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Found 13 results

  1. I've lost a lot of size due to gyms being closed. I have used the opportunity to get lean so when i bulk I want to stay lean so I have tried to counteract the bloating effects. High mast low test is to reduce bloating and androgenic sides. Anadrol is for the crazy gains, the bloating sides are counteracted with proviron and nolva. The rest is self explanatory. What do you all think of this?
  2. Got myself some Balkan Anapolon. The code was checked on the website, all is good. Is Balkan a good product and has anyone tried the Balkan Oxy?
  3. Estrogen sensitive/Gyno Prone users, how have you gotten on with Anadrol? What were your cycle doses, AI, SERM? Did Anadrol flare up existing gyno or cause gyno in anyone who considers themselves sensitive to estrogen? What was the experience like, using Anadrol with 19nors? I used a few times with test only when i was younger and had no issues. I have since developed some slight gyno a decade later due to some bunk AI's on test only.
  4. What’s up brothers I need some advice and knowledge from you veterans. so I’ve been training for many years. i weigh 14 stone 12 percent body fat. Height 5ft 8 Age is 33 I’ve only ever took Test only cycles with some anadrol or dbol in the past . i have got some TEST E TREN ACE and some ANADROL can you give me some information on how should I stack these the length dosage etc I want to mix them into one injection I know tren A is fasting acting but that’s all I could get hold of and what my Pct should look like I want to learn as much as possible. should I take hcg etc or just nolva and c i would really appreciate answers thanks brothers looking forward to your inputs.
  5. TUDCA + Hawthorn Berry Extract

    Good afternoon everyone! I want to start off by saying that I've taken Superdrol (Methasterone - the *real* 17-alpha-alkylated steroid) before at up to 30 mg. I received almost no side effects at 10 mg, very little side effects of 20 and besides a little bit of lethargy, the side effects were completely manageable even at that dose for four weeks. This is my first time taking Androl – 50, sometimes even when I take 50 mg I get a general feeling of malaise (feel the worst ever in gym, and can't lift even AS heavy sometimes) ( however, I don't feel other side effects particularly such as like specifically loss of appetite and nausea however I suppose you could say a general malaise does cause this a little bit.) I suppose I cannot ask why I feel like this on the lowest dose of A-bomb's; I figured 50 would be subtle, 100 would be some side effects, and lastly, 150 would be bad side effects. Either way, it's not important I'm going to stay at 50 mg once a day or maybe break it up to 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg at night. Later I may take 50 mg in the morning and 25 mg at night when I wouldn't feel any side effects but that would be much later in the cycle. my questions are if anyone has any input on why I feel so shitty in the gym on a bombs, because I don't necessarily feel terrible taking it but I feel less strength in the gym and general feeling of taking like 30 mg of super droll every day for like a few weeks. Or like all chrome hormones at high doses. I'm trying to fully rectify this problem by both taking Hawthorne Berry and TUDCA. What are the best dosing times for TUDCA and Hawthorn Berry (it looks like TUDCA has a 17-hour half-life from the studies I've read) however I also read you should split it up throughout the day; I'm not even sure what dose to take it at. As from the studies I read says to take 900 mg through 1250 mg or at least that was the most efficacious for the primary biliary cirrhosis. Any quick response would be sincerely appreciated on what does the take and how to split up the doses. Thank you, everyone, for their time, patience, and understanding
  6. Hi I have a question I got some anadrol never used them and I thought I would take some for a boost I have been taken them for a couple of days I would say 4-5 days but I don’t want to carry on as I don’t feel well and it’s affecting my erection before I was as a hard as ever but after taken these I’m starting to feel my erection weaken so do I need to take a pct I haven’t took them for 2 because of the short time ? How long till my test goes back to normal after shut down? thanks appreciate your answers
  7. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  8. Hi all, I'm prepping a cycle and looking for some advice from people with experience. So far it looks like this; WEEK 1 ~ 750mg 150mg test, MWF 100mg npp, MWF WEEK 2 ~ 900mg 200mg test, MWF 100mg npp, MWF WEEK 3 ~ 1050mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF WEEK 4 ~ 1050mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF WEEK 5 ~ 1400mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF 50mg Anadrol ED WEEK 6 ~ 1400mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF 50mg Anadrol ED WEEK 7 ~ 1750mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF 100mg Anadrol ED WEEK 8 ~ 2100mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF 150mg Anadrol ED WEEK 9 ~ 450mg 150mg test, MWF WEEK 10 ~ 300mg 100mg test, MWF WEEK 11 ~ 7500IU 2500IU HCG, MWF WEEK 12 ~ 7500IU 2500IU HCG, MWF WEEK 13 ~ 15, Clomid + Tamox Ancillaries on hand if needed. 6ft1, 98kg, around 12% body fat currently. Will be cutting hard over the next 2 months prior to cycling. I've never used anadrol but wanting to include it for some big gains. I've done a few test + nandrolone cycles before, amongst others. I've not used orals other than var. My questions are; Is anadrol the best choice to take this next level? Should I do the drol at the start, or towards the end as I've planned so far? Any other general advice? My arms are 18 inches cold, want to break the barrier and push to the 20 inch Holy grail. Thanks for any help
  9. Have 12 packs of this Turkish Anapolon 50 mg by Abdi Ibrahim. They are all the same serial number and expiry date is January 2019. Do you think I have legit Anapolon? All packs contain leaflets in Turkish.
  10. Help with anadrol PCT

    hello guys i am stupid AF i took anadrol 50mg for 3 days only and i didnt know i am not supposed to use anadrol only . so do i need pct or no ?? i took 50mg for 3 days thats it
  11. Good morning guys and girls, So basically I'm on 600mg Test and 300mg deca right now. Last week I added dbol in at 220mg a week. So it's 40mg on my training days and 20mg on my NTD. I've been taking the dose all in one when I get home for pre/WO. Is it wise taking 40mg/20mg dbol all in one dose or should I space it out evenly throughout the day to keep blood levels stable? Your input would be really appreciated guys. and by the way I'm using all triumph labs test, deca, droll, adex. All good stuff
  12. Pct for a test e deca anadrol cycle?

    Hi, i am 24 and this will be my second proper cycle (did a oral only cycle when i was younger but dont count that) i am going to run a 16 week course, 1-16 test e @ 2ml a week 1-10 deca @ 1ml a week 1-3 anadrol 50mg a day 3-5 anadrol 100mg a day I am just wondering what pct would be needed and should i be taking anything during to keep everything running okay?
  13. Got these Androlic Oxymetholone (Anadrol). The pack cams sealed, with a sponge and instruction inside. The tablets look very well pressed and have a distinct chemical scent. I attached the photos of the actual pack and the tablet itself. Do you think it is real? Manufacturing date is: 14/06/2014 Expiry : 14/06/2018