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Found 71 results

  1. rohm var 10s gone yellow?

    Everything seems to line up with the recent update on rohm (bigger pill press size, line scored in middle) but was definitely anticipating these being orange and that yellow was winny? thanks for any info
  2. Is my anavar legitimate?

    Hi guys, First off, I am not a teenager, just a poor name choice in hindsight. I just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with/ heard of optimum biotech labs and more specifically their anavar. I sourced this from a well trusted friend who knows his thing or two. However I have decided to make this post as I have found little info on the web and am also unsure of the legitimacy of my friends primary source. The friend is/ has took this anavar, however is currently on a cycle with other compounds more specifically strong ones so I am not sure if i can take his word at real value when he claims it to be real var. I have only ever dabbled in var before and was extremely sensitive to it so am worried that if it is something else i will blow up and look seriously obvious as well as not achieve the results I am after. Please dont shoot me for choosing an oral only cycle, I am aiming to compete and have been training for 5 years now, anavar is literally all I need to give me that little extra push and i know this as i have experimented with it once before. Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks:)
  3. Why add test on top of Anavar??

    Hi guys, hoping some of you more experienced can help me out with this. Most info sources suggest adding test on top of my Anavar cycle. I get it, it will give me more gains.....but people seem to think it aids in stopping shut down. Am I crazy....won't adding test cause even more shut down - as I inject exogenous test my own natural production will surely drop further. If the point of adding test is simply to make the cycle more effective in mass building, I get it. I'm getting lost when people say it will stop, or lessen the shut down from the Anavar. Doesn't the Anavar raise test while I'm on it and then I will be (at least to some degree) shut down once I come off? Sorry if this has been hashed out a million times here but I thought with my first cycle I should 'take it easy' see how I go for side effects and if all is good then go more hardcore next time. If it matters I am 35, healthy, about 15% bf , training seriously about 12 years natty. Thanks!
  4. Afternoon all, At just under 4 weeks weeks of first cycle (pre holiday cut) of TestC 250mg p/w (just increased to 300mg) and 50mg Anavar ED. Unfortunately had to drop the VAR 3 days ago as just got sick of the stomach bloating/pain and acid reflux. Tried @swole troll suggested Kefir, degistive enzymes, ACV and they helped with the reflux but the stomach issues remained. Real shame as was really loving the pumps, hardness, vascularity and strength. I looked at injectable VAR as a possible way around these symptoms - but seems very hard to source legit stuff. Would injectable Winstrol be a decent alternative to avoid the stomach issues? - my supplier has 50mg/ml Pharmacom. And if yes, would dosage should i be looking at for a first cycle? For context been on TRT for several years at approx 100mg p/w + 100iu HCG ED.
  5. Should I start a course of Nolvadex?

    I was on a Anavar only cycle (7th week) but suddenly I started to feel lethargic and tired, I Also experienced Ed in which I could obtain an erection but didn’t feel as hard as normal and it was easy to loose during sex. I stopped the cycle immediately and for the first couple of days I had no sex drive. After around 4 days my sex drive returned and I started to feel slightly less lethargic and now at the 7 day my erection problem has slightly improved. my question is should I run a PCT of nolvadex or Should I just wait to naturally recover? thanks in advance
  6. Morning all, recently asked about a DECA and test cycle. I got hold of both and started on 300 test 200 Deca and the strength gains after 2 weeks or so was amazing but mentally, the cycle wasn’t for me. The DECA does not agree with my head so done the sensible thing and dropped that almost 3/4 weeks ago and safe to say my heads back to normal. just want to ask which of the 2 orals would be a good addition to test 300 every week? I’ve ran test higher and at this level and find I still manage some good gains here so why up the dose. My physique is good but I’m carrying some “lockdown weight” so my training consist of 5km 4/5 days a week and weights at 8/10 reps so I’m not training for strength and size just yet. as always all feedback is appreciated!
  7. Hi chaps, Been on TRT for approx 4 years which has been fantastic in every way. Currently on 96.25mg TestC p/w and 700iu HCG p/w. Finally been able to book a holiday (in 7 weeks) and am now ready to do a cut. Ideally want to keep as much of my hard earned gains over the last 6 months as I can (lucky enough to have a decent home gym) so was looking at getting a little help with Anavar. I did a holiday cut last year with Ostarine which was pretty good although I'm carrying quite a bit more muscle this year. Am currently at 198lbs, 17.5% BF and my target is 14%. I was planning to take 20-30mg Pharmacom Anavar ED (ordered direct - I think I can say that as its the lab?) for 6 weeks, keep the same TestC protocol and increase my HCG to just over 1000iu. I also have pharma Anastrozole which I was planning to run alongside the cycle, perhaps 0.5mg EOD or ETD to keep E2 in check. I'm healthy, clean-diet, non-smoker and teetotal (boring sod) and my bloodwork always comes back clean ( baseline T approx 33-35, Free T 0.7-1, Prolactin and Oestradiol upper normal) and I'm 48.. I've done my research (all praise to SwoleTroll and you other fine experts) and I'm planning to do a T cycle in the near future, but don't want to waste my first proper cycle on a cut and I also know there are more effective orals for cutting; such as Clen but the sides are off-putting, and I think Anavar + low Test could be a good first mini cycle for me to break my cherry :-) Does the above sound sensible or am I a boring moron?
  8. So, i've been doing lots of research over the last couple of weeks and understand how much safer injecting is to orals, also that you'd have to run test when doing an oral like anavar or winny anyway. I came across things like testogel, which is 50mg a day. Would this be sufficent to aid muscle growth? As thats coming in at 350mg a week! Plus if you stacked it with an oral..?
  9. Due to personal reasons I can't pin for the time being. I am open to anything, sarms, peptides, oral anabolic steroids etc.... What stack/drugs/cycle would be best for an 7/8 week bulk? (Oral only) - I don't want anything that is really toxic or damaging to health but mild damage is acceptable. - I don't want to turn into a balloon. - I want relatively keep-able gains with as little shutdown as possible. - I wan't to add strength as well as size. - Ideally, maximum increase in muscle with as little water retention as possible. Cheers lads, please don't try to advise me unless you actually have experience taking orals or know people who have taken them personally.
  10. What is the safest oral? - That gives good quality muscle with little water retention - Little sides and no (little) risk of Gyno - Good for beginners Thanks
  11. Hi guys please let me know your thoughts on this as I have not used tren before pinning twice a week week 1-4 3mg Dianabol /day 250mg rest e/ week 200mg tren e / week weeks 5-9 250mg test e /week 200mg tren e / week weeks 10-14 250mg test e/week 200mg tren e/week 50mg Anavar/day then PCT or cruise on 200mg test e/week
  12. Anyone tried var from Cenzo Pharma or any other orals from them? They are g2g?
  13. Hi guys, fairly new to making a post such as this, I just need some help, I’m wanting to know some of the best labs around for orals ? As I’ve had two really shitty bunk experiences with ‘Elixr’ labs, I’ve tried their anavar and T5’s and had next to nothing out of them what so ever, just looking for some solid labs cheers guys
  14. I am starting a new cycle in 4 weeks and would like some feedback on dosages and layout. Me: 35 years old Training 10 years 6’4” tall 208 lbs (9% BF) Men’s physique competitor Previous cycles: #1. Test Cyp 300 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Arimdex .5 mg E3D #2. Test Cyp 400 mg/wk (wk1-8) EQ 400 mg/wk (wk 1-8) Anavar 30 mg/day (wk 1-4) #3 Test Cyp 400 mg/wk (wk 1-12) EQ 500 mg/wk (wk 1-12) This cycle: Test E 600 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Deca 300 mg/wk (wk 1-12) Tbol 30 mg/day (wk 1-4) Anavar 30 mg/day (wk 9-12) Arimdex 1 mg EOD. Supps: Cycle support, liver care, fish oil, vitamin D, multivitamin, creatine, and citrus bergamot. PCT: cruise dose (150 mg/wk) I have a show in December and will have time to run an additional cycle before then, but consisting of short esther test, Winstrol, and Masteron. My question is this, would I be better off running Tbol in the beginning and finishing with Anavar? Or the other way around ? I have though about running Dbol instead of the Tbol for the first 4 weeks, but between the Deca and Dbol I worry about the crazy amount of water retention. Also, I plan on running quite a few more and could save Dbol for another off season cycle.
  15. Hi all, New to the forum, enjoying reading all the helpful information within the site. Have recently ran my first bulking cycle (finished January) which consisted of Test E 600mg, Anadrol 50mg and Dbol 50mg. Gains were pretty good, let my diet slip (eat whatever, whenever) so fat gain was more than wished for. I am now nearing 1 month into my cutting cycle, which at the moment consists of Test E 300mg Tren E 320mg - I plan to run cycle for another 3 months maybe increase tren deeper into cycle Anavar will be added into stack as and when needed (preferably the last 6-8 weeks) but please recommend changes if there would be any benefit adding it sooner e.g. more muscle gains whilst cutting. I'm also open to adding more only if/when needed. As for AI's etc I will be currently running .5mg Arimidex a week (had Low e2 so come off for 2 weeks - was running 1mg a week) with Caber and Nolvadex on hand Age: 21 Height: 174cm Current Weight: 102.5kg Current Macros: 3450kcal (275p 400c 60f) - rough estimate Body fat: 15%-18%? Looking to get to atleast 10% hopefully whilst maintaining possible gaining muscle.
  16. Rohm 10mg var Possibly fake?

    Hi there, could someone confirm is these are genuine please because they’re a different colour to other ‘real’ rohm var pics I’ve found. The label is a much more faded red on the one I have too ??‍♂️ The bottom pic is from a confirmed real post from this forum with the 10mg being the much lighter ones on the left. thanks
  17. Hi guys first post here. Has anyone been using the sis labs anavar lately and what was you’re experience/results like. Got enough tablets for 6 weeks 1 a day so will see how they go and post results. Thanks
  18. Hi I'm aware this is quite a specific subject, but dry eye syndrome is something that has caused me great difficutlty in my life, often having to leave or avoid specific working environments because of it. One thing I have however managed is to stay very consistent with my training. I've been training 8 years naturally and felt I reached a point where gains were very very gradual. I started taking test 500 a week and running anavar. This caused no problems at all with my eye condition infact I think the test actually improved dryness somewhat. However I recently added masteron prop and seem to have had constantly dry eyes while running this....currently 10 days in. I wondered if anyone else had experience with compounds causing dry eyes or skin I presume would be similar, if so what to avoid and what to try. I'm aware this is very specific topic and probably reaching for an answer but I can't find any threads online about this. I want to compete and persue a career in bodybuilding but I'm aware it's going to be very difficult if I can't get my cycles right. Thanks in advance
  19. British Dragon new packaging

    Anyone have any views on these, come with a scratch code and a website to verify them.
  20. Hi Guys and Girls So I'm going to run my first cycle in a month or so using 10mg Sphinx anavar and 25mg Bayer proviron. Male 26 and my build is that of a ectomorph pretty skinny 5ft 11 weighing around 72-75kg on a good day. I will be working out around 3/4 times a week & eating around 2500-3000 calories a day. I don't want to get huge am just wanting to get in decent shape and feel good. Any help/advice would be appreciated ?
  21. Anavar guide

    Hi all I'm after some advice please, I've been working out for few years , My brother has been using , d-bol cycles and have some insane gains, Now I'm not looking at bulking , more of cutting, I'm looking at anavar only cycle ? Been reading a fair bit and load of negative and positives ? I want to run a cycle 4 weeks , maybe 6 Now I heard it suppresses your natural testosterone. I'm not looking at injecting test So any advice how to do a cycle with least side effects? Also my sound silly question , but being a newbie to the roids, when do I start post cycle therapy , do I take pct while doing the var or after I have ran my cycle ? Also what pct should I use please? Thanks in advance all
  22. Hi all, ive not done a cycle for about 2.5 years. My last cycle was anavar with a little bit of test E. im completely out of the loop with what is good at the moment. I used to use Sphinx var but I lost contact with my guy. Can anyone recommend a good var that is about at the moment? I know Sphinx used to be really good but not sure if it’s still going!
  23. Advised needed on PCT

    Hi, I am about to start a course of Anavar (tabs) and testosterone enathate (injectable) I am a 28 year old male and wondered if anyone has any advice on dosage and also recommend a PCT that is easily accessible? Will I also need anything during the course to protect myself? I'm well aware of the risks so want to minimise the risk as much as possible. Thanks in advance
  24. New to forum but I come here often to check which labs are g2g and for information to help do a successful cycle. I'm planning on a cutting cycle and wondering what would give best results. I'm wanting to lose around 6kg fat in over 2-3 months, current at 93 kg. Think im just under 20% bodyfat. Going to run test 400. Thinking at 800 per week. Planning on running either Anavar or Winstrol with it at 50mg per day. Also thinking of adding Clenbuterol to that. Would that be too much? Would the clen in addition be harmful? Been looking at sphinx t5 230 as well so that could replace the clen if that would be better. So question is Anavar or Winstrol? Which would be best for cutting while maintaining/gaining muscle? And would clen or t5 230 be safe to add to that or would it cause harm/hinder gains?
  25. Simple question. Which labs currently have the best oral winny, tbol and var? Experiences and lab results would be very welcome.