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Found 4 results

  1. I think I've been seriously overthinking heart health via cardio etc, rationality doesn't come into anxiety lol It's taken me over a week to figure it out, so here's how I did it, if I went to hospital without doing cardio for over two years and my heart is still good and I have a good bill of health, then why am I worrying, doing cardio after weights are only going to make me better on top of a strong heart that they told me. If I had a bad heart/heart attack I'll be told to be medicated, full of drugs if a heart attack and with a cardiologist, which I'm not! So it started when I was obsessing over heart health and I saw 150 min of aerobic exercise a week and not knowing what moderate is etc, do I found out it's basically like a brisk walk around meadowhall for 30min a day which when I do my biking for 30min and weights after I'm drenched and it's intense but not super intense, so I'm basically well over the recommended 75min of intense exercise a week Checking my heart rate and blood pressure, it seems to be optimal - taken on fitbit HR - 70 BP - 116/75 So I'll be doing stationary bike for 30min before weights all the time regardless of my program as all I'm going to do is improve more on an already healthy heart which is confirmed by numerous doctors and cardiologists, and my ECG was also affected by anxiety due to the hormonal release. And on my days off excluding weekends, I'll be doing tabata jump rope which is only 4 intense minutes! Anxiety is a bastard, overthinking is a t**t. So goals... Lose weight Get a resting heart rate of 60 or slightly below (check in morning) and maintain a nice blood pressure But thankyou to you guys, my overthinking and catastrophising is my worst enemy that I'll be working on still. Love you guys, this is the best group around!
  2. I'll dive straight into this. My girlfriend of 3 years ended it with my recently, and I later discovered she was cheating on me. Hit me really, really hard - for the first few weeks I was incredibly emotionally unstable, and to this date (4 weeks on) I still struggle. I know these things are normal, but my emotions have been all over the place, where I have friends who can deal with this stuff much better. I have always had a younger looking face, little body hair, struggled to make significant strength gains in the gym, and for the last 6 years (I'm 27) I've had a low sex drive. A couple of years ago I was prescribed Cabergoline for managing ever so slightly elevated prolactin, and this has helped significantly with my sex drive, however I do wonder if the root cause of my low libido is testosterone. I have had tests for total testosterone previously, and these have always fallen between 16.4Nmol/L and 24.4nmol/L, with the highest being the most recent (2 years ago). My free testosterone has never been checked. Estradiol was around 112 of whatever the UK units are (or 30.5 in the US units). Thyroid was fine - 1.1TSH IIRC, FT4 just below the top of the range. The issue for me is that I have existing social anxiety, low self esteem and I'm really struggling to get my life in gear and go after what I need. It just so happens that my good friends are all leaving for different parts of the globe this month, and I lost my dog when my relationship with my girlfriend ended too. I need to conquer my fear of social situations, have a greater sense of self esteem and go after what I want. Be more mentally bulletproof. Even before the relationship ended, I was struggling a bit with depression and considering testosterone, but now this feels like the final nail in the coffin. I have a home test kit for free testosterone which I'll take on one of my better days, and I'm seconds away from pulling the trigger on some test cypionate online. I plan to inject 125mg a week, and have AI and Comid on hand just in case. I suspect even my private endo won't prescribe test for me, as I have a very good feeling that my free test will fall in the normal range. I'm sick of feeling this way. I want to feel like a man again. Can anyone advise?
  3. Good Afternoon all, Just after some info if anyone else has run any cycles recently whilst on antidepressants? Currently taking Citalopram 20mg daily for anxiety (not depression) Done a few cycles in the past but on my last one I started getting recurring panic attacks daily etc so stopped it all until I could get a handle on mental health, in a much better place now but still have the occasional off day (I guess we all do) Now been off for 4-5 years and fancied getting back on but was going to just run a simple low dose of test E (300mg weekly) However just wanted to know if anyone’s run anything whilst on SSRI’s (antidepressants)? Seen a couple of posts but they were from back in 2010/11 or before so wondering if anyone’s done any recently? Cheers.
  4. Anxiety & Anavar?

    Hey guys.. I am in a bit of a dilemma.. So a year ago I was on a Var. cycle, 80mg EA. Did it for 4 weeks, massive gains. Anyways, near the end of my first month, I got very bad food poisoning, and had other life issues going on. So within another month, I lost 30 pounds.. Mind you, I kept off of the cycle. It was near summer, so I went on vacation for a month, came back and wanted to try the cycle again because its been about 4 months since the incident at the time. I did 80mg EA for 5 days... By the fifth day I was having massive stomach aches, unable to eat, shakey, sweaty etc... I noticed back then in time, every time I would pop a pill, RIGHT away I would feel anxious and my anxiety would pick up and make my heart race. So I stopped. Now.. Just over a YEAR later, I want to pick it back up again.. Actually, this morning I started. So I'm deciding I start slow, and do 60mg E.A, and space it out 3 times a day. 20-20-20. Right after taking my first pill, I already felt my heart racing just a bit, and my stomach eventually kicked in as well, but just a tad. When I do things to get my mind off it im fine, but as im even typing this, I feel my stomach a bit... These pains are the same pains I got when I was sick, but on a lower level... So honestly, I'm stumbled. I made a post about a year ago as well on this site with my symptoms and my background and everything, I wish I could find it... Its been tough this last year, I managed to catch up with myself at 30 pounds lighter, naturally but I don't have that extra drive I had. Before: Age:19 Weight: 205 Height: 5'10 Bench: 335 Shoulder Press: 250 Squat: 455 (Yes, full squats.) Now: Age:20 Weight: 180 Height:5'10 Bench: 315 Shoulder: 215 Squat: 375 Anyways, I'd like some tips... (P.S. Its the same VAR. bottle, I have 2... I was thinking of opening the other jar up to see if the other isn't any good, but my source is Excellent.) I may have missed some crucial points, so please ask and I shall answer any missing answers. Thank you.