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  1. Getting Started
    Hi, I’m a newbie so this topic must’ve been covered 1000s of times, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend an app where I can find suggestions for and track weight training thanks in advance
  2. General Conversation
    Can UK Muscle be turned into an app or have I just not found it?
  3. General Conversation
    Hello everyone, I introduce myself, my name is Carlos Medina (ig: @carlos10medina) and as I have put in the title I am a bodybuilding competitor (natural, in the AECN) and also I am an industrial engineer. I started in the world of weight training 10 years ago and I have been living from this...
  4. General Conversation
    I'm in the search for the best gym logger for Apple Watch. It should have: * Customize/ free-texting name of exercises on the computer, and not just a short list of basic exercises. * Customize training sessions with a list of exercises on the computer. * Write down reps and weight per...
  5. General Conversation
    Hi everyone I am completing a research dissertation which looks at how we can use the current technology to help people to lead a healthy lifestyle, specifically fitness workout and diets. Can I please ask for help to take a few minutes to answer my questionnaire...
  6. Getting Started
    Hi Guys, There's a 5-day cycle I started doing in this PUMPS workout app that I really like. Just search for PUMPS on the iOS app store. Looks like Android isn't out yet Day 1 has Pull-Ups (Any Grip) Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns High Row Back Machine Seated Triangle Handle Cable Rows...
  7. General Conversation
    Participant information Introduction I would like to invite you to complete my questionnaire, which is concerned with your view over the fitness apps. Most of the questions will be related to mobile user experience. The information provided by you in this questionnaire will be used for research...
  8. MMA Specific Training
    i was looking through the app store the other day looking at different workout apps and came across one called imuscle 2 costing at about £1.50 and after downloading it would deffinately reccomend it to anyone with an interest in training especially beginners to weight training it has pre set...
1-8 of 8 Results