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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Interested in everyone's experiences with arimidex side effects? I've used it once in the past prob 20 years ago and had terrible hot flushes. Every 10 mins or so completely drenched in sweat for like 5 seconds and then it would pass. I'm guessing I tanked my oestrogen. I'm now doing my...
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hello there. Im 20yo. My height is 5,4" (165cm) :axe: I´m very short, I know.. it's very little for a man. And I was Bald in my 16yo. F*ck.. I´m Short and Bald.. :thumb My Question is.. Bad hormones? I have my mother's height (5,4" 165cm too). My father is 6,2" 190cm and have very good...
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Thought this may be of some use to you guys on here. Extract from a medical textbook not a bad read from a chapter Gynecomastia ANNE T. MANCINO, ZACHARY T. YOUNG, AND KIRBY I. BLAND Two concepts are integral to appropriate medical therapy of male breast enlargement: (1) gynecomastia...
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Cycle of Test Prop 500mg EW NPP 600mg EW Oxys 50mg ED Dbol 20mg ED What dosage of Arimidex would someone recommend based on this cycle information?
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Im on roughly a Gram of test and im taking 1mg adex ever Day at night. And i feel like i need more as im still bloated, BP is still a Bit high. I will get bloodwork done next week to determine the exact E2 Value. But just incase i need more, is it Worth taking 1.5 - 2mg adex ED or isnt...
  6. PCT
    Hi all need a starting dose for anastrozole?, 400mg test 1ml weekly. Noticed a small lump under right nip and sensitive nips so need to act asap! Cheers
  7. PCT
    is there much difference, if any, from arimipro and arimidex ? I believe they are both anastrozole so why the different names? Thanks in advance
  8. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Guys, ive been wondering if its beneficial to use a higher dose of Adex while cutting to get the E2 levels down to a minimum to get rid of exess water and bloat and to target fat on lower abs and thighs, i know that you cant lose fat in one specific area, but still. I thought about a dosage of...
1-8 of 8 Results