two warm up sets of 15kg to ONE set of 26kg for 6 reps. My arms have gone from 14 and a quarter inches to 15 inches over 6 months...
  5. General Conversation
    Broke it tonight, any of you done the same while working through a training regime? Been the same afterwards, training wise? Break's just above elbow if that matters. Bit worried bout long term...
  6. General Conversation
    right then who shaves it off, Been thinking today lol
  7. Member Journals
    right, taking the plunge- kind of. here's me last month on the cable curl at the gym at UCF. not really a pose as such, but it will do for now. holding at just under 18stone, guns at 18.5inches....and you guessed it- natural. currently holding the most body fat i have ever had, approx 20% with...
1-7 of 11 Results